Second Life Ranker

10. Akasa's Record (4)

Zhang Wei opened his eyes.

I felt like I was hearing voices.

"Kill whom?" 1: "Oh " Pahaha! ”If you listen to such nonsense, you will get a ridiculous laugh.

Zhang Wei fits the bill: Killing the King was beyond insanity to him.

Ohhh30050; He only called the word 'king'; in the beginning, he was different from those of other kings.

After conquering the tower for over a year with natural talent and excellence from my youth, I made a foe to the summer queen, and I broke her and stood up to the king.

I have not achieved desertion and transcendence, but I have an assessment to compare with even the highest transcendent if I have already possessed it.

If there is one thing that can overthrow Allfowon in this age, it is said to be the only thing that can be done.

Especially after Zhang Wei touched a one-horned Tribe member and was chased by the King. That's why I knew the power of the King better than anyone.

Even though the other nine kings joined forces, it was unlikely that they would reach his feet.

Even if I could, it was a problem no matter how I got there.

How can a one-horned skin considered to be the strongest clan be pierced? How can a Bloody Wise man deal with a blacksmith who can stand alongside a king if he only has the skill to do so? After that, there was even King Arniyawa, who was now called the mightiest clan.

Even if the seeds were sown everywhere else, they would have grown powerlessly everywhere and become a thicket and forest surrounding him.

I don't know, but if I wanted to challenge the King, I could only do it after I defeated the entire tower.

So when Zhang Wei saw that he was going to face the King, he was not very convincing.

“Isn't he your master? That's some bullshit right there.

If that were possible, I would have done it already.

In Zhang Wei's heels, Faith's eyes curled thinly.

“Didn't I tell you? What I'm trying to do is assassinate.” Zhang Wei realized that he was serious, not just talking nonsense. If the swordsman or the man who became a swordsman had worked hard, he would never have taken it out of his mouth unless the plan had gone as far as possible.

And maybe he's moving around in there like a horse.


'If possible • Jang Wei did not doubt that he would be able to give Yeon-woo a big shot if it were to happen. When my sister died, she didn't shed a single tear. What will she look like after her master died? Will he cry again? or • • • • • •?' Besides, if you can really assassinate the king, it's not hard to penetrate a village with a one-horned tribe. Then you can find the cost hidden in it.

Zhang Wei has already stepped on the back of the kite and realized that the one-horned tribe has a precious cost.

I didn't know if it was a person or an object, but I knew it was related to Habonwing. If you break it, you'll be able to push Yeongwoo into a corner. Just like he did to himself in the past! “How?" Faith realized that Zhang Wei was seduced by her words and smiled at her mouth.

He was right, too. If the plan is plausible, Zhang Wei will act as a faithful horse who does not take care of my comfort. That's why he rescued Zhang Wei from his last grudge.

“I'll show you my comrades who share our will first.” Faithless takes a step back. Then, as if waiting, the door of the room opened wide and the people waiting outside came in.

The moment I saw the first of them, Zhang Wei's eyes slightly widened.

“Hump • The head of the Dawood Brotherhood, hidden in the most veil of the nine kings, and violent.

Don't be ridiculous! The impression of the Vampirist was rigid. Immediately, he lunges along her, his black jaw collapsing. The spirit horse appears and growls as if swallowing the lotus.

Old school! The more I did, the rougher the tutorial stage shook. Unlike the chaotic Sea of Mahea, this place is for the Novis. The stage could be in danger just by firing a fuse.

In fact, the monsters that spread widely through compartment E could not cope with the vampire monarchy's aura, and all began to fall to the ground, foaming at the bottom.


[Detects something unknown in name.] [Someone unknown your name keeps an eye on you again.] "Oh, Mother!" Lana felt the gaze of Olfowon approaching here again and pulled out the Vampire Monarch in a hurry. He could have made a billy to come here.

But the Vampire Lords had no intention of caring about it at all. Her eyes meet Yeon Woo. Her anger was so much as 1-1-1.

“Don't you want a reason?” However, Yeon-woo was conceived. Rather because you know better than I do. Don't tell me you don't know. It also contains Hilnan.

It's different.

For the first time, the Vampirist's eyes, which were as sharp as an awl, were shaken.

“Yes, that's right.

Yeon-woo heavily nodded and said.

“He was trying to save you.” What the hell are you talking about, Cain? Explain it to me properly! "Rana immediately felt dizzy and received a staggering Vampire Monarch, while looking at Yeongwoo with an urgent voice.

“A long time ago, the Vampire Lord challenged Olfowon before his desertion, and he was greatly injured.

Lana was able to understand what Yeon-woo was trying to say.

The king of all the Vampires, the Ambassador known to be dead.

There was no one in the whole tower but the Summer Queen to challenge her, and she had only 77 floors left. Through it will be the desertion and transcendence that none of the players have achieved. She is so determined and confident to challenge Allfowon.

But the result is a terrible defeat.

The Vampire Lords have not reached the end of Olfowan's feet. She who had the darkness in the beginning could not bear the name of the sun god, Olpowon.

Fortunately, I was able to save her life, but the problem was that all the clans who held a grudge against her started tracking her down immediately.

The vampire collapsed in vain after a sudden raid, and the Vampire Lord had to be thrown out to the tutorial stage.

“Unlike reality, the Vampire Lords were then known to have rolled off the Tutorial Stage.

because they didn't think the wounded monarch could survive. So how did those of you who had a very special relationship with the monarch get out? ”• Though the tetrarch tried to cut Yeon's waist with a weak voice, Yeon was still looking at Lana's eyes.

“I tried to get to the Lord, or behind the hunted.

One of them, Earl Ferentis, was trying to distract him from the all-foursome. ” That's enough! “ However, the results were concluded with imprisonment (25304; KJV). ” Stop it! Bang! The Vampire Lord screams. The Phantom Horse thundered and struck Yeon-woo hard. However, the wall of the dead rises and bounces off the phantom horse. Instead, the earth around it is washed away.

Chirping. A massive crack spreads along the floor to the far reaches of the forest. She finishes her description of Lana, watching the Vampire King staring at her with a fierce, murderous look.

“Olfowon didn't catch the Vampire Monarch, so he kept the hostages in mind to wait for the Monarch to try again one day.” How do you know that? "Rana, we've only found out for you.” Shall we 0/control fact7//7ölÖh to Lana Sa-Bu? If only I had listened, I would be very excited f!/ci/. Gul 'Ko 7/uh/is the captain of the ship, Horam 20111;//BoÖ/Chou/Province, which was only poor/lost. Because of this decision, Lana was not the only victim who had been separated by Olfowon/family or many families and workers 0/. Who were the only two people who challenged him after Allfowon stayed in the tower for thousands of years? The Vampire Monarch, Faust, De Roy, Summer King, The King • • • • - As many people as Yeon-woo knew, it was quite a lot.

Although many of them are being removed from the hands of Olfowon, those who had only risked their lives were forced to ask the fishing rod thrown by Olfowon.

Lana is silent. She is a contemplative face.

Yeon-woo gave Lana time to sort out her thoughts. Lovers, students, parents. Her wound that she achieved many things in the tower, but had to lose more than that. It's hard for him to guess.

The Vampire Monarch stared at all those alliances.

"You are a wicked man. You keep dragging Jim in like this, and you're ready to use your own plan? “ I won't say I never intended to. ”His fists trembled. The more I felt like it, the more I wanted to eat Yeon Woo, but the more explicitly Olfowon's gaze would change.

However, Yeon-woo was confident that the Vampire Monarch was completely turned over to her.

'I can't let the Vampire Lord I just found go like this. In a situation where we have to have power at all costs, the Vampire Monarch must stick his nose in.

I wish I could keep the Vampire Lord in check, but it's hard to do that.

However, if she left the monarch alone, she was more likely to swing. Then I had to stick my nose in my hand like this.

The Vampire Monarch noticed the plot of such a alliance at once, but there was nothing he could do. I was beaten before I even challenged him to the 77th floor.

However, the story was different when I was with Yeonwoo. The closest thing she could find to challenging Olfowon was Yeon.

There is no king, but she is reluctant. It was because the original one-horned tribe and the vampire tribe were not so common-sense. On the other hand, Yeon-woo is a descendant of black, so it was a good match for her.

The Vampire Monarch had no choice but to admit that he had become a beast in chains. So I barely managed to manage my anger and asked.

"Can you swear by that?" Is the location of Earl Ferentis a lie? "

“If you wish, I can swear on Mana.” Then it is sufficient. Then I'll ask you one more question. The Vampire Monarch grumbled and asked, without concealing the majesty of crushing son-in-law.

If you've decided to pour your burden like a horse, it's also important that you have the qualifications. Descendants of the Dark, but Jim doesn't know you very well. What is your final objective? "Of course not.” Yeongwoo's eyes narrow.

“Break down the tower.” And in order to do that, you have to be the head of the household. ”One of Yeongwoo's mouths slightly dries up. A slight discovery of a fearsome fang is revealed.

“We should hunt Allfowon.” Is that enough of an answer? ”The Vampire Lord glances at Yeongwoo and nods.

"Very well. Until I save the Earl, I will be your dog. However, you will need to be careful not to show any gaps. Jim's teeth can bite your neck at any time [We have an alliance with the player" Hercept Battery "]. [Please note that if an alliance is destroyed unilaterally, you may be penalized.] As soon as Yeongwoo and the Vampire Master cleared up, she headed straight for the forest area where Ogres lived.

'They worshipped the snake of Akasa like a god. He knew how to resurrect them in the first place. It is likely that he knows other costs, which means he knows about the snake of Akasa well.' If there is anything that Yeongwoo has felt, it was that the information in the tower seems irrelevant to each other, but they are all tightly intertwined, like a cord and a cord.

The same is true of Akasa's snake. Yeonwoo was guessing that it might remain a form of tradition for them. Then we needed to secure the pardon of Og, who ruled the regenerative ritual of the Akasa snake.

Whether the wedge hides a one-handed miracle, no monster could sense the movement of Yeon Woo at all. Fortunately, the Novis have not yet entered compartment E. Hardly ever bothered me.

And then we got to Og.

'It's also a matter of picking every pardon for Og.' Yeon-woo opened up the rampage that she had been hiding. I was going to gather information on Og forgiveness as well as gathering all of Og's souls.

[Death is with them.] A sly shadow spreads across the forest at once, taking their lives in secret like a messenger's hand.

The area of Og, filled with the voice of tens of thousands of Orcs, quickly settled down.

[Spirit of Ten Thousand] ⓛ According to the power of the Black King 747, the souls of tens of thousands of Ogs and countless others are twisted.

0 I could find one most prominent tradition.

There was only darkness in the first place, and the 'dream' rolled infinitely.

That's how the tradition began.

Dream? 'When Yeon-woo saw the word, she felt a strong strangeness without her knowledge.

The perks your sister had, the dreams that came to her mind all of a sudden, were there any simple coincidences?