Second Life Ranker

19. Akasa's Record (13)

• At the moment of the year, I opened my eyes to see if I misunderstood.

The thousand horses curled their mouths up louder like they were about to die for fun.

“Why do you think I'm joking?” '20842; don't be afraid, pussy. Of course I'm joking. It's been a hundred years since I've been a month. ”I knew it.

I sighed in relief, thinking that Yeon-woo was lucky. I was proud to have a calmness that wouldn't budge, but somehow I felt that I was stuck with the horse.

“More than that. It's been exactly 193 years. Boy, you got a lot of focus. I can't do that, man.

But soon, the words of Heavenly Horse were stiff and firm. This time it was a joke.

“I'm so surprised. Actually, it's a natural base. I saw the Revelation like that, and you didn't think it would go that far? This guy's funny.” Of course, I felt like a lot more time had passed than I thought.

But I never imagined it would pass.

I had all these thoughts in my head.

For transcendents like Thousand Horses, 200 years may be short, but not for mortals at all.

It was a long time, though.

It was a time much longer than the average lifespan of humans, and could determine the turbulence of a force. Especially there was only one word in Yeongwoo's head.

It's Artie.

What happened to my colleagues? With Panda, Edora, Liver, Doyle, and Longitude, it was likely that they had waited indefinitely, whether they were dead or alive.

And I would have fought back against the forces under Arniya's tyranny.

The White Dragon may have moved or the lost horseman may have returned. Or maybe the breathable Darwood Brotherhood took off.

The whole plan just fell apart. Your spine seems to have cooled down. "It's probably been over a thousand years, considering all the skills you've had.” In addition, a few more words from Thousand Horses silenced Yeon Woo's mouth.

You mean the time, including the poetry.

Spent a thousand years like that.

It was such a hard time for a rainbow that I thought I was right. I could hardly feel it in 200 years, but the time before that was even more unrealistic.

But I didn't think it was possible to say a thousand words.

Consider what you have accomplished here.

Although the desertion had to stop immediately because of the interference from Allfowan, the throne's position was not fully digested.

There was nothing to be afraid of anymore.

I was even more confident because I fought against the performance of the horse, Olfowon.

Now, I was able to fight the master with my sword.

'Therefore, it is natural that the link with Sa Non or Han is weakened.' The folk live in the same time as the kite. If I waited for a thousand years, I would not be surprised if I slept for a long time.

Fortunately, as they widen their cognitive field into the shadows, they are all locked in deep hibernation. They also had remarkable growth.

After thinking like that, Yeon-woo seemed to be in a calm state of mind.

When I first heard that it was almost a hundred years old, I was just embarrassed about what to do next.

However, after confirming that the members of the family are okay with their development, I think I can regenerate them somehow.

I need to go to my colleagues, apologize, and get back to work.

It still didn't take me a lot of time to get it all sorted out and get into the new plan.

'Clean up all remaining forces in the tower and find the crawling chaos. Let's focus on that for now.' Yeon-woo was still wandering around the chaos to enter the tower, this time he was going to find it himself.

No, a flock of other gods, including crawling chaos, to be exact.

Throughout reading the original Revelation, he was convinced.

'The path to darkness is closely related to the god of other worlds.

When their 'father' appeared to open their eyes to the end of the chaos that had once been mentioned, it seemed to have something to do with the darkness.

Perhaps black is synonymous with the apocalypse.

Of course, it's suicide to come into direct contact with other gods. It was dangerous to move against those who have yet to desertify and transcend.

So we had to avoid contact immediately.

So I decided to go through the bypass route.

Fortunately, there is one way.

"Valdivich, we have to find him.

Baldevich had to know something about the gigantic 'musical notes surrounding the gods of darkness and otherness. It was no coincidence that the crawling chaos sent his brother to Earth, leaving him in his body.

'And now I have to recover all the lost memories of wealth. We need to restore power.

And by the time it was over, Yeon-woo was going to complete the elite list according to her original plan.

Give wealth back her true identity as a faucet, tilt the Vampire Monarch, and persuade the Summer Queen to come.

'Hunt down Allfowon.

Only then could I complete the basic foundation, desertion and transcendence that can reach darkness. And I was able to go up the stairs and get to the top.

There was too much work to do.


On the other hand, because the air library was available, it solved many questions and was able to clearly capture the plans that had been done in the Middle East.

Now all you have to do is run.

Forward, straight.

All I could think about was running forward, breaking and entering.


Whether he had read the thoughts of Yeongwoo or not, CheonMa looked at him and laughed.

“I thought you'd be out of your mind, but you're still looking for peace of mind. Ataraxia awoke somewhat. I thought I was just getting stronger, but I'm also mentally advanced. It's worth your consideration, though.” CheonMa smiled at the fact that it was rewarding to keep Yeonwoo in the foundry library, excluding even the interference of the system.

“Good. I'll give you one more gift for that. It's a service loan.” Yeon-ju is flawed to see if she wants another month. Now, every time he does something, I hear it from the top of my lungs.

By the way.

Just like that! I clapped my hands.

The open air library suddenly began to tremble. It sounds as if the machine is running.

Thousands of horses curl their mouths up one by one, as if they were just watching.

At that moment, Yeon-woo's soul becomes confused as if it were twisting. It was like a sports car that was speeding around in an accident.

As I was getting closer to my personality, I could sense the truth of the universe through the book of Revelation because I had seen some.

Everything was torn apart. Everything around you. The soul is the time and space, the physical laws, and even Idea, the absolute truth beyond.

And then reassembled.

It is forcing the immense history of the Shamman Emperor to turn upside down, the greatest gods and gods of the multiverse. It was a terrible pain I never wanted to experience again. Just by being in the center of the front, he could feel his rage once more trembling.

And he smiled as if he had nothing to do with it.

Bang! After a long time, the vibration stops rapidly.

Yeon-woo groveled forward and exhaled for a long time. Sweat dripped down my forehead. My back is still standing firm. His instincts were dominated by a crisis that Olfowon had never felt before when he fought Maestro.

“The alternative • • • was so that Yeongwoo could only ask Thousand horses if it was a replacement month after collecting tension.

Thousand Horses' smile was still familiar.

“I turned back the clock.” “Did you know he was sick to you? Turning the 'roller' is a rest for me too = bone.” Gule.

It's also known as a timeline. It's also known as a world class. In other words, it meant that the axis of time was reversed.

Yeon-woo has barely spoken.

Handling the flow of time was an area where interference was never possible.

No matter how transcendent you are, you can't escape the course of time. As long as they were 'living' beings, they could never transcend time. Maybe it's just slowing down or something. It was a distinct area of inversion.

And so do the others.

It is said to have the skill of time foresight, but it is close to a virtual simulation line that infers many possibilities based on its knowledge. I never interfered in the future.

Olfowon was the one who could interfere closest to the realm of time. One of his signature skills was an example.

But it wasn't perfect either.

Then he would have been all-powerful, and why couldn't he cut a noose in the Library of Shadow to put desertion before his eyes? And yet.

Thousand horses were saying such miracles too easily.

“It's only been ten days since you entered this library, so you won't need to be rated below.

What an amazing thing it is to exist.

Perhaps he was the only one who ruled the absolute truth of all things, far beyond time.

And when I see Thousand Horses smiling like that, I suddenly have an idea like that.

If it's possible to turn back time.


However, before Yeon-woo said anything, CheonMa suddenly cut off her solemn expression.

At that moment, Yeon-woo felt something explode in her heart. Ten years. What's wrong with 200 years, 10 years, 5 more years? “Why are you standing!” “That bitch is a singularity. The moment you entered the tower, you were already unique. So don't.

“And this is as far as I go, why would I do that?” Yeon squeezes her fist tightly. It became a singularity. It also meant that he was able to greatly interfere with the history of the universe. That's more than a thousand words.

He may have also suffered significant causality losses.

And he was right.

It was very thoughtful of me to return it to you. There was no obligation or reason to help Lee Sang-woo.

Even so.

Even so, only a few more years can you reverse it.] A frightening thought came to mind over the retina.

“A sneak peek at the reversal of space-time would be a big help to you, too. Good luck moving forward." The red portal opens under the feet of an orb-kite. It meant it was time to leave the library.

Looking at it.

Yeongwoo swallowed up the remaining refinement. Thousand horses were right. To come all this way, he was a big help, and then he had to take matters into his own hands again.

Unexcused kindness.

It was the second time after Hanova.

That's why.

“Thank you for all these years,” he bows.

Thousands opened their eyes and laughed again.

“Come on. It was nice to talk to my hometown back for a while. Come back next time you get a chance.” Thousands of horses wave their hands as if they were unfamiliar.

“Farewell, then.” With a thousand words.

Pod | The swarm of light filled my vision.

I felt like my body was falling down.

“Oh, dear. If you see your son again later, tell him I'm sorry.” The voice of the Thousand Horses disappeared so far away.

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