Second Life Ranker

22. Public Affairs (3)

It seemed like the world was shining.

By the time I heard the noise, there was already a violent explosion in seven gold mines sweeping through the world.

The speed of sound cannot keep up with the speed of light. Vacuum came and was quickly buried because of the continuous chain explosion and expansion of air.

Then, when the seemingly endless waves of light and heat sink, [God's society, 'Olympus is in shock.] [God's society, Asgard, has doubted your rage.] [God's society, Deva, has strong doubts about what happened in the open air library. I feel the urge to thrill you!] [Postpone the alliance treaty indefinitely that reviewed the Demon Society's Le Infernal breakout.]] [The Devil's Society, The Great Bridge' swallows up your strength.] The gods and demons who were watching the situation were all in shock.

Clearly, until just now, the blizzard and rising stage had turned into a land of complete death.

The sea evaporates, revealing a flat bottom, and the lava and sulfur gases spill out as the black melted soil flakes are turned upside down.

The sky that was blue was all red. The ozone and the atmosphere were all destroyed, making it a land that no man could ever live in. A tremendous heat and high pressure were pressing down on the stage, which seemed like skin would burn just standing there.

The biggest problem, above all, was the smell of death, which was filling up the daisy.

No matter how violent he was, he smelled so intense that he could survive here, even if he was transcendent. No matter how immortal they were, even though they transcended, 'death was not completely free from the concept.

If the explosion had caught up with the gods and demons, they would have noticed that even just a touch would force death to bind them.

The place where the lightning bolt swept away was not a fruit of the tree, even though it was its own sanctuary made only for Yeouido.

A land filled with death and fire.

Stages were already full of functionality, but they were also extremely durable. However, even the Central Administration has gone rogue without knowing how long it will take to recover. The test was a paused opponent for a while.

It had to be stopped, not completely collapsed.

It was to find out whether Yeongwoo's Kim had any great power at all.

It was not hard for God and demons to feel at risk.

They had just declared Yeon-woo a mere mortal.

Perhaps if I had known that I was going through this kind of power, I would not have made such a choice if I had known that I had succeeded in drawing out Lucifer's power.

No matter how powerful the celestial world is, it would be a pity to turn against even a skilled opponent while fighting Olfowon.

[God's society, the 'Deal Moon', would like to review the public declaration.] [God's society, Malach, has stated his intention to put a deferral in the Declaration of Public Affairs.] [The Devil's Society, Niflheim, wishes to make friendship with you.]

“No, you don't have to do that.” Yeon-woo twists the tip of one lip, looking at those guys.

“Even if you don't come, I'll be up there soon.

An intense glare poured out from the snow.

“So you guys better be out there scrubbing your necks.

[Niphon, leader of Olympus, reveals strong hostility to you.] ['Asgardian crest, Heimdall comes to your arrogant remarks. Metatron, the secretary of Malach, frowns on his fine glabella.] “Now, get lost.” Fear of falling like that, Pot | 52 floors were closed.

[All 52 insects were temporarily designated as "sanctuary, landmark."] [The sanctuary has been closed by the owner's authority. Disable all functions except permissions settings.] [External intervention will be blocked at all times.] [All interference is excluded.] [Heaven's Eye is Closed] We cut off the entire 52nd Floor completely from the eyes of God and the Devil through authorisation and authority settings.

Of course, normally a mortal area would not be able to block their gaze, but what Yeongwoo installed was not just a sanctuary.

Given that gods and demons exert absolute power in their sanctuary, it is not uncommon to overlook all of their gazes.

Of course, privatizing the stage is a clear violation of the causality rate and therefore it is inevitable to be a sanction.

That's why Yeouido had only temporarily set up the sanctuary.

After the time limit, those annoying things will catch up to you again.

'But we can still hide while we fight him.' Yeon-woo looked down.


Kuaaak! What the hell! What have you done to my body? "Maestro was struggling with the black flames, revealing his zeal on the earth.

I felt a lot of pain on my distorted face. It was a creepy figure with blood on it.

His emperor was already covered in blood, fractured to the brim like a broken dream, and in his mouth, black as blood.

The lightning that Yeongwoo sent was not just a lightning strike.

No, it was not an exaggeration to say that it was a new form of lightning.

Based on the cold fire drawn from the stone of sin, it is a mixture of divine struggle and death that is released in the form of a scarecrow.

Martha plucked out the darkness from her neck at a certain point in time, but it was not easy for her to see the nature of the struggle against the light.

For example, Marseilles was the same as being poisoned.

Death is poison, and struggle is an enzyme that kills antibodies.

The power to lead even the strongest transcendents to their deaths. It was her ultimate time to be born while watching the Revelation Book's nuclear power in the open air library.

By now, the chaos in the heavens would have been strong.

We know how the lightning bolt works and what threats it poses to them. The problem was that the lotus could not confirm the level accurately while closing the staircase.

Yeon-woo was also aiming for this point. You didn't have to expose any power other than 11B to those who showed this much lightning to be a threat.

Doubtful ears, doubts are busy eating people's minds, so rumors were probably going to grow uncontrollably with this kind of reasoning about themselves. The unknown realm is equally fearsome to the gods and demons.

Fearing the existence of the celestial world.

That was the position that Yeon-woo wanted to rely on.

[Ishma_Darba is interested to see you. Hel smiles softly.] [Osiris nods in favor of your actions.] I did not expect the God of Death and the Devil to speak of themselves to each society separately. They were a fierce follower of the Dark Lord before they were members of society. Now he's acting almost like one with Yeon Woo.

[Bimagildara is now interested in how you fight. [Kernunos looks at your journey.] There were two of them with him a long time ago.

Huai-Yeon spread her wings wide and wide. A pair of black and red wings spread out across the sky. A dark red flame rises like a spark around his body. He looked dazzled like an angel who was leading death.

But to her, it was an abomination, an abomination that brought her pride to the ground! Martha thinks she has to chew the lotus somehow, which makes her look like this.

Gaaaak! You're full of ducks.

Teeth are clearly visible, and the void below is wide open.

Guang! Guang! Grrrrr_Every time there was a collision between Grynde and Mars, the stage was destroyed several times, and as the request came down, the space was torn apart, and each time I drew it, the air opened wide and it almost swallowed the lotus.


Glug glug! Glug! The chains run wild, tying their hands and feet together.

The chain that stretched out from her left arm tied her feet, and the void chain that she pulled out wrapped around her neck. It was a form of restraint and fighting with each other, so the battle did not end.

It was due to the fact that the power supply was interrupted during the course of the costing.


Dammit • Yeongwoo and Marseong both exhaled violently as they became exhausted.

However, Maestro was furious many times because of the cold-blooded nature of the pond that still did not lose his cool.

More powerful than he thought, Yeon-woo became too strong.

Before the fire, he was cautious about picking up and dropping.

So I just waited for it to ripen a little bit, and then I waited for it to ripen delicious.

Now that you've gone beyond that level and become big enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with yourself, I had to be embarrassed.

Of course, Mars' condition was not intact at the moment.

Because Vigrid was in a temporary vessel, there was a limit to the power output, and maintaining the consciousness required a significant amount of energy. We cannot concentrate on dealing with all of our forces.

But it was the same with Yeon-woo, who is now deliberately postponing desertion. It was because I didn't know how Allfowon would do it again. Although he was facing the heavenly realm, he was more likely to be more wary of the birth of a new transcendent in the Summer.

Therefore, there is no limit to the power that Yeouido can exert as a mortal.

To put it bluntly, they were both fighting with similar penalties.

No, technically, it was against Maestro.

Whereas Yeouido and Dragon Heart can rapidly replenish the power consumed through two permanent magical organs and continue to focus on combat.

Martha has a time limit for keeping the zeroes, so she has to be disadvantaged more and more in the long run.


To the eater • • 20,000 Suma Castle was a lot of earthquake faces, but I changed them by staring at Yeongwoo with angry eyes. I felt like my teeth were going to break soon.

Next time, that's the end of it.

The spirit of Mars crumbles like noise, and Beagrid, who is bitten with a vague tinge, falls to his knees.

Leyrock-Yeon quickly dubbed a bunch of chains harder. To make sure that he who fell asleep in there could not move even if he opened his eyes again.

With Shin Jin-chul bound, no matter how much he tries, it will be sealed.

'It's a shame about Vigrid, but we won't be able to do anything for a while until we figure out a way to get rid of him.' Yeon-woo kicked his tongue with grief. It was a shame to keep the beagrid sealed for the time being. I haven't woken up everything in it yet.

However, it was much better to carry it around in my heart and let it be done like this rather than being beheaded by Marseong.

We have not seen all the power sources in the book of Revelation, so we have not yet obtained how to remove or absorb Mars. Until there was a way, I was going to leave it in the void.

The chain turns taut, and Serbid is dragged into the void.

Only after the sighs and crabs were closed, Yeon-woo could barely sigh.

I regenerated the wings of heaven and even fought against the magical objects, so I was exhausted.

However, if I felt proud that I had become this strong, I turned off the setting of the sanctuary that was holding 52 insects. Immediately, a lot of gaze poured out again and the message flooded in, but Yeon-woo cut off everything except what was necessary with user privilege. We didn't have to worry about them anymore.

Instead, I found Apostle Doyle, widespread with downward channeling.

At that moment, Doyle hears a voice. He was very embarrassed.

I had to. The power of the Apostle comes from the God of Mercy. Even after only a few days, Yeongwoo, who had grown so big, would be a stranger.

Maybe you felt wrong. "What's going on?” Yeon sees Doyle like that, so she naturally seduces him and asks the first question. It was a question of how the war against the Resistance went. I didn't see them on the 52nd floor: Doyle soon realized what it meant and quickly recovered his mind.

It was a good fight at first, but then all of a sudden, the white dragon was able to fight a little bit • • • No, it was pretty hard, so I was 50 floors behind. "Doyle said in vain.

I just applied it.