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25. Public Affairs (6)

The Hall of Skeleton Kings! 'Suddenly, I was able to figure out why the Giant Ghosts had turned.

The Hall of the Skeleton King that was built to enhance the 40th Floor and provide Wealth with Awakening Material as a Faust. It seemed to have developed unexpected mutations as it reacted.

There was no detailed legend about the Skeleton King. While researching like this, my brother gained some speculative information about the god of thresholds, the undead, who was made as the last Giant McDream.It seems more than 11H will be difficult to extract, and he threw it to the rich without even recognizing it anymore.

But why are you reacting now? This didn't happen when Jungwoo was here. 'My brother made the Skeleton King's Hall first. And given that there had been a breakthrough on the 60th floor, the situation was still very difficult to understand even now.

What other conditions did he have that he didn't know about? Give it up • • • • • • •! I wonder if I know the idea of such a alliance.

The warrior commander's body was transformed into a gigantic undead.

Following the shape of hard bones, muscles and skin are complex as vines. The skeleton king, the Giant Ghoul, had a peculiar shape that was mixed in half.

He faced the tide with precision.

Goji Ball! He grabs the handle of the giant sword and slowly starts pulling it up.

Then the upheaval shook the ground and the hill that was holding Lady Kim Myo collapsed.

Then, when the great sword was fully drawn and the tip reached the sky, a vast magical field spread out like a concentric circle around him.

['Crawling enchanted power' spreads across an army of great old warriors' ['Great Old Warriors' turns against 'Infection'.] [The Old Warrior 1 is mutating.] [& 1 Transform into a new form of undead by mutating the old warrior fleet] ['An infected horde has emerged'] and all the saturns have transformed into a new form of undead, making the same changes as the warrior field.

Maybe it's because they have a new body, not a sandstone body, their speculation has become much greater than before.

Fruit! The atmosphere is boiling, and the whole world is in uproar.

Previously, it was mixed with the speculation of Qi, which made the beef tenderloin warm. In the meantime, a violent upheaval swept like a storm that wouldn't be backed up by gods or demons.

It is.

Now it's forgotten, but once it was enough to remind me of the great old warriors who once tried to command and charcoal the universe and resources and prove their branches! [Bimachildara grins as she recalls.] [Chernunos exudes a bashful laugh.] [All the gods of death show great contempt for those who refuse to die and rise again.]] [All Death Demons Narrow the Eye to the Appearance of Old Enemies] [The majority of the gods who watched the situation are frightened.] [I wonder how the majority of the demons who were watching the situation were able to stroke their virtues and not use their old enemies.] The concern is expressed on the 98th floor, watching the scene.

In particular, God's societies had the most turbulent reactions. Just as the polyp didn't like the Devil, the Giants were always against God.


The [Hidden Quest (Legion of Great Old Warriors) has been updated according to the new Environmental Change] [Scenario Quest (Proof the King) has been created.] 'Scenario Quests?' Yeon-woo opened her eyes slightly when she first saw it. I have seen a lot of Hidden Quests or Sudden Quests, but I have never heard of Scenario Quests.

Even though I searched his journal quickly, I didn't see anything similar.

What the hell is this? A new quest window opened while Yeongwoo was asking questions.

[Scenario Quest/King's Proof: Ancient, now missing 'Giants' proved their branches only with courage and will.

But the times have finally caught up with them, and as the years pass by, all the traditions and mysteries of them fade away, and all the ancestors of those who remember or commemorate them hide their footsteps.

Ludwig, the last king of the giants and warlords, made a contract with the existence of a far-off alien to somehow capture those years and became a Skeleton Party, but he couldn't even completely oppose the flow.

But the aspiration that Valdivich held in his heart remained dead, and he was eager for someone else to succeed him.

So the giants in the Red Devils and the Gospels left a lot of graves on the 60th floor, and they've been testing the deliverers for years.

The aspirations of giants were simple.

The entire universe, resources, standing on top of it! You've fought them for a long time, demons, polyps, your own kind, and you've stepped on the high places and the high places and the farthest reaches.

But they failed, so they want someone else to share their passion with them. They desperately want a new King to be born.

And now, you've taken the hall that Valdevich had, and you've woken up all the carcasses of giants, hoping to be a test subject.

But they've been asleep for too long, and they're swimming in their dreams.

Liberate them all from the dreams created by the crawling chaos, and pass their tests to earn the title of the Great Warrior.

Then you'll get your first recognition from Ludwig.

Limitations: 'Hall of Skeleton Kings' owner. Holder of the Hidden Quest 'Legion of Great Ancient Warriors'. Over a certain number of injuries.

Time Limit: Reward: 1. Title Great Warrior '2. Hidden Stage' Entrance Ticket of a Fallen Giant 3. Skeleton King's Sword4. First King's Token 5. Connection Quest The power of the Giants "Participating in Proving the King"? 'I looked at the details in the scenario quest to succeed Su-young and opened my eyes wide.

The contents of the quest chapter contain facts large enough to be turned upside down if the Giant pursuers see them. I was just trying to figure out why they were so desperate.

However, there was something else that caught Yeon Woo's eye.

It is the power of the Giants, and it can also inherit the power of the 'king' who was at their peak.

This was never an easy matter to overcome.

In fact, it was great for a mere mortal to achieve solubility, but it was even more absurd to be able to hold up to the three factions' factors to make up a drinking dragon.

However, it was possible that Calatu was the last dragon-king who gave power to his brother and Yeonwoo.

He was not only able to distinguish between all the knowledge systems left behind by the polyp, but he had an outstanding quality of the polyp. All those miraculous signs were possible because they were inherited.

The ability and talent of the 'king' was only a leading concern within one race.

However, it is said that you can inherit the qualities of the existence of the last Giant King, the Skeleton King.

It was an opportunity I couldn't miss for a alliance that desperately needed the Giants' love.

At the same time, I thought about it.

Crawling chaos seems to have no place where it doesn't interfere.

I've been thinking ever since I saw the name "The Maze of Chaos,"

It seemed that his touch was much deeper than he had imagined.

[Six-handed Solvent Awakening] [Powerful Front Opens] Guad 'Acquire_Yeon has unlocked all her power. The power of the throne is swirled in all directions as the rampage is released.

The hostility of those who seemed to have swallowed Yeonwoo all this time was suddenly pushed away.

Yong-thung! Yeon did not miss the 'geese' being pushed back.

For a short time, the girls' work seemed a bit overwhelming. And it soon turned into anger.

I was furious at the fact that I was pushed by mere mortals as a Giant.

K0 e-! "They roared together and swung the giant steam that was in their hands toward Yeon-woo, a swift movement that did not fit into her body, as small as a few meters and as large as tens of meters.

Yeongwoo pulls up her magic while firmly grasping the arena sword. The Dragon Heart and Wise Man's Stone resonate with a strong resonance, and it trembles as if the arena were about to be broken.

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Parker, Parker, Parker! A dark red spark rises above the blade like a spark, then reaches high to the sky as it becomes heavily condensed.

Kim Roe.

Extremely compress the meteor inspection and swing the power of cutting it with a cool fire.

All the geese nearby were wiped out. A broken piece of sword splashes into the air, and the severed limb sprinkles blood and brushes evenly across the floor.

But the thunder never reached the horizon beyond.

The spiders, the elite warriors behind them, were able to bounce their lightning bolts as they lowered their giant swords together. Instead, the scattered shrapnel scatters to all directions, leaving only a few remaining hills, and all the wheat is thrown away: Seeing that scene, Yeon lightly slept her tongue.

I tried to test them to see their power, but they bounced off the mines too easily.

I thought it would be okay if they each had a personality.

And the horseback riding in the chaos beyond them is the equivalent of the king of the sea. 'Even if Allfowon opens the door from the sky and comes down to sanction, it will not be strange.

Yeon-woo slept with her tongue. It was not easier to get into the Hidden Stage than I thought.

At that time, they swung a giant sword at the same time and tore the place apart. A wind of compressed magic splashes into the sky, and it spills over her head like a rainstorm.

I pulled the magical power to its maximum output, thinking that there would be nothing good about attracting the time to light.

And once again, he lowered his sword vertically.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! At that moment, a lightning bolt that was much larger than what had been shown on the ground was fierce. A strike with a force so intense that you can never compare it to what you just saw.

Greater than a few kilometers in the fierce spot, Pygo, and many times the dust oil with immense light and heat spread around the area.

This time there were no safe riders there. It was because I could not refuse death, which burns every soul.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Pa-bak! Grrr! Grrrrrrrrr! I couldn't resist any more because Grrr-Yeonwoo kept throwing his bolts of lightning at the arena with his sword.

A giant dark red whip came down from heaven with no breath to strike the earth, and there was no hole to escape from.

The stage has already been destroyed to the point where it can no longer be used.


I had no choice but to express the sight of Yeongwoo.

The problem was that he was not frozen in place the whole time he was sweeping through the spiders.

[Divine Society, Deva 'is appalled at your stature] [Divine Society, & Asgard' screams at your skills.] [Demonic society seriously considers the Le Infinal movement proposal.] [The majority of gods are silent.] [Most demons are silent.] The gods and demons stare in awe at him, finally silent.

Even Yeonwoo did not obstruct the gaze of the heavenly world. Unlike in the fight with Maestro, there was no power to be exposed now. How can a one-sided fight be fought?


["Infected Old Warrior 32" has been added to the Soul Girls Collection!] ['Infected Old Warrior Machine 017' has been added to the Soul Collection!] As the shadows moved rapidly, the spirits of the girls were drawn into the inner soul collection. It was closer to the monument than the spirit of the Giants, but that was an enormous accomplishment.

The soul of a Giant who once held a fierce battle against the gods. It was simply impossible to compare with mortal.

All of these would have been a great help to strengthen the forces of the clans. Nice Pluto, who has not been able to restore the power of life yet, would also be reflected.

'Maybe we can form a new army.

And so the eyes of Yeon Woo vomited a strange light.

[The Infested Old Warrior 1,994 has been added to the Soul Collection!] When the last remnant of the wasp was torn apart, and the last remnant of the warrior's corpse.

Fruit! The warrior's right arm protrudes into thin air with a giant black blade. I could see his eyes trembling.

Sailing like that.

Yeon tries to absorb everything that was left of her left hand while swiftly clapping her left hand.

It was a great opportunity to have the Giant factor.