Second Life Ranker

11. Akasa's Record (5)

One day, he received an unknown message, "An invitation to the future," and entered the tower.

Although the qualification to enter the tower was originally reserved for those who excelled in each planet and the world, sometimes invitations were also sent to those who were deemed talented.

However, they were usually only talented, and were often weak, so they were given special privileges for equity.

At that time, the privilege that he had received at first was that he could come and go to the top and the earth twice a day whenever he wanted to dream. It was given by the intention that I had to share my life on earth and activities in the tower.

However, when he thought he could barely get through the tutorial, he eventually gave up the privilege.

Instead, the new privilege is' Dreaming '.

[Perks: Dreaming] You can dream of the world you want. In the past, present, and future, the answers you get there can also be obtained in reality.

At that time, he had no idea what this privilege meant.

It was around the time that I learned exactly what it was, when all the wings were bent and all my colleagues were turned.

By engraving his own sapphire on the adra he had, he realized that he could activate the privilege properly.

It was created by the journal.


Before the resurrection of Nemesis, it was also a void, a dream world.

Nemesis' craftsmanship was largely where he stayed, attracting the qualities of the void. You artificially spread the void and send your enemies into a world of delusions.

Given that he was originally his brother's transfer, this is not something you can just pass on.

In the beginning, friendship had something to do with dreams. Maybe Calatus didn't tell you before. His soul has gone back to darkness, where it belongs.

What if death is forged in the dark, and dreams are forged in the dark? Yeongwoo looked up at the sky.

[Hel smiles strangely] [The Royal Family refuses to answer. Ishma-Darva says they have no right to answer.] [Every God of Death does not answer your question.] [Every demon of death says your questions are meaningless.] 'I see.

Yeongwoo was convinced by the reaction of the Shinigami and the demons of the miraculous death. Strong denial was like a positive. To those who chase death, which is only one branch of darkness, it's hard to talk about another branch. They also showed hostility to the other gods of the forsaken world.

If his expectations are correct, the piece of the ice is aligned.

'Chaos, disorder, death, darkness, dreams • • • • • • • all derived from black.

Twins are said to have the same genes, and their souls are connected to each other. Just as his soul, which was closely related to the dream, returned to black, he became a descendant of black, meaning that he was inevitably destined.

In that case.

'What is the king of vagrancy to us?' Yeongwoo's curiosity was only going to get bigger.

Yeonwoo continued to examine the tradition that followed.

The tradition, to be precise, was a kind of prophecy that descended from the generations of Ogsam.

There was only the darkness of the seaweed 'roasted to infinity gulla • • Then one day words rose, and dreams finally came true 7/70/day. Darkness is missed to make dreams come true/46607; and/argue eligibility h. There are 50775 different things. All kinds of phonography and marital/depression and confusion with hell/rolling around in pottery • • • • • And then one day, the dark/OJE//E/things came to life Z, h. 55196; their ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. is so frightening to get………… If so, it will be 7h $/öh.

He is a great and stubborn creature. He has no idea what they are going to do. If so, this 0. Let's make it a lifetime of masturbation. The Foot 0//7 Follow the dream you wanted/ha/-ri. Therefore, the dragging down/the 7 ball • • • • • • • • • • • • ha/only 51098; is a fever free law that would have been 777 months of dreaming in that clan. - It's gonna be okay. Thus, I strongly thought that the Darkness would awaken to the enemy/to the long//not to the long, and that Jill would awaken and the Emperor would return to Dasa Tee/sec. • • • Yeon would be the Dark Lord who speaks here.

Being dragged down by His children and being betrayed by His people were the same as the explanation in the Black King's heritage. Then, what is the light that speaks here? "The presence that makes the King of the Blacks compact • • • or reverse. Is that okay with you? 'One who can face King Chilhok like the Mother Earth.

If he is that much, he must also be a super-high god or a member of the Creative Order.

Of course, I must have gone through an incredibly famous myth.

'I don't even know who that is.

Just as you can't guess who the king of vagrancy is, you stood up to him, and why it doesn't come to mind.

Of course, it wasn't that I didn't notice anything that left the light as a god at all.

Nearby were Apollon and Prometheus in Olympus, Valdre in Asgard and Indra in Deva. But there was not much to think of as putting them on the same boat as the Black King.

And then there was the one-foot thing that popped up in the other direction.

Tian Ma? "The Heavenly Horse, whom the Horseman believes in, willingly wants to be God, is expressed as the one who drives out all darkness, ignorance and nightmares, and brings light to the world.

Therefore, the monarch, who runs in their church, is called the Ming King. It also means "the sun" and "the moon."

Especially the Heavenly Devil, who is not the only god or demon in the tower, is a transcendent being that is classified completely differently. Then I thought I might miss it here.

No way.

Yeon-woo robbed me of my thoughts in my mind just in case. If you were such a runaway creature, why did you get stuck in the tower, why did you stay awake so long, and why did you only believe in the armies? It is true that it is strong, but it is likely that it is close to the cultivation. If they are related to original debt, why do they call themselves' falcons'?

In that case.

Only one answer left.

The exact name of the tower is Obelisk.

It means "Tower of the Sun God." The oceans could otherwise mean light, and nothing would be so strange as to predict this.

A tower is a • • • • • • • if it exists to trap, or press, the king of vaginas. 'The gods of the other household searched within the tower for traces of the king of vagrancy, or the gods of death and demons who sought to uphold the king of vagrancy, and that was the name of the tower.

It's hard. 'But this is just a guess as far as he goes. The answer was incorrect. None of the secrets of the Tower's birth and the clues to the identity of the Black King have been properly revealed.

Maybe Allfowon, called the apostle of the tower, knows everything.

And the last one takes a little bit: When darkness descends on the world, the shell is broken and the world is back to the beginning.

For example, it was a prophecy about resurrection. The Dark Lord will rise from the void and return to the world.

'So the only thing that's left of Akasa's snake is to find a shell for my master to sit on?' Yeon-woo saw the frame of the Chilhook king he was working on. Despair, silk, anger. Perhaps despair was the reward for killing Akasa's snake the first time. If it's to make a body for Jeju to wake up.

Maestro, this one told me to ripen too many times. 'Yeon-woo still recalled the smile that would kill her in Sin Stone and frowned.

The ashes are full of questions and doubts, but nothing is solved properly.

'Still, this is a great achievement.

Given that all of Ogre's unconsciousness had been rewarded, Se-yeon went to the place where Akasa's snake would be.

Og's quarters, where everything died and disappeared, remained quiet.

Gaaaa! "Don't, stop it!” Against the snake of Akasa's back, there were already sailors.

However, the athletes were unable to escape the classics against the beast who bragged about the tens of meters that it would build up and erase everything that was getting in the way.

“Ahhhh!" “Watch your back, Silver! Chapter 1 of 7 Years " Haha! Don't go! Take a seat! ”Approximately a dozen Nobis flew away, or were eaten whole, in the tail of Akasa's snake. It was originally a crew of about fifty, but it was a misjudgement about the power of Akasa's snake.

It might have been enough power to try, but we got the wrong location.

Yeongwoo sat on a cliff near Nobby and laughed nonsense. The more you eat, the less you'll think of dragging the big-leaning Akasa snake to the swamp near Lizardman.

Other than that, he used his head to fight the Lizardmen to get as much power out of them as he could, and then he wanted to hunt down the snakes of Akasa.

Akasa's snake, which had eaten enough of the Lizardman and raised a lot of weight, was already not affordable for the Novis.

'They don't even know the characteristics of the monsters they want to hunt, and they shove them in their heads.' I didn't think Yeon-woo would have to save me after seeing those Novis. When I entered the tower with this basic strategy, I couldn't even get through the first floor properly and became the food of other players.

Moreover, I thought that Yeon-woo would grow well.

'I was wondering when I'd get called the big Akasa snake. They did it for me.

In the beginning, Yeon-woo intended to tilt the snake of Akasa to its fullest. There was also a purpose to destroy the tutorial stage, but I wanted to find out exactly what Akasa's snake was. Then he was glad that the work of cattle 27 `1 - was reduced.

“Akda Flooring! Just a little more butter! You just turn around and you're like:” At that time, two Novis, who were the tankers, gripped their teeth, straightening up the tower shield. Right behind me, I could see that Buffer was feeding with all his strength. Then the light hit Agatha's snake. Two tankers succeeded in stopping Akasa's snake for the first time.

In the meantime, you can see the leader of the party moving quickly behind the head of the Akasa snake. In one hand is a sword that spews out quite a splendid light.

Novis is quick to judge and be decisive. The Akasa snake's weakness was dangerous, given its hindquarters.

Moreover, the opponent accumulates fatigue from the ongoing battle of Akasa. It was a crisis that could be hunted if I did something wrong.

'You can't do that.

Yeongwoo smiled and threw the corpse of Og Lord over Akasa's snake head, just in case.

Then Akasa's serpent instinctively swallowed the carcass of Wall Road, and a black glow exploded along the scale.

Caaang! The black, which was aiming for disgust, was broken without being able to pierce its hardness. A shock spreads over the leader's face, “Samhaaaa!” Two tankers shouted that it was dangerous for the leader, but the Akasa snake had already swooped in and swallowed the leader.

Whoops! 0 0 “To Elear • • • Akasa's hoarse completely lost motivation and all the rest of the Nobis were crushed. And congratulations on winning with your head held high.

Gaaaah! Yeon-woo opened up space above his head. Tens of thousands of Ogre corpses fell like snowballs. Akasa's snake wandered around wanting to see where so much food had fallen, but it soon focused on eating without caring.

'Yes, eat a lot and grow well.' To keep growing and growing and reach the end point, and at the end, to remove the fault. so that it can awaken spirituality, and reclaim self and self. That was the goal of the alliance.

If you do that, won't you be able to wake up your past? Then we can find out more about the Questing King.


Eating like a snake with a hanging hook, looking at Akasa's snake.

Yeon-woo smiled gladly.

Shouldn't that be the extent to which the Demon Kings should close down? Fishsa hears this rattling sound and nods [Demonic Society, Le Infinal, saying it moves] [Demonic Society, saying the bridge is more severe than they are.] [Most demons favor you.] [A handful of demons are wary of getting their jobs taken away.] "Indeed, you are worthy to be the descendant of the Dark Ones. The Vampire Prince nodded satisfactorily.