Second Life Ranker

23. Public Affairs (4)

The White Dragon Corps is on the 76th floor.

It was originally home to the giant Red Dragon that dominated the tower for more than a hundred years.

The old wars and innards killed the greenery of the giant, and now they are a lonely ruin that no one is looking for.

The white dragon was still trying to regain its function by stitching up next year, but the light was still much faded to reclaim its old status.

Many of the 81 eyes, which were the main pillars of the Red Dragon, died or remained silent, and most of the commanders were afraid of Artija and left.

Nevertheless, Waltz somehow managed to raise the remaining forces as a new red dragon.

He was improving day-to-day by collecting the Summer Queen's legacy. The attendants also followed her around with a view that they might be able to look for reacquainting.

In the meantime, Waltz threw one point.

He sent one hand to the Resistance in battle with Artiya.

Originally, I was going to focus on maintaining the perimeter as tight as possible on the 76th floor, but if the resistance breaks down, there won't be any shields to protect them anymore.

It may have been close to gambling, but there have been calculations that using the Resistance appropriately could create deadlocks.

And moving directly to Waltz, the war on the 52nd floor was longer than expected.

We even managed to push the wire up to the 50th floor, even at night, with a power struggle.

The white dragon cautiously predicted that it might be able to keep Arniya tied up under 50 floors.

Similarly, other great clans, the Darwood Brotherhood and the Sea of Poetry, were captured by the notion that they were moving to ward off Arnia, and when the battle for tying their ankles began.

Waltz once again raided Artia's underlings with the Resistance and managed to reach that loathsome affluent Laputa.


I was defeated.

In the middle of a funeral for the dead comrades, Waltz is mo2 '. All the clans who were in mourning stood up for example.

My head softened heavily.

Waltz had his whole body wrapped around a bandage. Covered in clothes, but covered in flesh that looks unusual underneath. The unfocused eyes were temporarily bulllined due to excessive horsepower.

He was seriously injured during a battle with Foxydale and Doyle, who were passing through the wealth on behalf of the King.

Normally, you'd be lying on your bed and still be treated.

Waltz bows his head to the Chakrans, kneeling to the ground.

Seeing that, everyone at the funeral was greatly shocked.

The dragon always admits, and Waltz has always wanted to connect with the Summer Queen, so he never forgets to shout on any battlefield, no matter what the circumstances.

Some denigrated that Waltz's appearance was untrue and false, but the clan members still believed in the greatness of the dragon.

Such waltz fell down.

You said you were sorry.

I shed tears and apologized.

“All of this is my responsibility. This is what happened because I was bad. I just don't feel sorry for him.” Wet tears fall from the edge of Waltz's shivering eyes.

“Waltz.” “I'd like to be alone for a moment, if you'll excuse me.” I understand. ”Troy, who built up Waltz and brought him back to bed, sees Waltz's waving eyes, sighs faintly and leaves.

And after his posture is completely gone, Waltz sits still in the bottle and closes his eyes.

I had all these thoughts in my head.

What was the alternative?

When you invaded a wealthy Laputa.

She was obviously about to blow Doyle's head off. Pant, Edorah, and Gandhi, the main members of Arnia, happened at a moment when their ankles were tied.

The war will happen again unless we eliminate the king, but we still felt it was an opportunity to boost our morale and deadlock our lines.

Above all, she never made it to the 'king' class, recognizing that she would become a high ranker.

By the way.

The winner was not Doyle, but Waltz.

Just before the blade struck Doyle's neck, he suddenly heard a dark red light flash from him, and he blew her away.

- For you, right? • I was dumbfounded by the fact that Doyle had no idea what was happening. Doyle tried to fight back, whether he thought it was still an opportunity, and eventually the death squad had to face the disgrace of losing to Hall.

'I'm sure. There must have been some major changes in his status.' 'Waltz will immediately realize that the dark red light that surrounds Doyle belongs to the king. The energy of the Apostle Contract between the Summer Queen and her children was the same in Doyle.

However, there was usually a limit to the power of the apostle, and there was only one case when the power suddenly rose.

If the original owner's rank rises that much.


or equivalent cost.

Waltz throws his fist down hard.

My heart exploded.

It was unified on the 76th floor, but unlike what she expected, she still hadn't fully completed the 7-letter Awakening.

I didn't know why.

Just naturally, the Awakening continued to fail. It was stagnant.

In the meantime, the King's progress means that the lattice was that big. In fact, Doyle was only a single apostle. Now, Waltz, she was nowhere near the feet of the King.

The White Dragon has been defeated and the Resistance has been completely crushed. While even she was injured and unable to make it to the front line, Arthya was now making her way up the stairs at a terrifying speed without any further interference.

When I already asked Gillette to come back from the funeral, I heard they had already reached the 60th floor.

Lee Jae was a lantern in front of the wind with her and the White Dragon.

Is the trend no longer possible?

'Mother, why don't you give us an answer?' Waltz predicted that his continued failure to awaken was because the queen's persistence that remained deep within their genetic factors was not responding.

If others had listened, Tejiwald could clearly feel the question of what a long dead summer queen could do.

Even though the Summer Queen must be dead, her will must remain somewhere else.

In her dragon heart, 'The red dragon's fire was the proof that it still existed in a very small form.

Then, where is the queen of summer's will? And, if so, why does she not take care of her own child? Why don't you show yourself to those loyal servants of yours? My head was too complicated.


Maybe she abandoned herself? Moments; such thoughts hit Waltz's head, but he immediately forced his head.

I didn't even want to think about it. I did not want to go back to the orphanage that was corrupted by my parents, like in the days of Yirin.

But the doubt about what remained on the other side of my heart gradually devoured her.


Waltz opened his eyes. Then I quickly went away from the bottle and took a ride. An intense magical force swings like a storm.

“Oops, oops. The princess who was abandoned by her mother twice still has a sharp spine.

A person appeared as the space split between such atmospheres.

A man with a bandaged body.

Kim Mu-Sin smiled as she looked at her and her fangs became clear.

[This is the coffin of Giant Kimmy on the 60th floor.]] She opens the blue portal wide and reveals herself.

Under his feet, along various endless hills, there appeared to be massive and varied kinds of vapors, ranging in size from a few meters to a few tens of meters.

Either there was a big battle just now, or the end of the rainbow smells of dark water and bitter blood.

trial begins on the 60th floor. "[Crucible: In ancient times forgotten, there was only one tribe in the far future who wanted to prove their courage and courage with a sword: they only knew how to eat and sleep, so many tribes struggled with them and eventually collapsed again.

And they began to boast that they were the only great species under the sky, and that there was nothing to compare them to.

And as I proved that, over the years that were beyond counting, their kind had won many battlefields, many lands beneath their feet. Not only were the defeated factions, but the horrified factions were also confronting them and asking them to hurry.

But as soon as there was no more land left to be charred, their factions began to collide with each other, divided into several hands. A new way to demonstrate courage and courage, to adopt genocide.

Eventually, their tribe would go to war until the last survivor was left, and eventually they would disappear from the world. They rise by their own power, and then they become one of the only species to fall by their own power.

And this is the last battlefield on which their kind would clash to obstruct the last man. And the little swords are left on top of the dead circumference doctors, and they're just adding desolation.

But the aspiration of their fallen tribe remains strong for many years to come.

From now on, prove your courage and courage from the aspirations of their kind.

If you can be recognized by them, you will be able to put your name on the ranks of a great warrior.] Yeongwoo sleeps her tongue gently, looking at the desolate fields.

I thought about heading straight to the 60th floor when I got back to the stage, but I didn't think I'd be here so soon.

'I didn't think that Artiya had already gone this far.' Doyle said that as the kite Awakened, he too was roused and shot down the Waltsway White Dragon. And when there were no more obstacles, they pushed us all the way out here.

Thanks to this, Yeon-woo was sent to Laputa all at once from the 52nd floor to the 60th floor.

Of course, even though his skills had already allowed the 50th floor to be less difficult, he still needed more time than he thought, because he had to record the stage rankings.

Of course, one day was enough.

Doyle, who felt the appearance of Yeon-woo, came out of the castle and waved this way.

Cow-1 - Yeon-woo gently folds his wings and lands in front of him.

Along the side of Doyle, children in the forest, including Heidi, looked at him with a half-excited, wet face. From him, he felt the Qi of his upper limb.

There was something about Yeon-woo that made her bow by herself.

However, Yeon-woo nodded quietly to them and asked Doyle directly.

“What did you ask for?” “I've got it right here. • • Are you sure you want to go straight? Everyone was just waiting for my brother to come.

Doyle has a sad look on his face, trying to stop the children from coming to the forest.

Everything that Yeon-woo asked him to prepare separately before coming here. I didn't know what it was for, but as soon as Yeonwoo came to Laputa, I could see that I was going to move straight away.

Pandora and Edora, of course, are short and all of their men are on the battlefield. They were marching simultaneously through stairwell attacks and expansion.

Nevertheless, Yeon-woo told them not to inform them.

I shouldn't have said that. It would only get in the way.

Moreover, when I turned to the heavenly world, I didn't know what kind of interference I would get from them.

He needed to divide the wire between Arniya and Arniya.

So Yeon-woo gently stroked Doyle's head, tempting him, and pushed everything the children of the forest had brought into the sub-space and left Lafuta again.

It was time for you to search for traces of Valdivihi.