Second Life Ranker

12. Akasa's Record (6)

[368: 54: 08-59] "Ah! What the hell!” “Monster, Monster • • •“ Genja-ang! Avoid! ”“ How the hell did that get in the tutorial? ”A disaster has struck the tutorial stage.

The giant snake that arose in the forest area around Og ate what was right in front of him.

That's why the Novis, who were so focused on getting through the compartment, started running away from the burinake instead of standing still.

I didn't think I'd be able to pick up a bone if that giant snake got caught in a frenzy, but the problem is...

Gurgh! Gurgh! Huge! The other monsters were leaving their territory in the same frenzy. There were literally hundreds of thousands of monsters and over a thousand Nobis behind it.


Yeongwoo was watching the situation from afar.

[WARNING! You are taking more than necessary interventions on the current tutorial day. It is advisable to stop the intervention.] [Warning! This is the gateway to test the challengers. You are in serious disruption to their challenges. Stop immediately.] [WARNING! You are currently • • • •.] [You are not eligible to participate in the tutorial day.] [You are not eligible to participate in the repertoire.] [The degree of interference with the tutorial stage is severe.] The message came to my mind.

This is a warning message telling you to leave the tutorial stage immediately.

Of course, it wasn't a blink of an eye.

If I were to retreat with a warning message like this, I wouldn't have messed up so many stages in the past.

I also followed the word "penalty." He was already one step away from the system through the tradition and there was no major impact.

However, Yeon-woo's expression was solemn.

It was definitely his intention, but it wasn't working out better than I thought.

Is Akasa's snake always that big? 'Even though the Akasa snake was growing faster than I expected, it was very fast.

When he first entered the Tutorial Stage, he dragged monsters to feed them to tilt the snake that had been killed by Agatha, but he was getting heavier.

Despite defeating only one-third of the monsters in compartment E, Heavy was already big enough to be attacked by the Nile.

I didn't have a clue how much bigger they'd be if I thought about how many more I had left to throw.

Did you take any elixir without my knowledge? 'Otherwise, I couldn't understand the situation at this time.

However, Yeon-woo knew that there was no piece like this other than Akasa's hanging in compartment E.

King Hargan and Kwon Tarragan, surrounded by the crown of the Lizardking, were of modest quality, but they had not yet been conquered.

Goblins, Cobalts, Trolls, and Ogre territories have been raided first.

Of course, there might have been Hidden Pieces that my brother couldn't figure out through the speakers several times. However, that growth rate did not make any sense.

Or has the limit of • • • • • • been lifted? Without Everke? 'That was all I could guess.

Despite messing up the tutorial stage, there are still no sanctions on Evil K. No, I didn't think he was going to go through with it. Apparently, the chaos triggered by Laflax was bigger than I thought.

I don't know, but Everke had some sort of control over the difficulty level, so I didn't even know it was possible to change that without him.

Let's just keep dragging them around, like we planned for the first time. 'The plan was to let the snake of Akasa prey on the monsters in compartment E, as well as all the monsters throughout the stage.

Then one day we'll reach a critical point.

There was nothing bad about it. The souls of those dying here were piling up in a collection of souls. Recently, they have increased capacity and I wanted to fill them all, but I thought I could solve this.

Kick it! Kick it! Gideon laughs as the monsters laugh, saying that there are more colleagues. The shadow flashes.

'Then my job here is.' Yeongwoo looked at Novis, running away from the snake of Akasa.

'Are you covering the limestone?' [359: 43: 21 69] [359: 43: 21-68] When the snake of Akasa had been untied for more than 12 hours.

Wealth, the hunch-akasa snake shoved its head into the cave, as well as all the monsters in compartments E and F. It invaded the interior and ate everything that was left of the stage.

Yongwoo has been inspecting the Novis one by one.

In times of chaos, there were those who moved around or actively dealt with.

He caused the monsters to take only such creatures into the shadows. It was to be used in the same quantity as Artia.

And the rest of the Novis are thrown to Agatha Mem for food.

I didn't think anyone would point fingers at a brutal brother-in-law who had no blood or tears.

'The world of towers is like that.

I can't find it even after washing my eyes with sugar. I didn't feel much blame for the helpless weaklings who would die at any time. Maybe the betrayal of her brother was an extension of that kind of thinking, but it didn't matter.

Although life is a living hell, our master sees the phrase • • • • • • • [Many devils agree with the discussion] [A few devils observe your next move. [Message: Haha! Clearly, you are very different from Jungwoo in that way. A message came from Agares, "I wonder if the twins are really like me."] [Message: So now with me, [Agarose's message has been temporarily dismissed by your authority] "But at least I gave them a chance.” An opportunity to get out of the tower.

Those who quickly understood their subject did not even look back and tried to escape the rhetorical safely, but the fools who lingered until the end were sucked into the mouth of the Akasa snake.

"Oh, yes. It doesn't make any difference if you feed them to cats or throw them in the cold river.

"Don't you ever think you could be food for that cat? If I tie up all my abilities and throw them over there, I think he'll like it.

• • • Hazardous Sea. How can a worm like a servant understand such broad meanings as the Lord's sea? "While Yeon-woo eats jokes with Sanon.

Gaaaak! Kaaak! The Akasa snake, which ran out of all its food, raised its head high.

The one who had already swooped over hundreds of meters was attracted to the eye like a ghost. I'm trying to find something to eat. It took a tremendous amount of energy to maintain this big.

But now that Yeon-woo, the only food source on the stage, has been completely erased, he can no longer withstand hunger, and now he's eaten what he can see. Hard caves, as well as terraces, rocks, trees and foothills.

"Homing to eat the stage. Why is it so scary?" Sanon became bored.

The bigger the snake, the less likely it is to control its appetite.

The compartment disappears in turn. Every time I drew, I ate fast enough to hide the trail all the way to the last G.

And so all stages will be lost.

And the remaining seats are • • This, please. Wonderful. It was all black.

It's empty; it's an empty place.

There was nothing.

As if all the paintings were painted onto a spectacular tablecloth.

What remained where all the landscapes disappeared was a world of discoloration that had no distinction in space-time at all, but it was different from the ordinary void that sought to take over everything. But at least I could stay here. It seemed like the right place to say that it was nothing but a world of nothing.

And Agatha's serpent alone in the world was much larger than hundreds of kilometers long.

The number of giants I've met in Tartarus is unparalleled.

[The Devil of Niflheim, Jormungan, watches over Akasa's snake.] ['Apophis' plays the Akasa game carefully.] Akasa's snake reveals a lot of venom as even the stage is gone.

I wanted to eat the empty space, but it didn't work, so I just got angry. The more I painted, the more hunger I became.


Kudeuk, the snake in Gudeuk Akasa, bites its tail. To appease this hunger in any way, he had to bite his own body.

Ka. Feed yourself? • • • • • •. Are we at a critical point? "It was terrible to see a serpent eating away at himself.

The black scale falls, and blood spills out like a waterfall.

Despite all the bloodshed around his eyes, he didn't stop feeding.

Then one point, one point was torn apart, and when only the head remained, Izzie was plumped and severed from the peculiar eyes.


'Here we go.

Yeongwoo did not miss the shaking of the head of the Akasa snake. By the time he crossed the tutorial, Ogsman had harvested the remains himself to replenish the dead Akasa snake, and through some ritual he had pulled out the baby snake.

I mean, yes.

'The body must have awakened this much spirituality, since it was as big as it would be in the body of the Akasa snake.

“Prepare yourselves.

Following Yeon Woo's instructions, the shadow stretched out to all directions, resulting in the discolouration, including Sapphire, Rebecca, and others. They are all heavily armed and ready to attack the head of the Akasa snake at any moment.

What the body might look like. Moreover, if he had done anything beyond what he had done, he would have to be subdued immediately.


Phew! Suddenly, something pops up from the area around your forehead. The death squad squeezes the enlarged organs together.

By the way.

• • • What's that? "The whole legion of death, including Sanon, became a disgrace.

Of course, the body that thought it would come out of its head and cause a commotion.

"Are you dead?" It was stretched out and there was no action.

I never thought about it.

Yeon-woo thought he was playing a trick, but the little Mem, who thought he was the main body, didn't move. I couldn't breathe.

So I approached the wings of fire as close as I could. I tried to shout that my back might be dangerous, but soon I saw Yeon-woo and stopped. He was really dead.

"Are you fucked, us • • • • • • •?" Sanon could not hide his insanity.

To reveal such dreadful redness that the result was death. Are you saying there are all kinds of weird cases? If I'd known this was gonna happen, I would've caught it when the list got bigger.

Everything I've worked so hard to come to the tutorial has been for nothing.

Even if I tried to go after the next meeting, there was no guarantee that I could get a ticket again, and I was so devastated that I couldn't guarantee when a new meeting would take place.

The rest of the family can't speak.

Yeongwoo stroked the body with her hand. Unlike the devastating factions, he was changing the flow of thinking.

The 'real' death of the Akasa snake. I thought there might be a clue here.

So I'm going to take my soul out just in case.

19998; 01 At that moment, Nemesis suddenly appeared, cutting through the void. After his brother's body went to sleep, he almost didn't show up.

Nevertheless, Nemesis looked at the body of Akasa and said, without hesitating to say hello.

Give it to me. Yeon-woo looks at Nemesis as a sign of what it means.

Nemesis was speaking in a deep voice.

I was raised on Jungwoo's privilege and ate his dream.

It was a dragon that lived in a fantasy, and now it is a dragon that sleeps in a dream. And if you die, you might end up with Sunny for a price. No, I think I can get it. At that moment; Yeon thought that it was natural for Nemesis to eat the snake of Akasa. Nemesis looked just like Akasa's snake.


Just as the serpent of Akasa belonged to the king of queries, Nemesis belonged to him and Nemesis waited for him by the serpent of Akasa.

And now that Akasa's life is dead, it is not strange that Nemesis can renew on his behalf.

Taking the blame off.

It probably meant being reborn as the Meminemesis of Akasa.

No, I was sure of that.

I was convinced of that somehow.

So Yeon-woo nodded.

Gaaaak! Nemesis reluctantly swallows Akasahem's body in his mouth.


Too much! The glow rises along Nemesis' body. It twists its body, trying to undo its guilt.

At that moment.

Whoa! I swallowed Yeon Woo while her radiance spread.

As he recovers his mind, two giant eyes are staring straight at him.

Yeon could instinctively tell what it was. There's the Akasa Serpent. Exactly what he left behind. However, unlike the frenzied woman's bust, it was now full of only clear energy.

Master • • It looked at Yeongwoo and said in a voice.

There you are. Finally. "The Grieving Acasa Serpent repeats its regeneration, waiting eagerly for its owner to return.

I thought I was confused with Yeon-woo and the Dark Lord. I waited. Lord only comes. "I couldn't tell Yeon-woo that I wasn't him. The longing in his eyes was so familiar. As a child, the image of my sister waiting for my mother and brother in an empty house overlapped.


Yeon-woo reached out his hand and touched his nostrils.

It was a small gesture compared to his size, but I slowly opened my eyes to enough.

When my eyes are completely closed.

He had a smile on his mouth. Like a puppy in its master's arms. A warm smile.

Jiaying! It trembles as the Dark Lord's frame responds to him.

Pot | The sacrum of the Akasa snake was shattered and sucked into the mould.

At the same time, the message grew.



[Nemesis has been promoted to the Dragon of Acasa.]] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Official.1 [You have earned 300,000 Public Officials.] [Earned 500,000 additional Public Lands.] [You obtained a Shard of the Holy Spirit as a reward.] [As an additional reward, you have obtained a clue of transcendence.] [I realized Akasha, the fifth element. You can now use the null attribute.] [Increased.] [It's escalating.] [You have gained access to the 'Arctic record 3 times' through Hidden Piece hidden in the snake of Akasa.] [Do you want to focus on archived records?]