Second Life Ranker

14. Akasa's Record (8)

At the same time, I felt like I heard him wrong.

"Wife, Wife, Wife, CheonMa?" Ridiculous, but he did not hear the voices. Sanon and Hanoi groaned in shock. Rich and Rebecca, who had no ordinary words at all, felt embarrassed. The shadow beneath your feet trembles.

The shock of the man's speech was too great.

You're welcome.

No gods, no demons, no polyps, no giants.

He was the one who sat on the highest throne in the kingdom of heaven, turning all men against one another.

In the army, we believe in such demons as' real reports, 'and there are other gods and demons. If we treat it as a fake, it could also be the closest thing to the idea of the one and only God.

Seeing that such cultists were believing, Yeon-woo considered them to be no different from the thousand.

A monster that repeats only destruction.

He hated all redemption and was regarded as a beast in all frenzy.

Since the party in heaven is the only horse, of course, it must be regarded as such. I thought the Demon Kings were supposed to be the devil himself.

No, in the beginning, this was not Yeon-woo's idea. Every player in the tower had a similar impression of him. It was also an extreme reason why believers believed in Heavenly Horse.

By the way.

'This person is different from • • • • •' It seemed to transcend everything. It's so transcendent, it looks so trivial. No matter how much the humans on the earth reached for the night sky, they couldn't reach it apart, so did Thousand Horses.

Starlight that seems to be close to our personality and too far away from our divine compatriots.

So I had no idea how big the starlight was.

Given the size of a rogue goddess like the Mother of Earth, a wandering chaos,

Thousands of horses were given up high and high, and they could be called their disciples.

What's called a 'maybe' hawk • It's called that because gods and demons can't reach it.

People who are transcendent and mortal, everyone has a fear of something so massive that they can't even imagine.

The Vampire Monarch did not expect to meet the Heavenly Horse, but the corpse that came up on Vigrid trembled.

“Well, I prefer the name King Ming. It's been a while.

He shrugged his shoulders to make jokes about whether he knew what Yeon-woo was thinking.

It looked like that, and Yeon-woo only looked more impressive.

That kind of leisure wasn't something anyone could have easily. The pride that no one could do without thinking about themselves, the confidence that there was nothing he couldn't do, and the confidence that he had about himself was strong.

Yeon-woo only knew two people who looked like that.

King Nayu.

I don't know why his appearance overlaps with theirs.


'Mi-Hyuwan • • • Exactly what Yeon-woo met and absorbed was the ruin left by him, but it seemed to be very similar to the Heavenly Horse and the impression.

But this was somehow natural. King Mihu said it was one of the "faces" of the horsemen, the countless previous lives of the thousand horses. Given that they were sharing the same soul, it was unlikely that their personality and belongings were similar.

“By the way, do you smell a little of me? Man, you smell like my monkey. He must have eaten something so bad. Tal Annadi?” Yeon-woo had no idea why she was staying in the Sky Library.

But this one was sure.

That the Emperor doesn't intend to harm himself.

Rather, he was either happy to have a visitor, or he was showing some kindness. It seemed to be mixed and amplified by the same origin of the planet, the joy that it met the same person, and the relationship with the future king.

So I wanted to ask him a question.


Do you? "• You weren't asleep, and then you smiled at what that meant, and then you suddenly burst into laughter:“ Fahamay, it sure might look that way. So it looks like I'm sleeping prince down in the woods or something? I wasn't even thinking about that.

Thousands smiled and laughed at what was so funny, then shrugged their shoulders as they looked at Yun, standing distantly with a solemn expression.

“The body is blindfolded, so that's not what I heard, but as you can see, the mind has been here for a while.“ So you didn't abandon the Horseman, did you? ”“ Horsemen? Oh, those lunatics? ”You're on your own, aren't you? Do I look disgusting?” Wow. How do you say that to your congregation? The grand thesis seemed to be half dazed whether the last impression of the thousand horses was broken or not.

It was no different than denying himself that God was denying his faithful.

The divine prowess and power were largely determined by the quality and quantity of faith sent by the Bondi believers.

If we deny it, we reject this kind of faith, so we have no choice but to lower God's wrath by ourselves.

However, Heavenly Horse did not hesitate to evaluate the congregation as if it did not matter.

A step of confidence that his strength and temper are not weak enough to depend on one's faith.

“Well, maybe it's weird that I'm saying this. But I'm here to do everything I can for my people. From Exodus to the skies, to the Ark. By the time the phantom limb ache started, man had already left my hand.

Out of mythology. Because that's what I wanted, too.

Yeon-woo couldn't understand all of Thousand Horses, but she could see that he didn't leave because he hated the Horseman.

It's the same as the parents who freed their children. Although he was walking a rainy path, unlike what his parents thought, he seemed to be looking at it with a firm belief that he would someday return to the right path.

Maybe the Archbishop or Kindred got it wrong in the first place.

Archbishop and Kindred longed so hard for the Emperor to look back on them, to become the Emperor's face without answering his call, and when they returned to failure, they gave up their minds about him and left. He seemed to be planning something through the Brotherhood of the Heavenly City, the King of Dongju.

However, they felt that all of those things were due to a misunderstanding that they did not understand their parents' minds, so the cost was even worse.

“After all, if they have established their fundamental doctrine, instead of 'people,' I only want to find seven paths. That's it.

Maybe this is the right posture as a god.

That's what I thought at the moment of refinement.

“The library here is not so magnificent as it is known. From the beginning to the present, or even the end, it's just a matter of keeping track of things that happen from place to place. That's all this library needs.” CheonMa began to explain the structure of the flying library to Yeongwoo. She slowly turned her gaze to follow the direction that was blocked by the Heavenly Horse.

“But then everything would just get dizzy, with nothing organized? Just like your youngest sister's room.” “Hmm. I thought we were gonna laugh together. Wasn't it fun?" It's just brothers. ”“ Oh, yeah? I need someone to empathize with this. I'm the youngest sister. We're pigs, just like here.

Thousand Horses have brothers? Yeon-woo wondered for a moment what she might be like. “So even if I try to find the right month, I can't find it, and I get all kinds of weird stuff. Or the causation rate system that puts this as a database is likely to cause errors from time to time. I'm here to sort it out and organize it.

Like disk defragmentation. ”In other words, he lives and plays here.

Oops! A thousand horses heavily applauded. Then the cluttered books come out of the bookshelf, and as they slide through the air, they quickly move to different places.

Yeongwoo looked at the scene with her surprised eyes, and she stood in front of the bookshelf right in front of her eyes.

Books were categorized according to a list that seemed to have been written by Thousand Horses. It was curious to see such an era, event, history, and characters.

There was a prominent title among them.


January 1211.

Case closed.

If it is 5,211, it refers to the present.

Yeon-woo pulled it out and opened the middle chapter. I saw nothing but Sa 1 Ha 'an blank paper.

The letter Zachman began to write along the top line of Geum Le Mo.

It was the first letter I ever saw.

[The effect of the 'Dragon Knowledge' is added to allow interpretation.] Soon the letters began to come to their senses.

The confrontation between Lake ArodaÖh/Imperial Palace and Pu Friendship/Appearance/PeÖ/Zraz and the Black Sea. ö/7NÉö/Pun/is doomed. However, as I was about to tell you, I had no intention of avoiding the pursuit of/r;//m/Cowboy 4/. Today's Survivorship Solidarity business/Fighting for Survival (⁄ 22702; l) o//0h/ÖhL/Lh opinions • • • The content was all midterm heating.

It was difficult to distinguish everything that was happening at this point. Perhaps after the contents of the book fell asleep, it was divided into several forms.

That's why it took me a while to fully interpret the meaning because it wasn't organized even after reading the article.

But there were three things that stood out.

One is the current state of Artiya in the war for conquest on the 52nd floor according to his orders.

The second is Zhang Wei, the palace master who disappeared.

The third was the whereabouts of the Olympus survivors who were so detained.

Yeon-woo's eyes grew on their own.

Zhang Wei seems to have survived and is in contact with Faith. I wonder why the two of them met like enemies.

Moreover, the unexpected appearance of humpty bear. It was clear they were up to something.

Luckily, the reason was quickly stuck in my head.


It didn't work. Suicidal acts only. However, I could hardly imagine how they felt, knowing how strong he was.

The same goes for Olympus survivors. Simply put, he seems to be on the run, avoiding the pursuit of Titan-Gigas.

I felt like I was tired of all the victims.

Fortunately, Athena and Harmes seemed to be alive.

'But there's still plenty.

A battlefield means throwing yourself off a cliff. The protogenous people who built the Yellow Force were created by them.

It also meant giving up your pride as a god, but on the contrary, it also meant that the safety of the survivors was in danger enough to think about it, or unfortunately, now I have a place where they are.

Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

Erebos? 'It's further down than Tartarus and I'm not even sure if it even exists. If there was such a place, it was almost like they were in a dilemma.

It will be hard to keep the Divine Power in such a place. There are limits to collecting new sheep, so there may be things that will fade after being there. It didn't seem too hard to talk about the battlefield.

In conjunction with one another, there are things that are necessary.

So I kept going through the books to find out more.

[The Dragon Knowledge has expired.] [Could not decrypt character.] [No longer available.] [If you want more views, you need that qualification.] The words unravel again as if the worms were rolling.

Yeonwoo stared at Tianmar with an urgent gaze. I wanted to tell you how to look at this.

“It doesn't matter how, but consider the time you can spend here instead. And there's a limit to the number of views, right? It's like a taste right now.

CheonMa insisted as if she knew the idea of Yeon-woo. But is this gonna work? ', Yeon-woo shut up.

Although Zhang Wei's plan and the whereabouts of the Olympus survivors were important, he wanted to clarify his priorities in Yeouido's mind. The total number of times he was allowed access to the air library was 3 times. Then I had to use it efficiently.

'Course I'm number one now.' Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

'The road to darkness. A library filled with all the knowledge of the Dark Lord. I couldn't miss my chance until I got here. In the beginning, he climbed the tower to find his brother's soul. No matter how important other people are, it couldn't be more important.

Furthermore, the information about the King of Jill was likely to be expensive. Maybe there could be less than three circuits, so I had to look at this first.

Zhang Wei and Faith are up to something. If we rush over here and stop them, it's not like there's no way to find Olympus.

As long as he has desertion and transcendence, that's the best he can do.

Ultimately, Yeon-woo was able to cut off the last remnant of the refinement and finalize her thoughts.

When Thousands saw Yeon-woo's eyes sinking deeply, they rolled their mouths up.

“Guess that's settled. See what you're curious about. I don't usually do this service very well, but since I met my hometown, I give it away for free.” Yeon thanked the Heavenly Mother, then told her what she was looking for.

“Do you have any information on the Black King, then?" ”Thousands of eyes opened wide. Yeon-woo seemed to be unknown to him.

“I don't know exactly what it is yet, but what we do know is that it's some kind of supernova or bloodline, a seed of death or a dream." No, no, no. I just want to know why you're looking for it. I know him pretty well. Dead water doesn't have that kind of dead water, but I finally found it! Yeon-woo's fists clenched because she thought things would go smoother than she thought. “So I don't know why." Thousands of horses curled up their mouths and laughed nervously.

“I should have stuck him in the air. ”