Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

My predecessors will be angry.

[]/(adj-na, n) (uk) (uk) (uk) yummy/

"... uhh... five more minutes... gukoo"

Do it, Yusa!

"Mm-hmm... and enough..."



"Wandering!? Hey, what's going on?

When I suddenly felt the pain running on my face, I was on the floor from the top of my cot for some reason.

What happened to you?... Have I come to another world?!?

As I panicked early in my sleep, she appeared in my sight.

"Good morning, Yu! Here, wash your face."

Apparently, this way of waking up is thanks to Mr. Lillleigh. I mean, it's like my ocan waking up...

When I got up, my vision widened greatly and I could see the whole body of one child.

The look of Lily Lee in the adventurous clothes I bought you yesterday.

She was so cute in black knee socks, on a jacket with certain items, a knee-length skirt, like the one that made the dress inexpensive, while selling ease of movement and sturdiness.

And he carries a bag that seems to have made the modern landscape a little smaller.

Apparently, Lily's ready to leave.

Good morning.

If I wiped my face with the wet towel Lilyl Lee brought me, my consciousness gradually awoke.

"Thank you for waking me up."

'... mmm! It's okay, Lilly is Yu's partner!

Still a carefree body. Reaching out that hand and stroking Lily Lee, she laughs with pleasure.

"Okay, here we go -! Madam General, how's dinner?

Make stretches while standing up.

I learn the feeling of drowsiness flying with the sound of a pounding bone.

'He said you could have dinner soon!

"Oh, my God. Go and help the general. I'm swinging in the backyard."

This inn, which has been staying for two days since yesterday, says' Puppy Ringing Pavilion 'and is about as pricey as it normally is in the Wang capital.

As well as the price, the accommodation is normal, but the meals are delicious for that matter and the quantity is plentiful!

Cheap and delicious would be supreme both in modern times and in different worlds.

Lily, who wants to be here with the general, is sweet with a sitting aunt and takes the initiative to help her with her work.

'Yeah! Yummy rice, I'll make it for you!

I'm looking forward to it.


After I drop her off, I turn my gaze to the short spear that was set on the wall.

The short spear I received from Grandpa yesterday was as good as I roared, as Grandpa said.

Seven short spears of about 120 cm each.

Grandpa said there's no harm in having it, so he gave it to me, and all of it is something I can call the supreme delicacy from my point of view.

Good weight and adjusted center of gravity for throwing.

Not a spear that would, but a sole made foolishly hard was a satisfying weapon.

I know you say it's not a demon spear, but that grandfather wasn't really the only one to make a delicacy up to this point.

Take one of the stand-up bottles and leave the room.

The second floor of a three-story inn. The room at the bottom of that floor is where we're staying.

Gish, down the wooden stairs gently clanging, I give voice to the pavilion owner and general of the puppy ringing pavilion.

"Oh-ho. I'm sorry. Let me take care of Lily."

"That's as much as I'd like to thank you from over here!

There's no such good girl early, hey, you!

".................. oh"

An oligarchy giant pavilion owner to a well-spoken, well-widened damsel. It suits you no matter how you look.

"Let Lilly call me when you're ready for dinner. You want me to borrow your backyard?

"Oh, that's good!

Next thing you know, it would help if you mowed the weed!

"You want me to do it with a short spear?

Let's go. I'll take care of it, Auntie. Why don't you order some delicious rice instead?

Yes, I turned my back on the general, and I went out to the back yard of the puppy ringing pavilion.

Though the backyard isn't that big, waving swords and spears...... not a problem for waving it as a prep exercise.

Sky still with morning sunshine.

I breathed heavily and shook my spear at the same time as I spit it out.

Thank you, gentlemen, for being a brave man crawling into your bets, company courage.

Two days early from the fierce battle (tongue battle) with my good enemy, Grandpa, who will be my enemy in the future.

It coincided with the day we set out to crusade Basilisk.

The sun pattern is good today and if you move your body a little, you'll be sweaty.

It's not just about moving the body, it's about trying to know the movement of the body from a one-person point of view, so it's not that easy.

I am so focused that I can say that I have paid attention to the movement of the body's savings and to the stretching of its muscles.

I sweated a lot more than I would normally run around because of it.

When I do this, I don't like the clothes I'm wearing because they're sweaty and spooky.

But I'm sorry I have to do this once a day... and I'm used to it.

Stick the short spear to the ground and hang the clothes on the spear and I'll see the mutilated weed.

If you look at the weeds cut from the roots in an instant, you'll see the land turn into a barren earth in the next few years (though extremely localized).

Every request from the general is over, and I think I'll eat it with rice - and I hear a kick in the sand from behind.

"Yu, it's rice!

Lillie Lee comes running over with a bucket of water in her hand.

It's not like there's water in the boulder for dinner, is it?

This water is for washing your body.

"Oh, thank you."

To thank you, take the towel that was inside and squeeze the water before wiping the body.

"Kuhh! It's cold and it feels good!

"Oh, let me know when you're done washing it, okay?

"No, you're looking at the cancer."

'! Shit, I didn't! Yu's fool!

Lilyl Lee watches me cancer through the gap in her finger as she covers her face with her hands as I wipe my body. Pointing that out, they hung a bucket of water.

No, I don't care because it feels good. Is it my fault?

Good man who drips water too, although I said............ suppose I can't fit in and change?

I took off my wet clothes and went back to the puppy ringing pavilion.

The puppy ringing pavilion was an inn, but the first floor was a cafeteria and inn that was open in the morning and noon as a popular dining room and at night as a liquor store.

As I said, this inn's rice is cheap, delicious, but the elephant caught in the motto is coming...

"Lily, Lee! Turn around!


"It's hard for Lilyl Lee to be adorable and alive"

"Ri, Lily Lee Chan Kawayus. Oomoka eh..."

"Let it be, you idiot!

What the hell are you guys doin 'leaning on this lily lee......

"Ah...! Yu. Rice..."

When I sit in the counter remembering the war with the other men's guests, Lilyl Lee, wearing an apron, rushes over with rice in the basin.

"Oh, that looks delicious. Did Lilyl Lee ever make one?

Lily blushed her cheeks when I asked her, pointing to a meat like ginger, one of the freaks.

"Ha mu...... Whoa, this is delicious.

Somehow there's sweetness in the acidity, huh? Well, anyway, yummy! Thankful, Lily Lee. "

They say Lily Lee made it with a fork. Eat it and see, the sauce hung on the meat matches the meat to a good feel and it tastes delicious.

Thankfully, Lililly blushed even more.

"Take your time, please,!

and leave all the time doing an imitation of a waitress.

"... Hey, Teme... what are you looking at?"

The bastards, who had some resistance to the killing, unleashed enough intense killing spirit on me to pull lightly, were eating the rice carried by Lililly with little bitches whining that they would not forgive me.

I flattened Lily's rice with a bump while opening it up to Lily's popular and unexpected harm.

We finished breakfast, and as soon as Lily finished helping us with our work, we left.

I'm going to pick it up because my guild says I have a rental carriage for a store that says it's on the west boulevard of this city.

If you ask me why I use a carriage, it's still Lily Lee's presence.

Just because you can stand the Brave Express doesn't mean she won't get tired. The carriage is also intended to be used as a sleeping area.

In the first place, I asked her why she was taking Lilyl Lee, because she said selfishness that she hardly said.

Well, I couldn't protect her, but I allowed her to come with me.

"Right here."

"Horses, lots, are there"

Seeing a fairly large building hung with 'Train Lending Horse Shop' and a sign, he confirmed that it was a Lending Horse Shop that the Alliance had recommended.

Having found a variety of furry horses in a fairly sized horse cabin right next to the building, Lillie Lee looks like an elementary school student who came to the zoo.

Things are different, but they look extra like that because they carry bags like a landscape.

"Look, we're going in?



Mmm, should I be angry or not...?

"Look, I'm coming in, man!

"Oh, bad, bad"

That's right, it's not good to stop thinking about it.

That's how Lily noticed me. I stroked her head and went into the loaner.

............... is that it? Like you're forgetting something important?

"Welcome! Welcome to the Train Lender! What can I do for you today?

... I was trying to remember something important, but I forgot if I even thought about it.

"Ah... ah..."

Who can blame me for not spinning words!

Haven't you ever remembered such a shock since you first made it to another world!?

"Ah, horse,...?

Yes. A man with a horse's face stood ahead of Lilyl Lee pointing at him.

Itchy Lilly, you can't point fingers at people.

I'll have to scold you later.

"Oh, that's my face, isn't it? Not every other time. He's the one who says he's going to end up in a stable full of profit."

I don't know what runs out of profit, but if you can't fit in and this old man is good, fine.

"I hear you're renting from your guild..."

"Oh, the guild's... I've been waiting for you. Yes, this way."

The horse's old man nods as much as he can, then opens the door that leads out of the building and invites me and Lilly.

"This child is the horse we lend to our customers. The famous horse who says the Royal Luxeria loved him too! It's a three-year-old horse of the 'Roosterione' species. The" Roosterione "species can be used for a wide range of applications, from military horses to horses for pastoral farming, in high stamina if taught as military horses -"

"Yes, it's good! Horse bean knowledge again this time!

the horse. The old man gave a tranced look when he took us in front of a fine horse with chestnut hair and spoke of the horse.

"Oh, really?

He sighed so sadly when I stopped him.

Danger. Maybe if we hadn't stopped now, we'd have kept talking, old man.

"I heard the carriage will be used by three customers, so it will be this smaller Conestoga"

The old man pointed to a four-wheeled carriage with a roof of anesthesia cloth.

Would it be easy to understand when it comes to the Drago-O Quest carriage?

... Is that it? Something funny, huh?

"Old man, have you got a three-man ride now?

Yes. I told the natural, but I said three.

We went with Lily, and there were only two of us.

"Yeah, the guild told me there were three of them..."

"Oh. The three of us can't go wrong!

It blocks the old man's words on the horse face, and his voice can be hung up.

Sure, but somewhere this beauty that confuses the man...!

"Mr. Torre!

"Hey, why don't you turn around... no, I don't know what to say anymore"

The brown beauty laughs bitterly when she screams as she looks back.

"For love!

"I thought I'd say. … Yuya Shiloh, I became the examiner for this promotion quest."

That's what Mr. Torre said as he passed through my generation's confession of love.


"Oh, I told the Alliance Master.

At least let me look at the exams, right? Somewhat honestly admitted............ We don't know each other. Nice to meet you, Yuya. "

Without grabbing the hand offered, I leave myself and my mind to jump up to a high tension like a high-pitched heart chopping the beat to the point of burning out!

"Porn rep ktkr!

It was as if a boy who had been after a monster master for more than a decade made the kind of jump he would show when he got a new companion, while he roared.

'Cause it is!

It's like three days in a carriage to the Corteolulu Mountains saying there's a basilisk, but you keep getting rocked by a carriage for six days on the way home, okay? And with the kids!

... I can't!

I can't believe I haven't had half an obsession with porn for six days, and that's just hell!

He showed up like he came down there, Mr. Torre.

No, I guess she just descended! For me!

"Eh, ha, no!


My squeaking like a crushed frog was exactly the moment I was now holding onto Mr. Torre's seductive hips and excited to bury his face in his legs.

"Oh, you're fine"

Lilly jumps on my shoulder and picks my nose.

You can say the moment you lower your posture. It's hard to say jumping on a person's shoulder.

When I saw that, Mr. Torre laughed cously.

"Huh!......... This is Lily Lee! You're not behaving like a jumper, are you?

"Eh, too, no!

When I finally thought you'd let go of my nose, now they're grabbing my hair.

"Ah so!? Yes, I know Lilyl Lee may be right, but boys your age still need those things and they're so hesitant to pull them out! also, the root of the hair ahhh - ahh"

Butchi butchi!

My horny harem story with two kittens that only get fierce against me lately, Lily and a horny equipped brown titted beauty Torre.


It couldn't have begun, and we got to the entrance rather than to say, especially at the foot of the Corteolulu Mountains without meeting the incident.

"Wow, that's an awesome gray exhausting mountain. Little trees, huh?

It's the gray-stained mountains and skies that cover your vision.

I would believe it if they told me it was connected from here to the castle where the Demon King is.

Well, it's not actually a gray place. It was a darker landscape. The army of demons is lining up to cover the horizon.

If this is Hell's 3rd Street, I just said the final Hell near Demon Castle, Kana?

As I look over the Corteolulu Mountains and think about it, Lily, who, like me, was looking over the mountains from inside the carriage, looks around.


"What's wrong with you?

Mr. Torre, who has been in charge of the carriage with me for the past three days, also notices, turning from your chair.

"Lily Lee?"

As she decided to ignore not only Mr. Torre, but even my voice, Lily looked desperately at what was going on outside the carriage from the gap in the carriage.

"Are you even going to pick flowers? - Hih!........................... that?

If you look at it properly, no matter how long you wait, you won't be able to impose sanctions.

When I doubted it and saw how Lily was doing, her face was turning blue and white.

"Hey, Lily, what's up?

Without being fooled by a boulder, I grab Lillleigh's shoulder, put my face close, and lower my voice to listen.

Isn't this a story you don't want to be asked, questioning methods that alert your surroundings? Because I thought so.

But nothing at all.

She didn't have enough room to keep an eye on her surroundings.

Lily hugs bravely. Body intimacy, not embracing or anything else, but to dilute fear.

Her shoulders trembling in chaos and small pieces teach him her fear.

I guess Lily noticed something (...).

Is there something that frightens the young girlfriend so far that she is around this (...)?

His instant thought gave rise to the right answer.

"I'm surrounded... awesome number... scared... scared yu!


Sooner than I understood the sincerity of her words, Shiyong understood.

"Mr. Torre!


Holding her over, breaking through the roof of a carriage made of narcotic cloth and escaping, the carriage was crushed by something (...) at the next moment!


Stuff, and waiting for us down on the ground were dozens (...) of alien monsters.

"Call me.... scared the kid, even made him cry... Don't think Temé and the others can go home for free?

Feeling the weight of the lives of the two men in both arms, the previous brave man cut himself to the lizard that surrounded him.