Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Collection of Herbs from Prior Braves

Trouble. Trouble.

At the end of the summons and the explanation of the world view to the newcomer, the day will open and I will start working as a brave man tomorrow, that is, today...

Trouble. Trouble.

The handsome bastard, Tenjo Haixiang, and the corps of Harlem led by the handsome man in the case are somehow full of great motivation.

No, you know what I mean? When I measured the magic, it wasn't 100 or 1000.

Lowest handsome. Seven thousand even for you.

I knocked out 15,000 shots.

What a number. You're already a disaster (hazard) over tactics.

Huh? Who's Shota?... No, I'm surprised too.

Whatever you think, the only girl I could see was a man dressed girl.

Actually, she... no, he was a man.

I enjoyed the spacious bathroom with you, but he showed up with a towel hiding his precious place, from chest to hips.

I panicked, but it is a good thought that I cried over the ruthlessness of the world when I was informed by him that he was a man.

I used to say that such a cute little girl couldn't be a girl...

Just leave it.

To the stunned figures, the princess graduated with joy.

So much so that I finally got up after receiving a report that my holdings were zero.

They've been praised by court magicians, starting with the princess, and they're on track.

Beth, you're not being treated like you didn't have anything to do with me, are you?

........................ Gun.

Well, I don't have any more reason to be brave with this.

Well, retirement means I'll leave you to your successor, brave man.

But the princess didn't explain it to me, but I don't know how to get back to the original world.

When I was thinking about what to do, I remembered.

There must have been a guild in this world for mercenaries or adventurers.

Maybe one hand to get in there and do the proper quest and live quietly......

If you decide so, instant instant! Why don't you ask the princess!

I've been kicked out.

What is this situation?

When I said I wanted to live alone, I'd exchange farewell words. Soon they let me out of the castle.

... That would be an unwitting troublemaker, but come on - you got caught up in that mistake, didn't you? Me.

They didn't even give me the deposit.

Do you mind? Suppose you enjoy a different world life that you didn't enjoy last time? Go positive!

The Second Imperial Princess told me.

"The good thing about you is that you're as positive as an idiot."


........................ Gun.

Refresh your mind, and aim for the Adventurer Guild!

We're going for a thousand bucks.

"Welcome. Welcome to the Alliance."

Big titted beauty greeting you with a full smile.

Hey, when the receptionist is cute, he gets tense!

"What can I do for you today?

"I want to be in the guild. What can I do?

"The Alliance will be registered once you complete the quest we have specified. Rest assured that no fees are required when registering.... Do you want to take the quest?

A receptionist removes a piece of paper from under the desk.


"Yes, please fill in your name, age, race, etc. on this paper first"

They gave me a paper and a feather pen. I write sarah and letters, and I return the paper.

"Master Yu Yashiro, right?. … then this will be the guild card. This guild card will be green, … the first, color at tentative registration. Alliance cards are red, blue, purple, copper, silver, gold, platinum, and black depending on the rank of the Alliance. and color changes. The Alliance Rank performs a defined number of quests, and only those who receive a promotion permit will be able to accept the promotion quest and complete it to increase the Rank....... any other questions?

I got the card you gave me. I shake my neck to the side.

"Yes. Then we will ask you to do your guild registration quest. … Here's your quest, it's a quest for 'Herb Collection'"

The paper handed over appeared to be paper for quests. Conditions for success were detailed.

"There are many herbs growing in the fairy forest near Wang Du. The Fairy Forest is a safe place without demons appearing, so don't worry about collecting it."

Nicole smiled at me at the end of the explanation, and I left my guild behind.

Fairy Forest. It is now known as one of the distributions of the lower wind spirits Pixie, considered a rare species.

Pixie has the trait of saying that she favors humans and that she flirts with people she likes.

"Oh, come on! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Where are you in there, Cora!

Company courage, you are being admirably flirtatious.

They were about 20 cm tall, with clear wings, and they flirted with me about gently pulling my hair and diving into my clothes as soon as I walked into the woods.

If you don't know that the fairy only wants to do it to the person you like for flirting, it's where you're slapping it off.

I wonder why they like me so much... I probably remember helping you three years ago.

I saved this forest, which was ravaged by demons.

It's good to be liked, but I can't help collecting medicinal herbs.

"Uh, Temehe et al. Play later and stay away from it. If we don't get herbs, we're gonna have to look good."

When I said that, the fairies that were swarming me stopped moving perfectly and left at the same time.

"Huh?... What, every what?

Pixie scattered like a spider's nest scattered.

So I remembered one pixie ecology.

Pixie is sensitive to the existence of demons and has the habit of escaping when she senses the existence of demons.

When it does, no way...... is it a demon?.

The receptionist's big tits said there were no demons, but three years ago, there was a fact that demons pushed against this forest.

I stuck my right hand forward.

I'm ready to unplug at any time. I'll bring it down to three the moment the demon shows up.

When I'm breathing, a shadow in my sight.


I put my hand down when I set up to pull the knife out.

"... wow"

When you look at them, there are fairies with herbs in each hand...

"Too cute for you"

To these guys who came collecting herbs for me, I played until sundown.

"Su, that's a great amount."

"haha...... sorry"

Big tits and big tits receptionist Ne replied with a tight grin as she came back to the guild holding the herb the fairy gave me in both hands. Well, that's true. Because when I put it on the reception table, it's enough to block Big Tits' vision.

How much potion can I make with all this?

"It will be one forn copper coin per herb bundle. I think it's too much for a copper coin, but it's silver or crystalline. Are you sure?

"Yes. Oh, and there's a wipe bag like putting money in it? Because if you can buy it, you can subtract it."

"Yes, our guild offers tool bags for 1700 Volns. What do you think?

A toolbag is definitely a strange item in space magic that turns into a half four-dimensional pocket, right?

1700 or... Around 200,000 when converted into the real world?... you bought it.


"Yes, then it's on your right. Please sit in the chair and wait."

When I saw it, the guild staff rushed to share some piles of medicinal herbs and began to carry them back.

I'm sorry there are too many of them.

I sit in an empty chair at the round table, just like Big Tits said.

"You, what's your name?

At the same time as I sat down, I was called out, and I turned my gaze toward the voice.

Then there stood a brown-skinned healthy beauty (big tits).

"I say," Yong. Yu Yashiro "

"Heh heh, I'm Torre. Nice to meet you, big rookie."

That's what I say, Mr. Torre, who slaps me on the shoulder and laughs.... Ya, I still hope it's different worlds. She's got big tits!