Second Life Ranker

15. Akasa's Record (9)

Sanon, Ghost, and the Vampire Monarch who were listening to the story, including Yeongwoo, all looked at the Emperor with their faces wet with shock.

But Thousand Horses shrugged their shoulders as if something had gone wrong.

Such a appearance shocked Yeon-woo even more.

The Queen Dowager recognized the King of Questions, who was like the father whom all the gods of death and demons feared, and whom the other gods of the world cried for.

It's thought to be a goddess like the Mother Earth, but it's harder than that. The moment I opened my eyes, I recalled the tradition that had come down among the Orcs.

There was only darkness in the seaweed '' 0/endless gully/. • • • • • Then one day, the horse 9/0/PiÖ/Naga dream finally came true. Darkness escaped and suddenly bloomed into a world where there was only darkness. That was probably the right family.

“Are you so surprised at the moon? You've never seen an idol before?” Thousand horses sweep their heads up with a mouthful of laughter. It was the gestures and gestures that came to mind by King Ahjussi.

“Well, I made it hard on him, and there were people down there in the void.

It's not gonna make a difference, though, is it? ”“ Thanks to me, I'm exhausted, so I look like this, and I have to go to a forced rest. That's why the mind is in the open air library. There's no need to pile up forever. ”We didn't know exactly what the territory or origins were.

Yeongwoo felt a foggy vision in her head.

“Then this tower • • The thousand horses covered their mouths with a index finger and laughed as they cut off the cows' waist.

“That's all for further reference. Can't you see this?” Thousand horses lift their arms lightly. A white-hot, transparent cost suddenly appeared and disappeared. There is a Saehaan chain followed by Idyron. It was just a different color, the same chain that was wrapped around her arm.

“What is that?” “Shin Jin-cheol. Or causality. Every transcendent being that lives in this tower and becomes mortal, without exception. Would it be convenient if it were just a system?” Yeon was shocked several times today.

Shin Jin-cheol.



These three were actually the same thing? I had no idea that the causation rate, which I thought was only used to bind the existences of the 98th floor, was actually being applied to the players.

No, maybe it's natural. 'A system that empowers challengers who want to climb stairs to become stronger. However, when he became a member of the system, all the power that was given was stopped. In a way, he did not seem to have heard the word "restraint."

The stronger you get, the stronger the system will bind you.

'Give the weak a chance to be strong, but bind them that tightly. • • Then, if they become transcendent, they can be bound completely. Is it like a dog necklace to control those who can't handle it? "This is the place where even a thousand strong enough to resist the Dark Lord will be redeemed.

Maybe the tower is a prison for restraining the 'tough', unlike the first time described.

The players who challenge here were the ones who recognized them in their world.

to entrap beings who may be gods, threaten resources and the universe with lures that may become strong, or potentially draw; and

Then who the hell set this trap? It was hard to imagine that there would be a more resourceful presence than those who would imprison the Dark Lord and the Heavenly Horse.

So I wanted to ask if Yeon-woo was right.

'Course not.' Yeon-woo had to swallow the words. This will also serve as grounds for stronger binding of the Heavenly Horse.

The Empress smiled as if she knew the inside of such a pond.

“You'll want to know everything, but don't rush into it. You can see as much as you can stand tall.

What you see in your position will be insignificant, and you will see many things in the future. ”Thousand horses continue to speak with arms crossed.

“By the way, you're the descendant of the Dark Ages.” Yeon took a step back. The one who held him captive in the air against the King of the Seven Hawks. Of course, I had to be overconfident.

“Are you so afraid of the moon? You don't think I'd do anything to hurt a kid like you?” “Arthur: There's no such thing as a hobby.

Why would you do something like that when you're bullying a kid? ”• • • • • • but if I awaken the King of Child.” “You're mistaken. I may have quarreled with him, but I'm not the enemy. I just knocked him unconscious and punched him in the rain. If you're going to wake up, that's the way of the universe, and it's going to be a process, and I'm not going to stop you. Well, there's a risk of the destruction of the universe, but" one of the thousand horses' tails is dried up.

“I don't think the world I'm living in is that weak. Everything in its natural order.” Yeonwoo still could not understand the meaning of Heavenly Horse, but could realize that she had deep pride in the way he walked on his own.

Endless confidence in what you have accomplished and a strong belief that no one will be able to scatter.

There was a price to make one's heart sag just by looking at it, but a smile could only be made by those who were confident.


Will I ever be like that? 'Yeon-woo was wondering if she could resemble the shape of Heavenly Horse. Since his brother's disappearance, he has been reluctant to live and rushed to the cost • because he sees himself far from that smile.

"Jungwoo • • • • • The Thousand Horses are like Jungwoo, but invincible.

I don't know if you know that.

Thousands of horses still pointed to one corner with such a radiant smile.

“Go over there. You'll find what you're looking for.” Yeon-woo nods quietly at the words of the thousand horses.

The bookstore, which was pointed to by CheonMa, was the deepest place in the open air library.

A place you would never find if you hadn't followed Thousand Horses if you hadn't paid attention.

It was another wall-separated room in the library.

[This is a classified area.] [You are not eligible to view this place. Inaccessible.] [Temporarily accessible with the authority of the Epic librarian.] [You will be issued one redemption pass as a reward.] “This should be a restricted area for those of you who have not yet attained desertion and transcendence.” I glanced at books of various colors, such as precious darknesses and dazzling lights. Things that feel like they're all one big mystery.

“But I saw a guy who could be my adversary in the future, so I gave him a little compassion.” Thousand horses patted Yeon-woo's shoulder and left the room, looking around as hard as they could until they ran out of tickets.

Then the Vampire Lord leaks out of Vigrid, quickly sweeping through the storeroom and stiffening his impression.

Record Source with detailed history of the original and refreshing conditions • • • • • • •? It's a place where creators are extremely limited to the highest class of society. Can you open such a place so easily? With a simple authority? The Vampire Monarch looked at Yeon-woo with a calm face.

Cain. Thousand Horses must be much greater than we think. Those who look under their feet, such as earthworms and crawling chaos. So never turn your back on the enemy. Sanon, Ghost and Levi1ka nodded their heads as if they had agreed with me.

That distribution that can do favors to anyone who might be a foe.

It was coming from the confidence that no one would be able to overthrow themselves.

Even so, he didn't seem to be obsessed with himself.

So on the one hand, they were terrified.

If Yeon-woo has recovered all of the Black King's legacy, I want to know what to do with him.

On the contrary, this is also an opportunity for us. All the secrets you're so desperate to find are right here. So Ziger E, let's focus on solving the mystery, not on other ideas. "Yes. Yep.” Yeon-woo puts all her clans on a swift sweep of the stands. Usage time was limited, so it was to accumulate as much knowledge as possible. The path to darkness was definitely in it.

"Ugh. Damn, I never thought I'd see a book I've never seen before." I took out a silver book and felt like I was in trouble. Fortunately, it could be interpreted using the ticket, but in his eyes, it was black fodder and hagan paper. I only have a headache, but I didn't notice anything.

Then he turns to look around and suddenly he sits down and explores the book deeply. Next to him, there were already six books forming a tower.

"What? Were you a character like this?" I just thought it was just a conspiracy.

Dammit. I'm too compared to this. No matter how much Sannon grumbles, he doesn't budge. He usually enjoyed a lot of second-guessing by himself, but in fact, he was very fond of books.

Sanon sighs and looks the other way.

Rebecca, who had originally walked the path of the apostle, was completely obsessed with reading, and the Vampire Monarch was also looking for a piece with a serious face.

Wealth was revealing even the madness of being able to see the forgotten records, and she was diligently looking at the book, not even to other members and monsters.

It was an unexpected reading triangle.

And Yeon-woo.

• • • Monthly Bona. ” No. My master looks human for the first time." I was rubbing my eyelids, not just reading the first page. Then I felt Sadan's gaze, smiling maliciously, and frowned. However, Sanon only laughs softly.

Yeon-woo picked up the book she was holding again. The crack is deep in the glabella.

Unlike my brother who used to love books.

In the beginning, he was too far away from the book.

[Parallax cracking] Yeon-woo wasn't just hard to read.

Instead, he focused on analyzing and organizing the random information from each family.

Thanks to the dragon's knowledge structure and its link to Laputawa, Yeon quickly learned a few facts that were outpaced with her ability to process information.

First, the tablet of the King of Questions.

As the Mother Earth has countless names, so has the King of Black.

But they were mostly close to modifiers.

A giant fissure.

Eggs of Chaos.

The endless whirlpool.

Nothing called the Black King precisely, such as Him in the boiling abyss.

It was because he was something that existed before the universe and resources were born, a supernatural being that was far beyond the universe and the world, not intertwined with space.

So he hears that he was blinded by what was beyond what he saw, and that he had more in mind than he thought. Even the gods and demons could neither predict nor perceive the truth.

It was not only the void that existed before the universe began, but the thousand horses were different.

of the Great Canyon and.


Ahura Mazda: Mitra.

There were many modifiers covering the lanterns, but there were also many exact names.

A glimpse of any myth and legend reveals traces of Dodg.

In mythology, the Demibeast first deals with fire to bring knowledge to humans, and in the mythology of Olympus, the Age of Seed Humans begins when Prometheus sets fire to the ground.

Most myths begin with lighting the fire and defeating the darkness. The universe doesn't start with a very light explosion.

Darkness represents ignorance, nightmare, fear of the unknown, and fire represents a civilization that takes away fear.

The Thousand Horses meant this flame, the light.

As the fire grows brighter, the darkness disappears. Knowledge, wisdom, ignorance and clumsiness.

But darkness is everywhere, just waiting for the fire to go away.

At this time, the fears of the unknown were lurking everywhere.

That is, from the time of the creation of the myth to the present age, the conflict between King Zilk and the Emperor of Heaven has continued.

The center of all this is the empty and empty library, and it's still stuck in the middle.

'But King Chilhock's resurrection was still being attempted.

The destruction of Kronos and the multitude of Luciel.

At one time, the events that shook the heavenly system all came from an attempt to wake the king of questions up from the air.

Likewise, there were those who followed the Vampire King like Faust or the Vampire Monarch. There is still no law that says there can be no secret society that follows the power of the king.

As long as they're there, the power of the Black King will never go away.


Yeongwoo was also included in it.

You're crazy.

Yeongwoo seems to have peered at one side of the cosmologist.

'What the hell are our brothers doing, getting caught up in all this nonsense?' Yeon-woo suddenly thought of that. They are just ordinary twin brothers. Why are they so lost in the battle between two cosmic beings? They didn't want to get involved in the quarrel between the seven and ten kings. He just wanted to heal Mother's illness, and he wanted to avenge his brother.

I couldn't understand it.

Is there any secret of birth they don't know: 'Damn it.' Suddenly, my father's existence passed me by.

Yeon-woo quickly shaved her head.

This is also the secret to finding your brother's soul. I didn't have to think about it now.

I had many other questions.

After the creation of the universe, how God and the demons were cut off. How is the distinction between God and God in other systems built? Why the towers were built, and why transcendent beings were trapped there. What are the identities of the beings who brought the King of Questions into the void?

[You are not eligible to view.] [I would like to use a pass once, but it doesn't matter right now.

As soon as the viewing time was over, Yeongwoo did not hesitate to use a second pass.

'Even if we have to use all the licenses given here today, we have to find out how to get to the vagina.

In order to do so, he needed a more accurate understanding of the King of Chilhocks.

Of course, there was no need to find out all the vast information about the Questing King.

Fortunately, Yeon-woo knew what she needed.


A nuclear power source for an Emerald Tablet.

I could never give up the crawling chaos.

If only it had all the space and resources, the beginning and the end, the history and the history of space-time.

Can we understand the Dark Lord in detail and also fully understand the way to the Dark Lord? As well as how to deal with the temptation of the king of vagrancy, he would know how to use Sin Stone by himself.

[I used the license "] [I extract the database for the 'power plant of Revelation'.] A new form of bookstore was revealed as the shape of the bookstore surrounding Yeongwoo changed.

Among them, there was one that stood out first.

This bookshelf appears to be the most current. It looks like a papyrus when touched.

I figured it out.

At that moment.

Jiaying, the sinister stone in her heart trembled greatly. Marjorie, the book in her hand was shaking as well.

Dust spills down the basin.

This is it.

Yeon-woo instinctively picked them up.

[I took a peek at one of the secrets of the Forgotten Canyon.] [Increased.] [Increased.] [I used my last pass] [I realized a lot of the original forgotten secrets.] [Increased.] [Increased.] Yeongwoo was obsessed with exploring the book of Revelations as if it were nothing.

Forgetting how many years had passed.

Thanks to this, his soul grew immeasurably as if it had been treated with nutrition, and he tried new changes, even in sin. The three forces of the dragon, horse and god also actively moved and responded to the change.

And then I hit my limit.

Too much, too much, too much! The dragon scale rises thick along the skin of the mildew, and impurities spill out between the scales. One by one, very slowly, I began to shed my debris.

It was the beginning of desquamation.

[Try a 6 character Awakening.] [The three dragon, god and horse factors combine to transform into a new trait.] [The circumference begins. The Moon Beam.]