Second Life Ranker

16. Akasa's Record (10)

[Unlocks power level 6. [Power: Emotional Discharge] [Emotional Discharge] Description: Dragon Calatus refined power over eight steps to allow contractors to quickly adapt to solvents. Step six of them.

By combining the elements that can be used as an interlock between Dragon Heart and Mana Stream, we can implement those that are arbitrarily imagined in the mind in the outside world.

The imaginary world can do anything, but on the contrary, it is a dangerous place where external interference can be easily received. Prevents clutter here and strengthens mental strength. This strengthened mental power has a strong impact on the outside world, and eventually it 'settles into Jina,' and the Mana stream moves along with it.

"He carved his image into the truth into the physical world in Idea. At this point, the quality of the abstraction is determined by the amount of magic and the imagination. The more you can properly project the impression, the stronger is the expression of your will to the outside world.

When Yeon Woo opened her eyes.

He felt that the scales covered most of the fruit, as well as the body.

The scales were now shining in black beyond the blue. However, red light appeared on the surface of the liver, adding to the horror. Hardness seemed to bounce off of me pretty easily now.

The stronger the Dragon Heart, the bigger it was, ran around, supplying magic and oxygen to the body, and the more flexible the body was filled with powerful force that burst like an active volcano.

But the thing that made Yeon-woo most tremble was not that, but the transgressions that lay around her.

'I succeeded in • • • • • • molting.' Yeonwoo has actually achieved five-letter solution Awakening, but for a while he has only been obsessed with potential development and has not tried to awaken the top level.

It was because it jumped exponentially from a six-letter awakening to difficulty.

'If up to 5 characters focus on Awakening as a Acceptor, it is a step from 6 to focus on new body formation and soul promotion to become a real polyp.

For example, up to the five-letter awakening was a preparation stage for being reborn as a polyp.

And the six-way Awakening was the interval that attempted to leap based on it.

Seven-letter Awakening, a section that reconstructs the body and soul before attempting a polymorph.

So what we needed was flatulence, which is a dislocation.

The strife of the soul draws it close to transcendence, and the body removes all impurities and removes the structure of the genetic trait beyond the extent to which it cultivates the muscle bone. To the dragons, 'stripping them of their transgressions' meant that they abandoned the last trait that remained as humans.

However, it was almost impossible to be a polyp that has been joined shoulders with God, demons and already completed since the birth of man, and it was possible to borrow some of the power and power of the polyp, because the source was different.

It means different species.

It was different from simple desertion or transcendence.

But Calatus, the last king of the dragons, tried to do this.

From distant ancestors to self-ageing, he studied the knowledge of countless polyps and created an eight-step development system.

The legacy was so successful that it was able to put him at the top of the tower in a short time.

In the process, the new research that was added through the dealings with the Demon Grand Duke Agares allowed the system to embrace new possibilities.

Yeongwoo was able to pioneer a new realm that had never been achieved in the history of the myriad towers, not even throughout the universe.

Drinking dragons.

The Three Factors of the Horse, God, and Dragon find a delicate balance and once again turn into a new trait.

Yeongwoo was able to acquire a new body that neither Calatus nor her brother thought of at all.

The gods and demons were almost impervious to drooling.

Rather, the possibility of the body could disgust my soul, but I managed to offset it by holding the position of the Throne of Four.

Whistle! Yeon-woo was able to feel the locked amber now being released completely free.

There was also a mixture of dark divinity and intense spiritual energy.

[You have qualified.] [Temporarily Locked Mighty "The King's Coming" has been released.] [The power that was temporarily locked 'Hell Gate Opened' has been released.] [Most have been unlocked. [The opponent is now an unsafe king of the Order.] [You now have most basic qualifications to sit on the throne. But there are still a lot of people who doubt your legitimacy. Demonstrate that you are the only true master of the throne and spread the word throughout the kingdom.] [Win an ongoing competition, as you have so far, and build numerous businesses of death and struggle.] [From now on, you can write your own myth.] Yeon realized that all the power of the Four Thrones, which had been tied up so tightly, could not be used properly, had been unlocked.

A complete release of status.

This was like a new feather for sweeping a lotus. Of course, it was a long way to catch up to Hades' myth who had spent so many years incalculable.

Nevertheless, it is now a place to stare at.

The Nippon's body has reached a level that can be fought even when it comes down.

Unless the highest ranks of each society-that is, the division takes place, there can be no one to deal with unity.

No, Yeon-woo thought that it would be worth it.

Even if we return to Tartarus for some reason, I think we'll be able to deal with Titan-Gas quite easily.

So do the kings of the Sea. Even if he fought Nessie again, he was now confident he could win. I thought it would be comparable to the Vampire Monarch.

I literally became a martyr.

'If you can even achieve a 7-letter Awakening • • • • • • • Polymorph.' Yeon Woo's eyes sparkled bright.

He has only pioneered the course so far, and has not been completely deprived and transcended.

Let's just say the dismemberment was right in front of us. Just a little more effort and I felt like I could make a quick exit.

If only I could be EIderDragon, the real polyp.

I was confident that if I could make it through transcendence once, I could chew up most of the substitutes. At that time, I could handle the status quo well, so I didn't think it would be worth fighting with Olfowon.

Like this, the book in my hand helped Yeongwoo to achieve rapid growth.


The original Emerald Tablet contained a truly profound and vast system of knowledge.

While not all knowledge was distressed, Yeon also learned alchemy and mathematics and conceived an overall system of knowledge that was common within the tower.

From time to time, he had discussions with Abraham, wealth, and opened Hawkma to study dragon knowledge.

However, the book of Revelation contained so much knowledge that it was regarded as trivial.

No, actually it wasn't a book with any knowledge.

As the crawling chaos said, it was just a history book that recorded countless "probable" events from the beginning to the end. I also read the Bible.

But every time I read one letter, one letter, I felt like the cost was constantly waking up on one side of my head.

And each time I drew it, my soul remembered some of the original knowledge that I had forgotten for a long time. It was a mystery the universe had kept since the beginning, and it was a condition to go to Idea. That was the area where CheonMa first met.

The weight of Emerald Tablet 1 in this thick book, which will be thousands of pages, is just one page. • • Getaway was right.

He said it was a very small quantity of Emerald Tablets. It's such a trivial knowledge that you can just read it and throw it away.

But with that little knowledge, not only did I tower, but the heavenly world was in chaos.

I wondered what the tablet of this book was, and I couldn't imagine who wrote it.

Rather, I was afraid that there was such a thing.

However, Yeon did not stop reading the book of Revelation.

I could have achieved this much growth just by 'seeing', but I had no idea what kind of change I would have made after this.

And I was even more convinced.

There must be a secret about the dark inside, and a milestone to it.

However, given that it took almost a year to understand even the Emerald Tablet, which is just one page in the book of Revelation, it naturally takes much more effort and time than that.

Until the six-letter awakening, the transfer was only four pages. It seemed to have taken that much time.

So Yeon-woo thought she should be more empowered with speed reading. There was no time to check how much time was left.

So, Yeonju, who wanted to study the book of Revelation again, suddenly looked up at the shadows without her knowing. Then I looked around.

There were only books lying around, nothing.

Obviously, I didn't see any Sannon, Rebecca, Boodo, or even the Vampire Monarch standing next to him.

While I was curious about the invisible communities of Yeongwoo, I fell back into the book.

You can find it at any time, my family, but I couldn't promise you another chance to see the book of Revelation.



After falling into the reading trilogy again, the sound of the bookshelf slipping quietly woke up the silent silence in the room.

Eight pages.

Page nine.

And by the time I got to my fever,

The arrogance within the sinful stone completely digests your appetite, making it the perfect stone, and the Dragon Heart grows to about three times its original size. With all the potential of a six-way dragon, it reaches its mature potential. The sacred place of the throne was just as perfect.

The seven-letter awakening was immediately in front of him.

At that moment.

Fruit! Yeon-woo could hear the cost breaking inside.

As the soul matured to its ripeness, as it grew, it finally began to break the chains that were tied together.

Exorcism! He finally took a step toward transcendence.

Just as a full-grown baby bird breaks its egg, the soul is preparing to leave the field of flesh.

Excruciating-and as the cracks continued to grow, Yeon-woo had to feel terrible pain that she could not speak. It felt like the acid was shattering.

On the contrary, the soul was joyful as it escaped from such a rich prison, tasting a little bit of freedom. I had to feel the opposite at once.

Even in that situation, Yeouido never took her eyes off the book of revelations.

By the time I got to the last point, all I had to do was break the shell.

I've been watching you for so long, but you seem to be a lot different from the children before you. Yeon-woo heard a strange voice.The voice was completely different from that of Thousand Horses.

It was a familiar voice.

'From Allfoone From Luciel, Faust, Bathora Ismenaeus, Nayu • • • All their obsession reaches you, and eventually the iris blooms. At midnight, I can't really understand • • • • starting the child. Desertion, monthly desertion, why are you so obsessed with this nonsense? The last shell, which seemed to be easily broken, did not move as if it were securely secured with a nail.

It felt like something in Margie's law was forcibly blocking the hatching.

I know exactly what you want. Jungwoo, I'm so sorry about that kid too. But it's not different this time. Yeon-woo could not escape 1 • - She roared in her egg.

But the roar never reached me.

I will stop you again. Beyond the fall of Shea, there stood a man in debt.

I don't know how he got in touch with it, but Allfowon was about to enter his spiritual world and force his desiccation back into mortality.

Even the Summer Queen and her constituents, the Vampire Monarch who had lived for hundreds of years, the Faust who had followed the darkness, and the King who had been in the prime of the one-horn tribe had to be frustrated not more than this moment.

Yeonwoo will also face the crisis.

There were two options for Yeon-woo here.

I'll just give up desertion forever and end my revenge with only the most powerful of mortals.


'Olfowon will complete the desertion.' Of course, he had two choices.

The latter.

Fight. 'Yeon-woo unleashed all the power she had accumulated against the power to oppress herself.

Strength, power.

The throne is opened.] Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr_At that moment, an enormous surge swept through the area, knocking the spirits out, shaking the entire library, no matter where the moat was. The bookshelves are shattered, and the books are pouring down, and the pieces of paper pop open.

Down there.

[Six-Way Solvent Awakening] [Powerful Front Opening] A full-scale marshmallow expands its wings and collides with Allfowon, who has completed some time.


"Equipment Kick! I thought it was pretty ripe now, but here's another one. Above their heads, a figure, like a bunch of shadows, sits at the edge of a collapsed bookshelf and stares down at them.

It was a peculiar appearance with no neck gear at all, but the only part of the mouth that was thought to be poisonous was the tearing of the ears, revealing the teeth clearly.

A form that is completely contrary to Allfowon.

It was the genius of Mars.