Second Life Ranker

18. Akasa's Record (12)

Tick-tock! Yeon-woo had to feel her body burning hot.

I feel like I'm jumping into a fire pit. The steam rises from the barren scales, rising relentlessly on the scales.

It was Bress who pulled out the dragon heart and the sinful stone with all his might. Of course, there was no choice but to come to all the magical and physically exhausted people.


On the contrary, Yeon-woo felt proud.

'I couldn't help but open my eyes to the unbelievable horror God created.

The place where Martha asked was torn apart, but the place where Bress swept by was empty.

There was no need for physical laws or concepts. Even the space is cleared.

The power to make everything null.

So it's a force that brings emptiness.

The brace that condenses the lightning to keep it in perfect condition. It's that powerful.

And so we can be confident: lEhEven if the last polyp, the Summer Queen, comes back and breathes out Bress, she'll never make it here.

Maybe the Red Dragon had already seen it when it hit Kim Mu-Sin.

At the time, I was just wondering how I could handle Bress, but I didn't think it would be too difficult anymore.

Is it because you have three transcendent factors? 'Even if you haven't done a polymorph with a polyp yet, if you have this much power, What happens when polymorphs become available with real polyps?

And if you can contain the last remnant of the Giant Faction, you can achieve a remarkable achievement.

Yeon-woo wanted to achieve that growth quickly, even for a day.

And in order to do that, you have to start with desertion.

I had to remove the distraction! It wasn't just Marseong that Bress pushed. Among them was Allfowon.

As the Bress spreads, a pillar of light suddenly rises to its peak.

And Guadeloux_Bress was forced to twist, drawing a vortex along the pillar of light. A huge Rising Storm is created in the Sky Library.

Allfowon is standing right under it.

It was either not intact in the brace, or there was vibrancy everywhere it was shaped. The intensity of light was stronger than ever before. It meant that it was pouring out big magic.

It feels like I'm seeing Bress again, from Calatus and many other dinosaurs. Indeed. This is why I'm the descendant of Chilhovah. Possibly where I am and how to look up to the place where I am, Olfowon burst into elasticity.

It wasn't just because Yeon-woo was a black heir or a black heir. It was because his accomplishments were remarkable.

I knew that he had made a quick achievement based on the legacy left by Midnight Friend, but that did not deny the path he had built.

No, I even admired it.

Olfoone also once climbed a staircase following the old city. As a monk, I had no choice but to salute Yeongwoo who pioneered a path that no one else could walk.

But because of that.

The more I do this, the more I cannot comfort you. I won't ask you to forgive me for making this decision. That sin, I'll take the last one. Olfowon thought that he would stop Yeon-woo even more. I couldn't do anything about it up there with nothing but despair and silk.

In the past, countless polyps tried to get past him to 78 floors, just like they had to be frustrated! So Allfowon unraveled the drunk choir. And I'm going to spread one of my palms wide and lower it down.

Then, the vortex that was rising up above the sky condensed into the same palm of the hand.

After the Battle of Volunteers, only during the battle with the King, nothing was revealed.

His signature trait, & the fourth skill of quality.

< algebraic ( ) > Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! A huge palm-shaped group sprinkled Aurora all over Yeon-woo's head, face down.


"Yes. If it's ripe enough, it should be enough to push me like this. Did you think it would be okay to make me look like this? The air widened as darkness spread beneath Yeongwoo's feet.

The tooth looks like a crooked beast's jaw.

Maestro, who lost his zeal, reopened his jaw in the ground. His light fell like lightning, and his darkness grew like a swamp.

Even the strongest minds were in danger of being torn apart. Despite this, Yeon-woo raised a lot of lightning without ever losing her composure. Parker! Parker! Along the sound of his voice, a deep red bloom rises along his body, and an overblown passage is erected. The pillars were intended to be built from the heights and roots of 1-Le 01 Nesseda to prevent the approach of these two giant beings.

When the lightning strikes again, depending on his will, he says, "Oh, damn it, where are we now?” My ears are ringing so loudly, I don't know if they're going to fall out.

Even the magic contained in it was so great that I could not resist it that my body was stiff.

All three people who were spilling violent energy stopped. As time stands still, I cannot make a move.


Grrrgh! Suddenly, a thousand horses appear as a single beam of light drops down. No matter how great the aftermath, it was a tradition built by Yeon-woo and flew all the way to the predatory void of Maestro, the head of Allfowon.

I shrugged as if it had been like how many times I had turned the Library upside down.

All three, including Yeonwoo, were appalled.

He frowned as he looked inside the library that was all messed up.

“Do your thing while you're away for a while. Give me all of you. Can you blow it up? Huh?” Whenever Yeon-woo's voice sounded faintly, she had to feel her body speed. I wanted to do whatever I wanted before, but I couldn't draw it at all.

The sheer force of absolute redemption just by making a voice.

Yeon-woo was astonished by the fact that she possessed much more power.

And it was the same with Maestro and Allfowon.

Especially as the Dark Lord's brutality, Maestro Seong-Doo, was in fact unable to move even Allfowon, who was argued to be the strongest in the tower.

You end up staring at the thousand horses that forced you to tie your hands and feet like this.

It was completely hidden by the light, so I couldn't tell what it looked like, but Yeon-woo felt that Allfowon was wreaking havoc.

It looks completely different from what Allfowon has always looked like with a fresh impression. That made me feel completely different from dealing with an enemy.

I don't know what to say, March.

'Should I say that I look like a child who used to be like Nawajeong Woo who used to pity his mother • • • to his parents; I don't know if that's right for Allfowon, but I really felt that way.

And for just a moment, it seemed to be bitter to the eye of the thousand who were looking at Allfowon. Then the horse returned to the enemy and rebuked him greatly.

“You've got a lot of work to do now, haven't you? Now go back.” That's it.

Paaaa! If the answer is, Allfoo has completely hidden his trail of wandering around using a volcano anywhere.

Even the connection to the library was cut, and the invisible pressure that was pressuring the desiccation of the female university.

Kick device! Looks like today is not the day. But it's fun, very funny. Marseilles, who had returned to her form from afar, glanced at Yeongwoo and Thousand Horses, smiled softly and went back inside Beagrid. There was nothing left but black spark on the ground when he disappeared. As Margaery runs out of the pool of black water, she returns to her lower eye.

Yeon reaches out to you, pulling the mah-jum power to retrieve the beagrid, and quickly examines the interior. It was to make sure that Maseong had eaten him.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the Vampirist antidote hides in the oldest hiding place on Beagrid's tip.

However, the majority of the emperor was torn apart and lost much of his rage.

He was also heavily conscious, so he couldn't seem to stay conscious.

If we do this, we lose our temper completely, or the risk of the emperor collapsing is too great.

The Vampire Monarch was a force not to be wasted like this. The team that was planning the furniture, the power necessary to hunt down Allfowon. I had to bring him back somehow.

No, I couldn't bring my grief back to Lana even after I left that.

However, Yeon did not know much about how to revive the lost zeroes. Queeking only adds to the power of questioning by gathering it into the family.

But just as Abraham still hasn't regained his conviction, the Vampire Lords probably can't do it right away, so they stop looking for other ways.

Thousands of horses leap forward and place their hands on the beagrid.

Huaa! A moment; a golden swarm of light bursts along his hand, and I feel the Vampire Monarch's spirit return to its original form. He is still in deep sleep, but his respiratory system has also become much more comfortable.

Yeongwoo stared at Heavenly Horse with surprised eyes.

Was it that easy to fix a broken identity? I knew Yeon-woo too well.

If I had, Niphon and Gigas wouldn't have struggled in Dardardaroth for so many years.

But Thousand Ma was doing those wonders as if they were too natural.

From the moment we met until now, there were no surprises. He said that the light itself existed, and maybe he didn't have an 'impossible' domain.

At the same time, I also thought about it.

The light that has existed since the beginning, how could he be a human being with the real name 'Hand Guard'? Most midgets don't have a self, or they're just willing to stand up for themselves. Thousand horses seemed fine. It was not a mere body. In the beginning, the present body looked so familiar to him.

Although it was only ten pages, I couldn't help but wonder because I had read the book of Revelations.

With his common sense, no, according to the providence of the universe, he could not exist. Contradiction, it was itself.

“Even with that look on my face, I can't do anything. Maybe 0 0 can exist while overcoming the contradiction, but I also thought that someone like that is infinite.

“By the way, you said you had a big fight. I was really away for a while. Phew!" She looks around the inside of the messed up library, sighing and clapping her hands.

Yikes! As if to rewind VideoDave, the books or broken bookshelves quickly recover and return to their rightful place.


Thousands looked back at Yeouido.

He glances up and down with an intriguing feat.

“At least you've made some progress selling books while you're stuck in your backroom.” “Yes. I was able to draw thanks to it.” In fact, Yeon-woo was able to realize at the end of the six-way Awakening.

It was the person who helped him by using the air library for a much longer time than he was supposed to be given.

“Of course.” Immediately, as Thousand Horses' waist breaks, he becomes blurred and reaches the kith's doorstep.

Even though it's this advanced, it can't predict how fast it's going.

Somehow, I strongly thought that the smiling Heavenly Horse resembles the King without Apprentices.

“Let's do it.” If you mess up the library like this, you're gonna get mad, aren't you? This 0 realized at that moment.

The fact that there were more people here than kings.

Cadduk says, "You're definitely getting the hang of it. You know how to counteract.” Thousand horses let go of their hands and smiled.

Yeon-woo said that she was even more human than the teacher. She rubbed her snowballs with an egg and muttered while she didn't even know where it was procured. His eyes are as black as a panda's.

More than you. The Bureau has said that there is no worse insult than this.

Of course, I didn't say it out of my mouth. I thought I'd be looking at the universe, not the stars.

“Did you just insult me?” At that time, he squinting and digging holes in his ears with his pinky finger, and staring at Yeongwoo.

You're so useless and sharp.

Yeongwoo was hot, but not as colorful as she could be, and replied randomly.

“There's no way I'd draw this.” Ha! Dude, look at the size of that thing. All right, I'll give you a break. ”Yeon-woo does not answer, turning to a slugging agent.

“But can you see how much time has passed?” I'm sure I spent quite a lot of time in the open air library, but I can't figure out how much. However, I thought it might be longer than I thought. The connection to the clans has been severely weakened.

I was wondering if it's been a year or two.

“I try so hard to change my words: You look foolish, let's see.” “Just try to catch it, really.” Thousand Horses glanced at Yeongwoo, turning their heads sideways, pointing their fingers at her and suddenly enticing a laughter. "It went on quite a bit. More than you think." • • • How far has it flowed? ”Thousands of horses' mouths go up in a frenzy.

“About a hundred years? ”