Second Life Ranker

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• • The Library of Library of Library of Library was decommissioned as a bright swarm of light erupted from his son Q '. Inside, Yeon-woo was briefly distracted.

The last words Thousand Horses threw were left deep in my heart.

At that moment.

Yeongwoo went crazy thinking, and felt the pot | falling soon.

[This is the 52nd floor, the tube of the frozen sea] [Begin the trial of the 52nd floor.] [Crucible: Long ago, ice was the hardest place for warm-blooded animals to stay, and a land full of ice gave trials and hardships to all living things. And it also meant death.

But after death, a new life arises, and the white world is warmer than anywhere else down there.

Just as light and darkness cycle, ice has countless possibilities.

Find and seize that possibility right here. Fifty-two is a place that boasts the opposite of highlands in many ways.

If you have to climb a few layers of blazing mountains on the 51st floor,

Fifty-two floors had to cross the endless open sea of work safely.

The blizzard in the sands is relentless. Temperature dropped so rapidly that ordinary life could not live, and the sun was so strong that it lost sight for a week when the debt reflected to the white eye was combined.

In a way, it was a bit like the wall of a ditch on the 26th floor.

Whereas all you had to do was concentrate on biting the incoming troops against the wall, this place was the biggest of them all.

Especially the biggest problem on the 52nd floor. It was that there was very little 'place to set foot'.

There was no land on the 52nd floor. All you can see is the sea that is cold working. There are ice or ice mountains that stand thick enough to set foot in the middle, but it was not a good situation.

I don't know which monster is hiding, and there are many dangerous Grevas, so I can't unwind the rope for a single hour. There were so many entrapment elements everywhere.

If 51 insects check the rankers' personality and upkeep passing through the 50th floor and measure their way forward,

Fifty-two were places to test the capabilities of those who made their way.

The name ranker in the tower does not mean that you are an outstanding person, but that you are a true monk now.

In order to walk that dangerous path, this kind of trial was meant to be crossed without words.

'And in order to end the ordeal, we had to find the Pearl of the Water Dragon, located very deep in the ocean.' The Pearl of Water Dragon is usually found in Heat , located in the deepest part of the sea of ice.

The depth of the tremendous depth where light could not reach was very disturbing because of the tremendous water pressure, and of course it was much worse than above the water temperature, so it was very difficult to approach. I had never seen seaweed or sea urchins before.

Like this, the 52nd floor was a place to scare rankers when they told them to cross.

It was now designated as the home of the Resistance.

Since it has such a harsh environment, it was easy to hide the body and beneficial to take advantage of the topographical advantages depending on the type of anifacts you have.

It was a heavenly sea fort that could never be surrendered to those who wanted to reject the reign of Artyria to the end.

So Arniya was preparing for a large-scale war with the Resistance as she slowly pushed the Resistance here to destroy them, but the incident was left to Doyle, not directly under the command of the Union.

Not many of them were strong enough to directly care about Yeon-woo, and even if they were, most of them could be organized in the line between Pant and Liver.

Moreover, Doyle is also an apostle of Yeouido.

So, while Yeon-woo was absent, all the command systems were set to go around him. Luckily, Doyle is smart; he has done his job well without making any mistakes.

From time to time, Yeonwoo had been preaching the situation with Doyle, so she was not worrying much.

Why is it invisible? 'Yeon-woo had to feel a strange feeling as soon as she came down to the 52nd floor.

Upon arriving on the stairs, he spread his senses wide, but nothing was caught.

Not Artiya, not the Resistance. I didn't even feel the miracle of the other players to stay focused on the trials, avoiding the clash of forces.

If it had been really close to 200 years, I knew there would be no way to draw it because I saw Heavenly Horse turning back the wheel of space-time.

In that case.

Was there a typo in the parallax? 'Maybe I did.

Given that it's not an easy task to reverse the space-time continuum, it's a very difficult task. It may have been difficult to accurately match the 'time of day' when Yeonwoo went to the open air library.

which means you have to put up with a few months, a couple of years of space from the moment you get into the air library.

So, is the battle over? 'Yeon-woo opened all the channels that were closed all the time to determine exactly when she arrived.

No, I tried.

At that moment, it was due to the sudden turbulence of the sea beneath its feet that caused a massive turbulent uproar to the location of the geyser.

A rising tide of immense power, even in sight. The atmosphere around me was so big that it was torn apart.

Yeon-woo quickly expanded the wings of fire and triggered the blink. It came from a place far away with the sound of pot.

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! As if he had waited, the sleep shook again, and a new Rising Storm appeared and tried to swallow Yeongwoo.

Rising temperatures appeared everywhere Yeongwoo stepped on him. It was not just a natural disaster. Someone was deliberately targeting him.

Yeon-woo knew who he was at once. A very familiar magical scent was detected in the raging storm.

“Maestro!” That moment.

Woohoo! Covered by snow and clanging, darkness spread darkly over the white glistening sea of ice.

A long tear to the left and to the right revealed two cruel eyes.

I felt the arrogance of pressing down on everything in the world and the appetite of wanting to eat Yeongwoo at the same time.

"Hey, you're pretty good.

I really like it. It's worth the wait. "Unlike in the Library of the Sky because of the constraints of Heaven, when he came out of the stage, he was now fully exposed.

Beyond the eyes of Zero, I could read many Sanum 1-G- 1-Sarin.

The evil spirits of the heroes who held the beagrid in their hands and the evil spirits of the cursed beasts were cluttering with despair as they buried their blood.

Marseillaise is a group of origins. It is not enough to consume such aspirations and evil thoughts, extinguishing both the possibility and the true nature of Vigrid. He was revealing his power without filtering.

And the fundamentals are sinful, arrogant, and appetizing.

That was already a monster.

A monster that any Demon King or Grand Devil would eat! Now that you have warmed up gently above, don't you think you should play well? Equipment Kick! Over-marshal's strong will revealed dozens of dragon surges and doubles that rocked the sea of ice.

There was a huge wave hundreds of meters of water, and in the sky, black clouds poured out lightning.

It is to bring up the weather as much as you want.

And in the meantime, the black grows thick and greedy teeth are revealed to eat the brown cow.

The castle was strong enough to hold Olfowon together, even when Yeon-woo first inherited the throne. He was wise to use Vigrid as a vessel based on sinfulness, so he had little idea where the limits of power were.

Maybe that's why. He's already got the whole stage underwater waving it around like he's supposed to.

Crazy bastard! 'I don't know what else to do with Allfowon's paper. Yeon-woo frowns again, wanting to face those two lunatics at once.

By the way.

"Oh, don't worry, I won't let that creepy, flashy guy show up. Kikka-kikk! I think I'm very busy. I don't know if I should care about this. Maestri was under the impression that Olfowon would never come.

At that moment, Yeon-woo felt like she had been hit hard on the back with a strong cost.

The first book I accidentally picked up in the open air library. The verse I saw there had meaning in my mind.

Internal affairs of the Administration! 'Ibleke joined Laplace and waged a civil war against the Central Administration! The Bureau and Allfowon were an important part of deterring the celestial world. What if that axis stops functioning for a while? After that, the results were one and only.

The descent of the celestial system.

The gods and demons were about to descend into the stream. Even if he is a great creature, he will not be able to endure all that turmoil unless he has two bodies.

Then Yeon-woo understood why Olfowon had to come to the open air library and stop his desertion, but he couldn't stop it any louder and had to go out as if he were expelled.

He was too busy stopping the descent of the heavenly system at the time, so it was hard to stop his desiccation completely.

Maseung did not miss the part of the book that he saw, but sensed the movement of the heavens through the state of Allfowon.

And right now, this is the only time to pick fruit without interruption.

So let's have enough fun together. Ka-ha-ha-ha! Grrrrrrrrr! The impact of shaking the stage increases. And each time there was a rift in space throughout the stage, from there, the air was helpless.

Glug glug, glug, glug! In the void, a great number of chains rushed in to envelop the kite.

Every one of them glows in disgust. I knew that if I was tied up there, I wouldn't come close.

That's why.

[Sixth Grade Solvent Awakening] [Opens Power Front] [Opens Throne.] Yeon wakes up the dragon and opens her heart at the same time.

Without the sanctions of Allfowon, he also had nothing else to notice.

Following him, a violent wave spreads like a storm, bouncing off all the chains. All the black that seemed like it was going to melt the lotus weed soon was torn apart.


[Sky Wings] The wings of fire switch to the wings of the sky, waking up all the terminals that had stopped.

Just as Marseong revealed an invisible body in the open air library, Yeongwoo also tried to awaken the full function of the wings of the sky.

In the beginning, the wings of the sky were tied together with the ears of the gods and demons who offered him apostles.

1- 0 In the near-oceiling library, the channeling was closed, preventing it from functioning fully. So now I could show you something much stronger than that.

So Yeon-woo was sure. I can definitely catch Mars, who was always stumbling like a thorn in the throat, this time.

Thousands of channels were opened simultaneously.

By the way.

[The suspended handset is restarting] [Awaiting reception. ['Guinevere: Death works. [Every Death God has responded to the signal.] [Every Death Devil has responded to the signal.] [Left wing engaged.] [' Prize: Struggle 'works.] [Connecting gods have withheld response.] [The associated demons have withheld your response.] [The right wing stops.] [Feature partially restored [Attention!' Only one side of the sky is exposed. I never thought of that.

Yeon opened her eyes wide and looked up at the sky. I can feel a lot of gods and demons watching over me.

Eyes on the edge together.

Some were mixed up with the enemy.

I couldn't understand why Yeon-woo gods and demons were staring at themselves like that.

In the meantime, some of the gods and demons have alerted themselves or expressed concern about their rapid advancements or their succession to the throne. He also had a hostile relationship with Titan-Gigas.

But that's only a minority.

Most of the gods and demons were favorable to Yeon-woo, and there were times when the Snake would still offer an apostle job or suggest that he would help with desertion and transcendence.

It was because the likelihood of Yeon-woo buying it was very high.

But now it was completely different from before.

It just got bigger after the terminal went off.

What the hell's been going on? [God and demons want to comment on you] [God's society, Asgard, asks you a question.] [Message: What happened to our proposal? Give me a different answer. The divine society, the DealMoon, asks you a question.] [Message: What happened to your access to the Library? What knowledge did you gain there? What is your relationship with Heavenly Horse? Beda asks you a question.] [Message: I also know that the Thousand Horses rolled the wheel of space-time. Whatever happens in the future. Give us' entitlement to access the report of limitless knowledge. Then I will assure you of the highest stature. I also promise to restore the seat of the fallen Brahma.] [The Demon Society, Le Infiniteural, argues with you.] [Message: you and we are allies. We are even at war with Olympus for you. as an alliance. Give him access. Then I will grant you the equivalent of the Duke of the East. If you do not disagree, you will be judged as intending to destroy your alliance. "All the gods and demons stepped aside for an offer to gain access to the Library of the Sky, and for the reward that the First Federation received. Even if their society can handle the attribution rate, I'll give them whatever they want.

Using the Library of the Sky is like every supernatural dream.

However, I was anxious because there was no answer from Yeon-woo at all.


It was an embarrassment for Yeon-woo as well.

He was already the one who used all the visitation power to see the power of Revelation.

Moreover, the crisis is now at war with Maestro.

However, I felt like my insides were burning because they were tightly beating.

But that's why God and the demons didn't want to miss out on the opportunity.

As they were trying to descend, the access to the open air library was more important than ever.

[Gather together all the gods connected to the channel ring] [Message: if you are not eligible to see.] [All the devils connected to the channel ring speak in unison.] [Message: I will treat you as destroying us, and I will make you the public of the heavens.]]