Second Life Ranker

24. Public Affairs (5)

Those who, when they first entered on the 60th floor, referred to the message window as "their kind."

They were giants.

Unlike this relatively allergic thing that happens because of the summer-less polyp.

The origin was ÖP7/Aura the Extinct/La Marginate/There were not many documents7//but they were/once/Yu5/⁄ warriors Ö/aroused, the weekends were systemic and superfluous 0/they did not/were humbled.

That's why he/dragged/destroyed them.

At least there was a place where Huntgagh was 60 and 50 floors were deeply related to the polyp, just like Gorong Calatus had left with his rare.

There were 60 floors full of traces of giants left.

'All these weapons used to be used by giants. As most of the repairs were done, there were many things that could be used immediately.

How brilliant Refining skills and strong aspirations have kept him in that shape, despite the years that have gone by.

He sought a path that was completely different from that of the polyp who was exploring knowledge and truth. That's why Yeon-woo rarely guessed what Giants were like.

Just looking at Baldevich, who inherited Giant blood, is all I can anticipate.

However, because of this characteristic on the 60th floor, Valdivich has rarely left here since he came up here.

19992; 0 being H,/HAE//7//there is only one place/to be relieved. There's a house, but he said they all feel better on the 0th floor. Then I saw a time when I was a fish with wet upwriting.

Perhaps before that, I thought I would sometimes H/4 myself drawing medical life on Earth.

If there's anything different, I'm still here./If he transferred the language, he would have to go back to the state./Manhattan/This guy said it would be worth the week.

In fact, the 60th floor is not only close to the culmination of the end of the beltfish, but miniaturization of what they call an investigative slope battle.

There is no such thing as a real ruin.

So Yeon-woo gave up her privileges and assumed that she would come back when she sent her brother to Earth.

The door to the Giant Ruins that Barry told you about is right here.

The Giant Ruins site is located on the Hidden Stage below the 60th floor.

In a way, it may be perfectly natural for such a hidden stage to be here, but it has long been rooted in the belief that the '60th floor is nothing more than the mother of giants because it has not been found despite the exploration of numerous clans and ramkers.

In fact, there was never any evidence that the Giants lived in the tower, making it easier for them to settle down.

However, Baldevich was confident when he broke the quest at the Giant Ruins.

It was quite natural to see that the place where the Giants finally set foot just before extinction was the Barrow Tower.

Giants only prove their branches by combat. It was their long-standing tradition that the weak should be despised, and the strong should learn to follow them, respecting and winning. For those who did, the world of the tower was like a drug that could never pass.

Each step was challenged to test its value, unlimited growth in rewards, and very easy sequencing according to stage ranking.

So all the giants that were scattered around the world and their resources hoped to turn around and climb the tower.

You don't even know what's going on up there.

Finally, it had to be securely blocked in Allfowon on the 77th floor.

That was thousands of years ago, when there are hardly any records now. 'At that time, it was much before the current shape of the tower, before the society in the heavens was properly constructed, and before the polyp was founded.

Nevertheless, Allfowon was already a barrier on the 77th floor.

And of course, just as with the polyp, even giants had to step in the order of death.

However, if there is a difference, the polyp is different from the one that was massacred when the whole group tried to break through.

The Giants were only trying to get past Olfowon by the power of the Individuals, not the factions.

So the Giants argued about who would be the "Great Warrior" to challenge Allfowon.

The place was on the 60th floor, so Kim Myung was the weapon of the Giant Warriors who died in the quarrel at that time, and beneath it remained a remnant of the stage that had stayed before the foolish quarrel.

The place that Bakuk discovered and Baldevihiga 0 read was the last traces of such a battle.

I didn't know the details of the lotus.

The book I saw in the open air library was not the only manuscript in the book of Revelation. From time to time, other books were accidentally found, so Yeon-woo could learn a lot about the hidden history of the universe.

'The problem is that the crawling chaos is somehow related to the destruction of the Giants.

This was the limit of what Yeon-woo could know about such high-ranking beings as other gods because of their high security status.

If he used a ticket, he would not have been able to see any more about it, because all the tickets had to be used to see the power of Revelation.

However, there were some symptoms.

It was a bizarre chaos telling Bakruck that Giant Ruins existed. And he was taking the incarnate form of Baldevich. It was evidence that there was some connection between the Giant's death and his creature.

Like the chaos in which the dinosaur Kalatus moves to cross Allfowon and to catch 20129; did the Giants reach out to him for the same reason? I had no idea.

Baldebich seemed to know the cost price, but he didn't leave any details about it in the letter.


'You'll find out soon enough.

After a long time crossing the stage with the wings of fire, Yeon finally reaches the end of the stage.

There is a hill that looks as magnificent as Mount Margie, which is much higher than any other hill.

And on top of that, there was a long, enormous sword that was a mile long enough to straw. It's big enough that its tip pierces the clouds and reaches the far reaches.

The 60th floor of the trial was acknowledged by the mindset of the original owner remaining in each Kim Myo. In other words, the Giants had to pass the Ghost Test.

The drawing of the gymnastics is also directly related to the sequence of transcription, so the difficulty of trials is determined according to that of the tomb.

So the biggest black.

The King of the Dead; the Warrior Chief. 'I folded the wings of the flame and stood at the tip of the giant tomb. Then he put his palms together and gave it a magical burst.

The entrance to the Jaden Stage is right down here. 'Jiaying! The giant tomb is starting to tremble. The rust on the blade of the woman turns to dust and the booth falls, and a hard, sharp day that sleeps under it flashes suddenly.

ⓛ 74 ⁰ And on top of the gigantic Kimmie, a smoldering machine began to form a gloomy figure as the fly of the grass flew.

A miracle encountered in Tartarus. A prince who boasts a stretch comparable to Nidan's.

But that was a ghost.

The only thing that was once great was the traces left in this world.

Without the ability to judge, without the ability to think, he was like an NPC that only moved as programmed.

However, as the monk left behind by the Giant King, the amber there was enormous. A violent squall swirled in. The surrounding dungeons and hills are all shaved. Those who challenge the 60th floor will be close to the highrankers, but I'm not sure they can keep up with the balance.

However, Yeon-woo waited for the ghost to be fully formed.

The figure of a skeleton formed in groups. He bowed his head and roared to the location of the kite.

"Prove your credentials, you who awaken Jim! The sounds that are always made when the body wakes up from the grave.

Therefore, Yeon-woo was also willing to answer the question diligently.

But I didn't intend to just prove it to him.

The Hidden Stage needed some other crazy conditions.

'To be acknowledged by the owners of every tomb here.' At that moment, a huge magical force field was spread all over the stage, drawing concentric circles around Yeongwoo.

Then, the magical Kims shivered in unison.

There are over 3,000 Kim Myung-yeok on the 60th floor stage. The appearance of them resonating together was so frightening that I could even feel fear.

Who wakes us up for a long time! Who wakes us up in our deep sleep! Who • About 3,000 samurai, large and small, stood up at the same time and turned their eyes to the place where the pond was.

The ferocious tradition mixes with the killing of the warrior commander, finally causing the atmosphere to tremble.

Tyring! [Hidden Quest (Legion of Great Old Warriors) has been created.] [Hidden Quest/Legion of Great Old Warriors] Description: You have just interrupted an old tribe's resting place on a 60-story stage for a long time.

They felt strongly hostile towards you for destroying their only peace, and for disturbing the peace of those around them. And I also hurt my pride in the fact that such objects were mere creatures.

And the great warrior commander just appointed you the official of his kind.

From now on, prove to these troops that you are not just a creature, but a warrior of courage and courage. No, make sure you're worthy of beating them all over it.

Limit Conditions: Time Limit: Reward: 1. entitled 'Great Warrior' 2. Hidden Stage 'Land of the Fallen Giants' Entrance Ticket 3. The warrior chief's sword curled his lips with his tongue.

Each of these saturns has a force that is hard to deal with even the most powerful High Hangers. That's why the content of the trials was also to 'prove' your skills, not 'beat' them. The Giants show respect for their strength, so it wasn't hard to pass the trials if they were strong enough.

But the story changed as Yeon-woo just woke up all the samurams on the stage, not "prove it" anymore, queek. He judged them as an insult to them all.

You said that Yeon-woo was so strong that her lips felt dry because of their intent to irritate her skin, even when she was awakened to Lucifer's power, but you had to go through a lot to get through here, right? 'The title of the Grand Warrior, the reward for Hidden Quests, must be obtained in order to go to Hidden Stage. However, Baldevich did not escape the classics quite so early because he did not have the strength to defeat them all. Eventually, I did.

Yeongwoo slowly pulls out the machete that was hanging behind her belt. I felt okay just touching it.

The quickest way to get rid of them is to get them out of the shadows.

'There was no need to awaken him. His family members were not just in hibernation. He had been in deep thought training for over a thousand years due to the time of the accident. Living, dead, rebecca, rich. Even the Vampire Lords, who had been taken away from Vigrid, were not in their right mind.

The fact that he had not woken up until now meant that he stood on some important milestone.

Yeon-woo did not intend to interfere with it.

I didn't need any help, so I was just getting ready for them until they woke up on their own. Just as he showed up without fault, so will they appear with a new form.

So I'm going to flap the wings of fire again and I'm going to blow myself up.

Your Body • • • • • • •! I've always wanted to find But the • • • • he stole! Your Body You have it. What are you, the thief? 'Yeon turned her head toward the warrior's sathum, which was the first time she spoke a new word, not the programmed language.

His eyes were getting rougher.

It was an enemy so intense that it could not be compared to what it had been seen before.

[I understood the sealed spirit of the Warrior.]] [The Warrior's Soul detects and strongly protests the Hall of Families with you!]] ["Soul of the Warrior" attacks a strong enemy.] [The Spirit of the Warrior attempts to force his descent into the Sanctum from the distant darkness and void.] ["Gearse chaos infested by chaos"] [All the ghosts under the command try their previous lives as geese.]