Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Summoned, brave men and former brave men.

What is a brave man? If asked, what would you say?

No, I don't have to tell you.

I kind of get it.

Just say, "What?" I'll answer that.

Without a pulse, he asked me this.

"A brave man is generally - (abbreviated) The cut that has become famous in Japan is the RPG game Dragon Queer - (abbreviated) Recently, it has been well featured in online novels - (abbreviated)"

What a ridiculous thing to say to be able to answer with a true face.

Shall I change the question then?

Do you want to be a brave man?

Hmm?... What do you say?

I'm sorry again.

At least, that's what I thought.

"Please save this world..."

A noble looking girl dressed in a red dress bows her head deep and deep.

The ladies behind the girl, who looked like Kingsguard knights, kneel down and bow their heads.

Not just them.

I was standing in this big room showing so much grudge that I couldn't speak with so little vocabulary, and apparently the heavily townshipped old men of this country were also on their knees, looking at this one with envy.

"... take care of the demon king, brave man!

The girl, with tears shaking her jade eyes, begs by shaking her golden thread and such beautiful golden hair as to be confused.


He was out of line.

When I came home from school, when I was on my way home with a close friend, all of a sudden I was in the light and I was in this place?

Because you were confused by the outfits of people like you time-slipped in the Middle Ages?

No, I'm not. Because the beautiful girl in front of me was crying.

"Me, if you like."

He was nodding when he realized.

That day, the brave Tenjo Haixiang (Amagikite) was born in this country, no, this world.

"... Seriously, Kai"

The new brave man, handsome, remains in a flipped position behind you, and he, Shinobu, whines.

"Is it another world... eh"

He leaks a thirsty laugh. The expression was filled with despair.