Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Prior brave men can be taken.

It's a dragon breed with an evil eye for petrification!!?

And, although I showed a surprising body, I, Shiyong, wasn't so surprised.

Yeah, sort of. I don't know what to say...

Everybody says it's the same when it comes to the following mons to a certain extent... or it doesn't seem the same to me. That's it. That feels like a monster with about the middle boss coming out as a miscellaneous fish in the last dungeon in RPG. Plus, I'm kansting this one, so I can take it down with almost zero damage.

Right? Not like a boulder with a goblin or an oak, but... you don't have to take the basic sword out to win.

Well, if you insist, if you're bare, you'll be stabbed by poison thorns and poisoned, and if you're caught in a basilisk, you'll be petrified.

... If you use a weapon, it won't poison you, and you just have to knock it out before you get stunned.

"... Is Basilisk appropriate in C-rank?

But even if it rots, the dragon species. It is no different that Mons will not be able to defeat when the Orcs strike at the Legion size.

Yet it is only natural to leave it to the newcomers to destroy the orc nest to question whether it is a good task.

So, I asked.

"Eh! That's... that's... eh."

I'm upset like it's funny.

Though I thought I did something wrong to her, who had tears in her eyes and blued her out. But I had to ask.

Seeing how you react, the sixth sense in me whispers more inquiry!

Never, never! The abusive mind in me wasn't inspired!!

"Yuya Shiloh!"


Suddenly I was called out and turned around, and there was the appearance of my goddess, Mr. Torre, dressed in erotic gear!

"Long time no see!... Heard that? You said you crushed the orc's nest single-handedly?

Mr. Torre, with his dynamite body, squeaks the trick and the sound of his shoes approaching.

... Shh, wow... rocket ooh, but yummy and shaky!

"Uh... yeah, well..."

I grew up thinking this might be it. I stopped those two hills in front of me.

(Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa! Mr. Torre's brown business. Oops, but not in front of me right now!?)

I'm still growing up. I'm 160cm tall. The valley of my chest that looms right in front of me!

Step forward and you'll fall into the valley inviting people to say valley of your chest...!

But I can't resist! There can be no reason for me to leave when I say that there is more to it than this.

This rocket ooh ooh I can see that the desire to be hit and bounced directly in front of each other dominates my thoughts and goes.

Abandoning my perseverance as a man, my instincts are about to become a beast now!

Come on. Why should I? I'm gonna rub you off your clothes first! Then I pinch my face and fill it up, then...

Knock, knock.


I was pulled at the hem of my clothes, and when I looked at the person who was pulled, there was Lily Lee staring up at me with her cheeks swollen and her eyes closed just like, "I'm grumpy."

Because I am a child, I think it is cunning to be cute even when I stare. The receptionist, who was crying until just now, is also looking at Lillie Lee and putting a heart mark in her eyes.

"What's up?

I don't have any clues, but I must have done something wrong.

When he tried to ask why before apologizing, Lililly turned to Humph, that way.

"?... that's a face you don't see. What about her?

"Oh, this kid..."

"Lily Lee. Yu, was a partner of"

Lilly suddenly names herself before me when I try to answer Mr. Torre's question.

When did you become a partner?

"Heh. Nice to meet you, Lilly. My name is Torre, Torre Valencia. There's only one AA-ranked mercenary in this guild right now."

The rank of the Alliance can be divided into eight parts. Starting with the E rank of freshly registered guild rookies, D, C, B, A. AA, S, and finally SS on it.

Become these four.

I usually say it can be an effort up to B-rank.

But A tells me you're going to need talent as well.

... then... Mr. Torre is quite a man of strength.

In the meantime, I'm also convinced that the old men who surrounded me were listening honestly.

"Mr. Torre. What is the proper rank for basilisk crusade?

"What? From scratch to stick.... A's worth it. If it's a basilisk to connect, what's AA?... What's going on? Are you using Basilisk materials?

I knew it. Looks like he's obviously getting caught up in something smelly.

"... the quest I can take seems to be a crusade for the basilisk of connections"

"... what?

Having given my words a strange look, Mr. Torre grabbed by the receptionist and was discussing something in a whisper.

"... bad, Yuya. This is obviously manipulative, something. but this is the guild's decision. If you can't do this, you'll have to quit the guild. … well, even if this goes above and beyond, there's going to be a lot of money rolling around that could soon be transferred to other countries."

Let go of the receptionist who was about to faint even now, and Mr. Torre approaches me with a sigh and whispers in his ear.

... ahhh! Mr. Torre whispered, sweetly in my ear...

"Yu, under my nose, I'm nagging, eh"

"Huh!? Why don't you just let your desires control you?"

Lilyl Lee woke me up, and I thought, "Who are you wiping with your sleeves?"

Basilisk even so. It's easy to have fun, but there's no poison. I eat basilisk poisonous thorns when I'm hitting a boulder empty-handed. I was wondering if I could pay for weapons, Lily's clothes and the lodging. Yeah, well, Lily's clothes are first. I want to put on some pretentious clothes because Lily Lee's clothes are sturdy now but he's plain eyed.

Because it's a girl. You have to wear cute clothes!

It is by no means a service for our viewers. (But if you look at the number of favorites that jumped the moment you found out Lily was a toddler girl, it still depends on what you think is not ok if you don't serve...)

"If that's the case, I'll lend it to you.... if you can really kill the basilisk."

"Huh? Is Mr. Torre a reader?

"Yu, he was whining"

I'm surprised you asked me what I was thinking in my head. It was me, nah. Is that your usual habit? My passion for Mr. Torre soon came to light.

"So what do you say? I'll give it back if I can because it's foreclosed...?

"Oh, are you serious? Then I'd like two spears for throwing, accommodation and clothes. Oh, yeah. I would be very happy to have a toolbag with a slightly larger mouth later."

"!... you're serious? The ferocity of basilisks acting with two female males is AA-like, right?

You must be worried about me too much. Mr. Torre with a strange look on his face.

... Kuuuuu! I can't believe this horny woman thinks I'm going to run out of manhood!.

…… yes, it should be a feat for ordinary people to defeat Basilisk solo.

... name a big deal here... and Mr. Torre's interest goes to me too...!

"If you'll stay beside me, I'll even fight God. Heh heh heh heh heh..., heh heh heh! Hi-hi-hoo, he-ha-hoo! Phew!? (Ouch! Ouch! Lily, it hurts! Ouch Yikes!?)"

Lily pulled my cheek and stopped me halfway through the mouth of a killing complaint to bone Mr. Torre.

"What are you doing all of a sudden, Lillie Lee! Maybe I could be Leah now!?

"To Yu, there is Lily Lee. That's why I don't want this woman! I am, partner!

"I don't know what to say... I'm already mad at you! For such a bad boy, here's the thing!

"Huh!?, stop, yuuuuuu! -, -"

I did a little bit of this and I cramped my body with bicum bicum and smothered Lilyl Lee. I don't like hyperventilating sooner than laughing or how much tickling.

Shall we treat the next sentence that tickles as a maximum sentence?

"Is this it?

"Oh. I'll use it well, too. It's a Dwarf shop with arms."

After taking Basilisk's quest and borrowing money in advance, Lillie and I decided to go around the gear store in front of the clothes store to get geared up.

When I told him that, Mr. Torre brought us to a certain gear store, saying that there was a good place.

Hey, when I was taken to the back alley, I was prepared to lose my dote to the boulder, but you haven't gotten your liking yet. There was no fine dust in that.... Gusu.

"... magic, do"

"Hmm? Where are you going?

On my shoulder, Lily, who was sitting in a shoulder car, suddenly pointed at the store in front of me and squealed.

"Magic. Out of this, magic comes leaking, ru"

"Magic?... Hmm, why not?

Hammer appropriately at Lillie Lee's words.

Then Mr. Torre whistled next door.

"You're a boulder elf. Yes, this is the main workshop with the Devil's Sword."

Yes, there you interpreted Demon Sword = Bad Sword!

I'm afraid that's a mistake in this world.

Because Holy Sword was scattering words. I can't help but make mistakes. I made a mistake too.

Demon Sword refers to a weapon that has been granted special abilities by witchcraft.

(So there are swords as the name suggests, but there are also axes called demon swords. Also spears are called demon spears or they are put together in a bundle with demon swords)

A sword fortified with witchcraft, abbreviated as the Devil's Sword. That's what I'm saying.

"Workshop with the Devil's Sword in the main...... good enough to be (...) right?

"Hehe... Yuya, I can't see you as just an amateur anymore"

Mr. Torre laughs invincibly at my words.

I don't know what to hide, but clearly, it's not something you can make money on until you're in the main, the Devil's Sword.

Sure, it would have been nice to have special abilities, but the core (...) is worse when it comes to demonic swords, either from a magical recoil.

It also only gets worse for powerful minutes.

I've only seen terrible things once, but my abilities are picky! But I was really surprised when I saw that I broke it in two with my own weight, Pakin. (Because it was a rare skill to restore magic simply by possession, a courtroom demon mentor I knew gained nothing by wearing a broken sword as it was...)

… However, as mentioned above, if a person is called "good", who is highly talented as a magician, it is possible to assign high abilities while minimizing degradation.

Is it true that a good Forge Master has high abilities and that in this world, the name of the Devil's Sword is sometimes told in stories?

A famous demon sword would be a dragon killer demon sword, or something.

Pour in the material of the dragon you killed, and they call it Tenryu's jaw or something?

Shall we get back to it?

In other words, if you sell the Devil's Sword to form a business, you can't make it without a 'good' worker.

"But it's expensive, isn't it?

Yes, the sword struck by a good forger is so expensive.

According to things, the castle is enough to be built.

"I'm just dealing with the Lord. What is not a demon sword is also a first-class item. It's not a demon sword, but it's enough for you to have it now."

Nah. Well, worst of all, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to get a quality spear, so that's lucky.

Well, let's go in.

Open the door faster than I can answer, and go inside the store, Mr. Torre.

... of which, by the way, behind Mr. Torre's porn gear can be... T-Back.

It's a boulder, Mr. Torre! I know what porn equipment is!!

"Mm-hmm... Yu, Torre's, I'm looking at your ass"

"Yes, I am! Don't pull my hair! I'm planning on growing up to 60!

In pain of strength, I entered the workshop as if I were to be lured into Mr. Torre's brown ass.