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[Gather all the gods connected to the channel ring and say:] [Message: So answer.] [All the devils connected to the channel ring speak in unison. [Message: your answer grips as you see a message full of soft retinas.

I felt strange, but I was more irritated and angry first.

A reward you have paid for all your access to the Great Library. It wasn't something they could covet.

In the original tower, the reward itself was to help the player stay true to the sincerity of the sphere.

So even if I could offer the deal as needed, I couldn't force it.

Responding to the deal is the heart of our allies.

How you use it is entirely up to him. And even though the ones who know it better than anyone are gods and demons,

They've been insisting that I give them the ticket. Then, when he realized that Yeon-woo had met Thousand Horses and had reversed the wheel of space-time, he stepped forward even more forcefully.

These are the same guys.

I knew that gods and demons never considered players equal.

Consumables that can be used and thrown away as needed. An insect that can be trampled on at any time, but is completely blameless. A foolish creature that they had to work so hard to establish.

I knew that much about it, but I knew better than anyone. But when they show their naked faces like this, they have no choice but to split their teeth.

Is that supposed to keep me going while I'm like this? "[God's society, Asgard, urges your answer,] [God's society, Deva, urges your answer.] [Claim your rights as a demonic society, the Le Infinal movement.] Even the Infernal was only a means to use him.

Their deal in the first place was hard to accept.

There were only three tickets, and I couldn't distribute them evenly to many of those societies. Furthermore, each of the heavenly world's societies is complicated to read, so if you choose one place at random, it is likely to be against the other.

But with God and the Devil, we couldn't have chosen only one faction.

So, it may mean that we have to get rid of the ambiguous neutrality that we have been holding so far and get in line.

When Olfowon's ankles are tied and the sky is beating.

The future of the lotus, the most prominent being in the summer, may be a variable in the subsequent order.

We force them to organize transportation in advance.

Yeon-woo didn't deserve that.


The euphemism suddenly came out of anger. One lip twisted_ 1its roots.

No, you don't have to be annoyed.

To put it bluntly, it's the same thing I've been eating with all my life.

I've borrowed thousands of powers while continuing to treat their love soy sauce like an apostle.

We tied them together without hesitation and manifested them as wings of the sky.

After all, they've been wielding the miracles they built for a long time without any cost. To be honest, they must have gotten horns too.

But I didn't reveal myself because of the greed that other compatriots might become close to other transcendents.

Then this opportunity is a spiral to come to an intermediate settlement by agreement.

In that case.

There was only one thing Yeon-woo could do here.

'I'll have to make a cut.

It was not naive to believe that Yeon-woo would be able to go all the way with them. As long as their demands are clear, the time has come to divide.

However, it was much earlier than I expected, and I wanted to hold this body until I could face Olfowon at least 1ka.

But I still didn't think it was bad.

It was then that the Saturn became strong enough to digest it all.

I was proud to be able to compare myself with others, even though I had an angle in front of me. You don't have to keep holding them.

'I can go my way.

1- in the middle of the day with a smile on your face. I stared at Soon Soon Soon Soon.

“Do you want to hear my answer?” [God's society, 'Malach' focuses on your answers.] [God's society, 'Heaven focuses on your answers'] [God's society, 'Deal Moon' focuses on your answers. Le Infernal, the Demon Society.] [A message has come from Agares. [Message: Hey! Hold on! Take a good look. This place is crawling with people who want to eat you. You know, at the heart of it, the Olympians are standing very firm.] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: So come out 1- Approximately [The message is temporarily disconnected with the user's permission. [Someone who has been temporarily disconnected from the message strongly protests.] [Social unrest against someone temporarily discontinued by a message. Baal watches over you.] at the center of thousands of glances

Just like King XIII did.

Yeongwoo smiled coldly and widened her stop toward the sky.

“This or a feeding tax." I now pronounce you public!] [The divine society, Asgard, comes to your arrogant decision.

I pronounce you doomed!] [God's society, the 'Deal Moon' frowns upon your choice. A unanimous vote on hostile relations. The Devil's Society, Le Infernal, is silent, revealing its unpleasantness to you. Vomit the destruction of the alliance treaty.] [The Devil Society, Niflheim, votes on you. At the end of the discussion, I delegate my authority to Loggy. "[Kernunos notices the decision you are about to make, and nods quietly as if you like it.] [Bimarzilla is satisfied with your decision to make. Scream forward with your knees bent.] [Someone with a temporary cut of the message frowns.] [Someone with a disconnected message gathers his family and officials [Someone with a disconnected message urgently requests a visit from Baal.] Every society, as well as the reactions of gods and demons, came restless and dizzy.

[Thor expressed concern. I would like to reclaim the power I bestowed upon you, the archdiocese.] [The pop-up reveals this.

I would like to reclaim the power I bestowed upon you, the King of the Almighty.] I expressed my condolences or concerns to those who have favored Yeon-woo, such as Tor and the Ranged Forces, and those who doubtfully watched him show their backs and turn away.

The terminal that was planted on Yeon-woo was turning off one by one. I felt like my channel was breaking up.

However, Yeon did not blink an eye.

Instead, we forced the channeling to end and destroyed the handset.

They cut off their own path that could interfere with him while making different excuses.

All channeling associated with [Right Wing (Reward: Brawl) has ended.] [Terminal is erased. It becomes irreparable. The effects of all power are gone "made it necessary to feel the power drain from the body at once.

The feeling of helplessness came to me.

All the beef effects that had been underpinning him so far have ended, and similarly, more than 30 percent of the resin in the Status window has been reduced.

As a player, it was a nominal situation.

Yeon-woo was not worried at all.

Rather, I was oddly indifferent.

In fact, I've been hanging so much channeling around like a double-edged knife.

You can acquire a lot of strong skills, which may be good in terms of growth, but it is too difficult to try the cost price secretly on your own since it can also get that much interference.

Moreover, power is all based on the work of gods and demons. It was uncomfortable for Yeonwoo to try to walk a new path, as if she had worn clothes that didn't fit her from time to time.

But now that they're all out of it,

Moreover, it is not only a pity that the powers have escaped.

It's a vacancy. Replace it with something else.

[Right wing (reward: struggle) explores new possibilities.] [Hostile to all gods and demons. New business declaration has been renewed.] [I used the Sky Library to get a glimpse into the truth of the world.

A new update is being made.] [Depending on the character, 'Up' has been promoted to 'Myth'.] [Numericalize the myth to start accepting, under the prize, the sorting process begins.] His right wing, based on his myth anyway. If other powers were to slip away, it would be enough to fill it with {accentuated} myths.

Fortunately, he was also reinforcing the myth with his desiccation in front of his eyes, and even gave him one last good gift before the heavenly world had just left.

Against the heavens! not only did I become mortal and fight the transcendents, but now I'm also against the heavenly world. It was a great thing that no one else in the world could build. I couldn't be better suited to "struggle."


Here in the open air library, the gods of heaven and demons had created new organs that were unknown.

I didn't want to be seen here. 'The twisted tip of Yeon Woo's lips became darker.

He sucks his fingers up there and laughs at the great but foolish ones, watching him.

'It would be okay to show them, to properly dress them.

Sin stone beats!] [You have learned a new way to use it.] Ow! The right wing burns more brightly than ever before. Every red feather sparkles like a ruby.

I tore and burned everything because it was dark in Marseilles, swallowing lotuses. All the blizzards surrounding the stage melted away.

Go, go, go, go! It looks like a new ocean has landed.

It was a fire with a completely different temperament than what had been seen.

Hidden in the deepest corners of the Sin Stone.

The flame of Luciel, who shook the heavenly system in the past, is the flame of the cool.

[Right wing (reward: struggle) reassembled.] [New usage makes it easier to link with Sin Stone. I was able to extinguish the flames of the Sin Stone.] [Attention! The fire of the cool breeze is a reef fire that once threatened the heavenly world. Depending on whether or not you use it, it can harm the owner, so be very careful.] [The majority of the gods are terrified to see you.] [Most demons scream in horror, thinking back thousands of years to your flames.]] By reading the book of Revelation in bulk, Yeongwoo gained immeasurable knowledge within the tower and learned how to use Sin Stone in the meantime.

Of course, we haven't been able to say "totally."

The original source of Sin Stone is the flame of cool or the force called the original fire. We can't be as perfect as we are dealing with the flame of space creation when it first began.

It was a huge accomplishment just to be able to handle some of them.

A myth that allowed Luciel, who was a lighthouse keeper, to fight the heavens in the name of "Lucifer."

It was about to be reproduced in the right wing of Yeongwoo.


[All Death Gods still share your will. - All the demons of death are still with you.] [The Throne of Four is fully bound to the Left Wing.]] [All power will be revealed.] On the right, the 'struggle' surrounds the red flame.

On the left, it exudes the black gloom of death.

Yeon-woo clapped her hands forcefully.

Puppy puppy -! An incredibly intense chimney, cut through the heavens and the earth, and plunged down like a pillar in rostage.