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13. Akasa's Record (7)

Arctic lagoods.

A whole bunch of extraordinary, superresource-altering things going on in all the resources, in the universe, in the system. It is also known as Ö/.

I heard that about % of the universe, not only the book secret, but also the very far /lag//When the end of the world will come to life. "Before the Old World" was also an early Autumn in pursuit of Wazzogyne ⁄ 32631;).

However, when the younger brother did not reach/Moong//the other side was also impervious to existence.

Tea says it deserves to be seen by some very special people who are sailing in the library. I think it's the ancestors of the Sang-ju people.

50586; if there is such a place. Coden's case is recorded, and if you give me all of it.

0/The universe will not be able to go 0//up to 7/Joe/down the road.

And if you get caught, if there's a "L," if there's a "7." What is my Constitutional Arm?

A place of fiction.

He defined it exactly that way through the diary.

It would be an incredibly attractive place for knowledge-seeking wizards and alchemists, but it must be eliminated even if they have a brother: if all the results are already in order. And if the process and results are documented, then human life will be completely useless.

It was because everything moved according to the will of the universe, so there was no need for free will.

So Yeon-woo did not pay much attention to the academic record.

Unlike his brother's contempt for the academic record, he saw it as a place he couldn't even reach.

If it's a place with batteries, at least you'll be able to get to the top of it, like a god or a god.

'No, they probably don't deserve it either. There are some restrictions, though. Otherwise, there would be no reason to fight the Goddess of Earth, no reason for society to oppose her.' No, there's nothing to be proud of in the first place, tied up in Allfowon. I didn't think I'd ever get stuck in an answer.

In the end, I thought archaic records were fiction.

I never thought I'd be qualified to see the tower as a reward.

Even if it was limited to three times, it was certainly a great reward for Yeon-woo.

[Kernunos is appalled.] [Bimarzilla gets up in a chair.] [The Ranger expresses strong suspicion about your reward. Thor watches you with unbelievable eyes. Present the agenda to 'Asgard' with your authority.] [God's society, the 'Deal Moon' opens a medical conference to discuss you.] [God's society, Asgard, rewrites the letter to you.] [God's society, 'Olympus reveals strong hostility to you'] [Demonic society, full of Le Infernal favors. Communicates their needs as allies.] [The Devil Society, Niflheim, offers you a deal.] [Temporary cut has been removed with Agares' permission.] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: damn it! What is it about you and midnight that makes you drive around like this? There are many gods and demons who are full of interest to you, so it's annoying, but now it's overflowing! Dammit!] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: Remember, listen. Because of this, 98 floors have now been completely turned upside down. And now he's got his head in the crisis about you! So remember, most of them will offer you a deal, and the message of Agares has been temporarily disconnected due to your [channel connected gods and demons] unison.] [Send harsh protests while viewing someone temporarily disconnected from the message] [Many gods show strong enthusiasm. Make a list of transactions to urgently present to you.] [A few gods do not hide their hatred for you.] [Many demons long to join you.] [I wonder what kind of blue this reward will bring to a handful of demons. They say it is hard to watch because of what they are currently focusing on "[The sitter goddess Urd and others are watching you silently.] message continued indefinitely.

Channeling was so noisy that I couldn't drink.

That's how much impact the archaic record has thrown into the sky.

I hope the gods and demons reach. A place that wanted to find a way to get out of the tower, but couldn't reach it, and that made it even more desperate.

The way to that place opened right in front of my eyes. Of course, I had to be busy.

The majority of gods and demons were already attempting to connect directly with Yeouido on a social scale.

[God's society, 'the whole school offers a secret trade. Beda proposes a secret deal.] Probably want to use Yeon-woo's access credentials to unlock the information they need. And the price must have been unbelievably rocky for the average player.

Especially, one of them came out by itself that Yeon-woo had seen.

[The Devil's Society, 'The Bridge proposes you to become a Catholic Church! Many gods protest violently at the crossroads.] [Many demons reveal strong hostility to the bridge.] Yeon-woo was impressed with the offer of the bridge.

The Catholic Church's position on the bridge is equivalent to the Jade Emperor's.

In other words, it means that it is the highest position. I never thought I'd offer such a place to a mortal! Even if the leader of the bridge had been public for a long time, it was never an easy decision to make.

In order for Yeon-woo to succeed in desertion and transcendence, she also worked 0 to take the toll rate directly.

It was not uncommon for all the gods and demons to fear the decision.

It's unprecedented.

But it was also a testament to the value of such an archaic record.

It makes sense for Agares to issue an urgent warning.

If the deal went wrong here, we'd be making a lot of big enemies in no time. Even if I made a deal with one place, I was more likely to pretend to be in competition with others.

In a word.

"If it's in bloom, it's in bloom.

It was like walking on a slab of ice.

You have a very powerful hand, but depending on your use, you can even summon your own destruction.

[All the gods of death are curious about your decision. [All the demons of death want to know your decision.]] For some reason, the God of Death and the Devil were very curious as to how Yeon-woo would react.

Luckily, none of them lobbied, such as saying, "Make a deal with your own society," or "Don't make a deal with anyone else."

This is the most popular star? So what are you going to do, master? "Sanon asked the question.

The Vampire Monarch next to you says nothing, but he turns the lights on. She also noticed that she had a lot to say to Yeon-woo. You're asking for information on Earl Pearl 1Lenz.

The moment Yeon-woo looked at them and said something.

Whoa! Suddenly the cost price shivers in my arms, splashing a red glow and popping out. The mysterious reward that Young Master gave me will soon be useful.

Piece of cake? 'The moment the eyes of Yeon-woo widened as I looked at it.

[A Monster Fragment responds to the appearance of the Archaeological Record. "] [A piece of the monster 'has been partially unlocked, importing the archaic record into another type.] [Sculpture of the Ghost' has disappeared.] [consume access rights to archaic records once.] [The Library of the Sky appears.] I knew the place Young Master mentioned, the Great Library! Soon Yeon-woo mentioned arrived at a place where she had no idea what was going on at all.

An endless array of marble pavements lined up in massive heights and sizes. Inside, there are so many large and small books that you can't comprehend the numbers.

[Bimagildara is fascinated by the overwhelming sights] [Kernus is strongly excited by the endless sense of knowledge.] [Every god connected to you and channeling is in shock] [Every demon connected to you and channeling vomits] 'The word library was the first cloudy and rising place.

However, it was completely different from the general library.

The domed ceiling seemed to cover the whole world, and there were ladders hanging across hundreds of meters of bookshelves.

Moreover, the problem was that the spiral staircase connected to each floor seemed to swirl around just by looking at it.

The bookshelves were reassembled on the other end, where the realm of the knowledge of Yeongwoo was only approaching, and inside the empty shelves, there were also new books written in real time, one by one. Books are piling up all the time.

Yeonwoo understood why this place was called the Library of the Sky. If you had a book of this size, you wouldn't be short of "sky."


Even if all the information of the entire universe and resources were recorded here, I thought it would not be strange.

'The Library of Sky is a notorious cover for archaic records.

To be precise, Ree's sculpture gave her a simple collection of records, an archaic record, that she could comfortably see.

[The Gods of Knowledge are filled with intense joy.] [Exploring Demons Reveal Greed in a World of More Knowledge "[The Divine Society, 'Asgard' offers a new deal!] [God's society, 'the whole school will come to terms with you accepting the deal with yourself.] [Demon Society strongly demands the' Le Infernal 'Movement Alliance!] and the urgency of many societies.

“What, this? You have a visitor somewhere? I didn't see anyone come in.” Suddenly, you hear a voice from above. Standing on a spiral staircase in front of Yeongwoo, one looks down at the ledge.

Although I couldn't see the look of a single day that was falling from the ceiling, Yeongwoo thought that the funny smile between them was very impressive.

Is there anyone here? • Yeongwoo was surprised as well, and her eyes widened.

At that time, the owner of the voice leapt lightly over the railing and landed in front of Yeon-woo. Even though it is quite high, it looks so light. Rather than being superior, it felt like the library itself was protecting him.

And the moment he revealed himself completely.

[Bimachildara moaning]] [Kernunos yells, "I can't believe it."] [Natasha screams loudly, wondering why she's here.] [Arborne unleashes fury.] [Many gods scream as they see a mysterious existence!] [A few gods cannot be trusted.] [Many demons reveal their teeth to the mysterious existence.] [A handful of demons have become confused. [All Death Gods quietly reveal hostility.]] [Every demon of death clenches his fist in the encounter with an unintended enemy "Oops. You brought some noisy guests with you. By the way, you guys aren't the bottom of the market, and you're all in the same place right now, and you're just chatting like that? Phew, so there's no progress.” Yeon-woo felt like she was reading everything. Although clearly full of playfulness, the maple eyes pierced all the gods and demons associated with them.

It was as if he was gathering them together and looking right in front of him.

[All gods and demons protest against the mysterious existence.] “You're making too much noise. Don't you know how to be quiet in a library? Conceptual things. I'm not accepting the general manager. Go back!” Even though I had just thrown a joke, I quickly looked into the thought that all the channeling associated with Yeon-woo had been cut off.

“Hey, don't worry, you don't have any body armor. I just temporarily deactivated the handset. You don't have to leave your favorite voyeur patients behind. Isn't that right?” The man squints one eye as he looks at the lotus. Black and blue jeans and sneakers. The uniform and tone were commonly seen on the earth, especially on Korean streets. Especially the language he speaks is clearly 'Korean'.

That means you're Korean on Earth. I hardly understood how such a person could make fun of the Library of the Sky, and how God and the Demons could make fun of him.


Who the hell are you? ”The man smiled and said.

“Oh, by the way, I didn't introduce you. You're Korean, right? I forgot how nice it was to meet you back home. I'm Hand Guard. Oh, you don't get it, do you?” At that moment, his tail dries up.

“Then you'll know if I say" "fuck you" "? ”