Second Life Ranker

17. Akasa's Record (11)

“Maestro?” Her eyes open.

Even if Allfowon loses, how can he be self-conscious when he has to sleep in the dark? Didn't he have to borrow his body to be able to show his will externally? While many thoughts were passing through my mind, I could soon find an answer.

I felt a sharp routine following him. An out-of-the-box talk. But the energy is too familiar for Yeon-woo.

I quickly took it to my waistline. Nothing is caught.

Yeon Woo's impression was rigid.

Did you take a • • • beagrid? ”You have a sharp shave now, little one. I'm telling you, you're doing a lot better than I thought. Very well." The outgrowth through the book of Revelation was not only a change in Yeouido. As the sinful stone hardened, so did the castle in it.

Normally, I had to sleep because of my intense mental energy, but now I think I can do some outside work. As Yeon-woo, the 'bowl', changed, he also regained that much power.

Sanum, who remained among the brothers of the Dark Lord, was a remnant of the King of the Seven Hundreds, who suppressed Agares' magical power and sinful stone, but he was another personality of Yeouido. So Marseilles was only looking for a chance to hold onto the Hochtam Pond.

And now, with his desiccation in front of his eyes, he finally reveals a ferocious tooth.

in order to harvest the fruit that was just waiting for the English language.

The problem was that he chose Vigrid, not Yeowoo, as an ingredient of tenacity.

As long as it's a mix of many spirits and the spirit of Yoma. If he washes the curse completely with mysticism and hemolysis, he should definitely be fit to trust the spirit for a while.

Beagrid had a runner before him.

“What happened to the Vampire Lords?” I heard you chased after the Dark Ones. It was much better than you used to be. Kick! But that's it. You're nothing but a half-wit. Rather, the day of 11H 0 mild rains, which would have been even more hungry, hardened. What? What happened to the Vampire Lords? But don't flatter yourself. It was before you even finished talking with much more • • • • Marsung than that bitch.

Pot | He appeared in front of the starfish, opening the mill. Wielding flesh.

Pueryoung_Yeon-woo punched him in the face. Immediately, the magical force that soared from the Dragon Heart exploded, bouncing back and forth.

When the wall smashed into itself with the sound of hyperbole, the room collapsed.

Martha bounced like a broken kite and knocked down excellent bookshelves in the air, like dominoes, for a long time.

Countless books pour down into the floor, and the paper flies like snowflakes. Martha was layered several layers beneath the broken bookshelf.

However, Yeon-woo, as if not to stop there, sat down, triggering the blink over her head again.

With both legs full of magical strength.

Gig ! Guang! As soon as the kite tried to descend vertically, black light burst out between the broken bookshelves.

Guarruh-Marsong was smiling. This moment is so much fun, I feel like I know how long you've been waiting for this moment to come! Yes! You win! You have to resist to eat this much! A red glow erupted along the stream.

Pazier and Yooseong Kim's lighting drew a spider web in all directions and scattered all the bookshelves around.

The same kind of power that pierced Nessie's neck with a single rod. It has grown remarkable enough to release hundreds of them at once.

However, he vomited black as if he didn't want to lose. The black gloom spreads like fog, snarling and finally revealing ferocious teeth. It was a technique quite similar to that performed by the Vampire Monarch.

The lightning to tear the puppies apart and the black to chew them up and down. "There are two things that must be stopped here," said . Pre-existing. Pre-existing. Olfowon intervened.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Kim Roe and Dark were torn apart by the energy of the bird's eye that had dug between them before they could even touch each other.

Yun stood on the edge of the bookshelf, stretching its wings wide and distant from them as much as possible.

The problem was Maseong, but Olfowon was a bigger problem.

Who stood alone and ruled for thousands of years and blocked the celestial world and the streams.

So the name is AII forOne.

It was a pond that had already collided once, so I knew that he was strong in every way.

Isn't this the wall that the King couldn't finish? In fact, even if I held hands with Maestro here, I hardly thought I could beat Olfowon. Queek would give me four wins.

But even so, Yeon-woo did not intend to give up.

Just because you can't do it once doesn't mean you can't do it twice.

Rather, I didn't know it was the right time.

Olfowon hasn't figured out how strong he is yet. If I induced my guard, I could take any opportunity I wanted.

And that opportunity was not the life of Allfowon.

A gap to attempt desquamation.

Out of the constraints of the system, all it took was time to break the shell so that Orlot could rise as himself.

'There's also Maseong. This is an open library, so there are many variables.

In a crisis like this, where no allies exist, opportunities could arise.

Scary to the end of that thought.

Huaiak-Yeon spread the wings of the sky once more.

At the same time, Mars once again tilted the hump greatly, and Allfowon also scattered the light of the new Haan. Just as Yeon-woo thought that they could take any opportunity, they seemed to have a chance against each other.

Spherical spheres! The amber emitted by three beings shook the Library of Sky like it was about to burst.

Another clash.

• • • Strong! 'The moment I bumped into them, I could clearly feel Yeon-woo.

Olfowon and Maseong. They were both too strong.

Even though it was just one crash, my hands were numb. On a scale much harder than any armor, the muscles and bones inside were crushed.

Regeneration skills recovered quickly.

However, considering how strong it was when we saw the power of the book of Revelation, it was still hard to believe.

But, 'that didn't mean that I was shaky.

Rather, I could be sure.

I'm strong, too.

He seemed to be much stronger than he thought.

Once upon a time, an attack that would have turned your body into a bloodbath, now your right hand could have ended up just shredded.



Maybe it's worth a shot! 'Scared to the end of his thoughts, he quickly stepped behind her.

It was an attack that I had not thought of as Maestro and Allfowon that I had already fallen into a state of death because of the collision a while ago.

Papajob! [Meteor Blade - Lightning] An extremely compressed lightning bolt popped up along the hand blades of Yeon-woo.

I hit the back of Mars with a blinding dark red glow just by looking at it.

Ca_ang felt like iron and iron collided. Now that Maestro was located in Beagrid, it's okay if the image is Kim. So, naturally, there was a hiss.

He was also aware of the fact, so he was in a few places to come to pick up his hand.

Unlike the sound of iron, the wound remains elongated in Maestro's upper half.

'It was shallow.

Yeon-woo kicked his tongue lightly. I thought he was aiming for a weakness, but then he caught the move and pushed his upper body back.

I felt like I could only catch my fingertips.

But I couldn't avoid Marseong completely, so I couldn't help but leave traces. He splashes like a fountain instead of blood.

The cracked position was once again filled with darkness, but Maestro's pride was not overshadowed.

The first time he allowed an attack, he wanted to check out Yeon Yeon's talent.

But this time it was different. I was caught up with Olfowon, so if I had been a little deeper, I could have dropped my neck.

Of course, there was no notion of death to him as an emperor.

It was unacceptable to be caught up with such a fool.

If you wanted to savor it slowly at the end, but you wanted it to work that fast. Come on, I'll help you! "Maestro came running to Yeong-woo with his teeth wide open.

Yippee-yippee! Yeon instinctively quickly whipped her wings and triggered the Blingg. Then I saw the whole thing torn apart to the spot where he disappeared. Not only was it a bookshelf, but the space itself flew away.

As if the shark had eaten the food poorly, there were tooth marks left, leaving a black void stained.

If they are swept there, there will be no souls left. Yeon-woo could see that.

No, there was nothing beyond the Agar of Mars. Only an abyss, like a black hole, would suck it all out. Perhaps that was the essence of Mars.

Guangyang - Maastang chased Yeongwoo through the ground as if to show that the attack was not just over.

Puppy_He was fast, too.

Yeongwoo dodged every step of the way as she approached, but the closer she got, the less she bit into the spot where she was.

And I ate it.

A bunch of sword mines poured over Martha's head to try to counterattack her.

"Equipment Kick! Do you think that will work?" "Rather, Marseilles swallowed sweet lightning with a smile. Sometimes the arm and leg were cut off by a lightning rod, but the darkness grew and was restored quickly.

'If so.

Yeon-woo became confident, and when she saw the guy who was laughing, her eyes popped open.

If you like to eat like that, you can feed them without circles.

[Liza Ghost] [Yongsin 'an] Her golden eyes were torn through her longitudinal pupils, following her weaknesses.

Mars was close to perfection. I could hardly find the grain, but that didn't mean it wasn't there at all. It was because Beagrid, the vessel, was not perfect.

That's why I saw the scar on the back of my head when Yeongwoo first cut through the lightning rod.

[Breth] Towards there, you unleashed the ultimate power, along with the Dragon Heart, to symbolize the polyp.

It was the dragon's breath that compressed the chimney to its best.


An enormous tidal wave rises from the top of the mountain.

Maestro went all over the city to stop Bress. Waves of steam spread along the space like a random sprinkle of Margie ink.

Whoa_It wasn't enough to stop Bress with overwhelming magical power.

Dory Bress wiped out all the waves of steam and swept them to Marseong.

She yells out what is her name, but the noise Bress makes is so loud that it quickly disappears.

Fruit Fruit_and Bress pushed forward and erased everything they touched.

All the books that were in the library were torn apart, leaving nothing behind. Then he disappeared.

The gathering station, which gathers all the information in the near zero, was greatly agitated.