Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

The Secrets of the Prior Braves

The holy sword in my right hand seems to be criticizing me somewhere.

That should do the same. My sweetness brought this situation to life.

If I hadn't let Lily bring her in willingly, she wouldn't have passed out either.

From the beginning, I should have pulled out the Holy Sword.

That way I didn't have to scare Mr. Torre.

If you don't take the Basilisk quest, this can happen in the first place...

I can see for myself that I'm going toward the bad thoughts, but I can't stop.

Get off the basilisk carcass and remove the uniform from the waist pouch-shaped tool bag, which was left barely broken when petrified.

"Because I wasn't seriously fighting,... scared the shit out of you, sorry"

Hang your uniform jacket on Mr. Torre, who was holding me tight trying to protect Lily.

"... oh, I'm... I'm good... I survived because of you, Yuya.... Well... well, well, well, well..."

That said, Mr. Torre hugged me and wept with a whimper.

The last red basilisk was out of standard.

So smart to start cunning, and so out-of-standard that Mr. Torre, a powerful man who would be able to beat Basilisk if he were in one piece, would admit defeat with instinct (...) and be visionary of his own ending.

They shattered my confidence and exposed me to ugliness in front of guys like me. Her self-esteem hurts tremendously, and with relief comes fear.

Scared, regretted, embarrassed, she cried in my arms as she exhaled a voice that was silent.

What's in your arm?... make as many jokes as you can,... what, are you kidding me?

My anger at myself comes in with pity.

That's when I heard her, Lilly.

"Nh...... ah yu"


Lilly awakes in Mr. Torre's arms.

"I'm sorry, Lillie Lee... if I'm serious... don't scare me"


When I try to apologize, Lily ignores it and looks at my right hand.

No, I see the holy sword in my right hand.

"... of that time, the light"

And I gently touched the holy sword as if touching a broken object, and smiled.

"Again (...), I was helped"

Unfortunately, but happily so.

The elf girl laughed.

"... sung sung..., odd smell, smells.... take a leak?

And he threw a mine at me.

"Huh!? Oh, hey... this, ha, no...!

Mr. Advocacy Torre turns his face bright red and looks awfully wolfish.

"I, too, do occasionally, because, it's okay"

"But don't be with the kid!

I'm comforted, Lily. But that worked the other way around, didn't it? Oh, no, you're not. Lily Lee's guy, he smiles slightly.

even if............ brings, or...... With that porn gear, it brings............... dripping down my butt, golden -

"What, are you nibbling, Yuya!?

"Oh, no,... you're horny cute,"

That horny Mr. Torre is shy and mozzled with his thighs closed like a young girl.

This is... basilisk squirting!

I said, "Seriously, this is the arrowhead! Where are you looking?

"Oh, I'll pay for it! It's the afterlife!

When I crawl to the ground and approach him, Mr. Torre tries to escape in a fractured and serious hurry.

but slow. When I decided to fight, I decided to fight for real. All the best... Huh!!

and weights add to my shoulders when it's getting hot in vain.

No way!?

"Eh, no!

Eh, I hate Elf's toddler, Lily Lee. She grabbed my left ear with her left hand, grabbed my hair with her right hand, stashed it for a moment, and then pulled it all she wanted.

"It hurts. So!? -"

My ears and hair were damaged in two places at the same time, and I was crying.

The rattler, the ear caught the loud noise heard from afar, and turned toward the sounder.

I guess I was fortunate to be mindful of my surroundings when I made the same mistake now just now on the boulder.

As always, Lily pulls my hair and ears, but it's actually not as painful as crying out. I've felt so much pain, so much more pain, so much easier for me.

"Ouch. I don't porn anymore, so forgive me, Lily. Lee!

"Okay, good!

I found myself slightly angry with Lilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

"?............... Something, come?

Lilyl Lee's pointy ears move pimply.

I guess I finally noticed the sound I heard from afar.

"That's it.... that's... a carriage, hey."

In the direction pointed by Mr Torre, who stood up while closing his crotch, the carriage was visible, small but as I said.

Mr. Torre is a mojimoji. Magiero is cute.


"Oh, sorry"

Lily Lee in motion to spread her hands and grab something. Obviously, 'We're gonna pull this off, right?' I apologized for not defying Lily, who threatened me.

Then a few minutes later, the three carriages stopped before us. It was not a good thing to call it a carriage when it came to one.

A table with six wooden wheels, pulled by as many horses.

This is a carriage used to pull large monsters.

A little too big for normal basilisk use. ……… it is a response as if it had known that a non-standard basilisk would appear.

"Thank you for waiting, Master Yashiro the Brave"

A big-titted beauty in witch clothes coming down from the leading carriage bows her head to me.


I can see Mr. Torre took his breath. Then all of a sudden they say I'm a brave man, usually I can't stop thinking.

More than that.

"You came here, you brought a carriage,... you called me a brave man, a man above you?..................... Receptionist"

She was a big tit who was a receptionist when I first came to the guild.

Because I'm not her as a receptionist, my tender expression disappeared, and I didn't first notice that she had a cold look, just like a few other witches who showed up from the carriage.

"Yes, we have received the life of the Alliance Master and have gone up to collect your crusaded basilisk. Master Brave and Master Lillleigh will be here first. … Mr. Torre is here to call for a change."

"Hey, why did you do that?!?

Big tits takes Mr. Torre to the second carriage.

...... defeated the basilisk and showed up immediately, responding as if he knew Mr. Torre's leak.

I sighed at the fact that the person who set this up was hitting on me.

"Because it's about Grandma, you must have known this was going to happen... haha, is it me who got the half fold..."

I got on the first carriage as I stroked Lilly's head tilting my neck.

An elf outfit with some kind of finished beauty in a western-style, half-stated outfit habit in the habit of Japanese clothing, called western-style tasteful Japanese clothing.

That delicacy is said to have been completed by an elf originally dressed like a Japanese garment after interacting with the outside.

Mr. Torre, dressed in a white yukata in that outfit, was still a goddess.

The skin and the subject's skin make the clothes and Mr. Torre claim himself, the unwrapped chest pushes the clothes up and shows the valley, passionate along with the brown raw feet peeking from the slit -

"No! Because I'm not going anywhere! So no hair!

I was in love with Mr. Torre. Lily reaches out to me.

"... wah, me too, same, clothes!

"Is that it?"

Lillllly just raised her hand when she thought it would be annoying.

Lily looked great on whether it was the clothes originally made by Elves for Elves.

"Please wear it again in ten years"

"Ugh,! Why, all the leaks, all the torres I did!

"Oh, don't make me such a character!

Mr. Torre cries bright red at Lily Lee and her face stepping on the estate waste.

Since then, we have been welcomed into a mansion in Wangdu for three days, rocked by a carriage of witches arriving in Wangdu.

We stayed there overnight and were invited to the main residence of "Alliance Master" today.

I hear the mansion where we were stayed was a separate mansion.

When we arrived at the main mansion, several times the size of the mansion, we were forced to change clothes without much explanation, and we were taken in front of a corner door in the mansion.

I haven't changed against him, but Lily and Torre were dressed in elf costumes.

By the way, on the way here, I even tried to talk to the witches about a lot of things heterosexual...... I mean, they said they were forbidden to talk to guys, and they said no to unnecessarily talk to the biggest boobs they seemed to have.

Big tits in witch clothes stood in front of the door, where she raised her hand to knock,

"Get in."

And I heard voices from behind the door, and Big Tits opened the door without knocking.

A door that opens up with the sound of a wooden statue sliding slightly.

If you open it, you can naturally see the inside of the room and go, but the only furniture in the room is a large bed with a canopy.

A covered bed in the middle of a large room.

Around that bed, a large magic formation was painted on the floor.

Drawn using spiritual characters, or letters whose names do not even exist, starting with the ancient Islayl language, it is something that simultaneously has the effect of crossing ten in one magic formation.

Originally the Magic Formation only uses against one magic.

Trying to activate more than one magic in one magic formation can cause conflicting effects and halve it, or it won't activate in the first place, because something happens.

Yet only one person I know can paint such a ridiculous magic formation to activate the magic of rubbing ten in one magic formation because the magic formation is huge.

After all, I was right.

I see a figure in a thin cloth dripping from the ceiling.

"Long time no see, company"

A shadow moves, a girl's voice is heard.

"Look, come closer. It's hard to stay away like that."

A shadow invites. I follow it and stand in front of a thin cloth draped like a tent.

"How far did you figure that out?

"Kakakah, that's exactly what I'm talking about. I even knew his first voice."

Even the girl who would be behind the thin cloth laughs delightfully.

"Oh well.... Long time no see, Grandma"

When I said that, the girl behind the thin cloth stretched out her arms and showed her white skin from the slices of the thin cloth.

"Stupid apprentice! I told you to call me Norn about the concubine!

That white-skinned arm retreated with his arm just to say that the thin cloth was out of the way.

Beyond the thin cloth appeared a girl with bloody red eyes, with morbidly white and beautiful skin.

The white hair that looks clear is long enough to drip from bed to floor.

A long ear ahead peeking through her beautiful hair lets her know she's an elf.

As she says, three years ago I learned how to use my powers under her.

And in Norn, the former court magician of Lieselion, there are two names that only she was allowed to name.

"Dear Norn the Witch of Time, what?

The Witch of Time.

Yes, a demonic woman capable of manipulating time.

As those two names say, she, Norn, is stopping herself from flowing.

Also she can not only manipulate time, but also know the future. It's called prediction of the future. It was also because of its ability to send a carriage shortly after the Basilisk crusade.

This series of incidents, the schemer would definitely be this woman. I kind of know why.

"How far have you read about this one?

"You want to drive me out to war, don't you? So I let him go on a crusade of basilisk herds who were peacefully bogged down and on track to reveal my nose and then don't even know when he would attack me here.

Did you originally intend to allow Mr. Torre to accompany you, because you have arrived at a future that seems best (...) by taking Mr. Torre?... do multiple things at the same time in a single event. Is that what you need to do to stand up there?... as amazing as ever. "

When I say it, she laughs joyfully.

"You've apparently stained yourself? Exactly, company. Was it still a good idea to let him die once?

The Lord has always made me see painful eyes and I don't remember teaching them to my body. "

Yes, I died once then. Not a metaphor, petrified, crushed, once dead.

He died, but for some reason he came back to life instantly.

I finally got serious when I died and even Torre and the others were in danger.

... I feel sorry for the previous brave men.

When I'm mocking myself, Lily Lee, who was grabbing my hem, comes forward.

"Dead, huh?

Look up at the girl and then look up at me.

"Hmm?... What, you didn't tell me on your way here?" Thou art the brave of your predecessors. "

"Uh... that's, uh, we talked"

Yes, I told him that I was a brave man in the three days leading up to my arrival in the King's capital.

It's because Big Tits rattled the two of us first.

Lilyl Lee was uninterested, but when I told Mr. Torre, who had unexpectedly eaten, I was convinced of the strength. I said.

but I only talked about being a brave man.

But I didn't tell you that I died once. Looks like Mr. Torre wanted to hear it too, but he called the air and kept quiet.

Let's just say I answer now.

"Mr. Torre. I was petrified and crushed by the basilisk, right?

"... oh"

Cocun and Mr. Torre snort when I ask.

"I died once then. But the brave one, I came back to life soon."

"... Yu,... it's okay, is it?

Lily looks up at me with a crying face.

"Oh. Should I have said I was petrified and I was glad I didn't have any pain"

Answer me as I stroke Lily, Mr. Torre steps closer to me.

"... the brave man was immortal?

"Well, I'm not exactly a brave man,"

Returning that to Mr. Torre's words, Torre looked like he didn't know why.

"It seems you, Kakakakaku.... You didn't like being thought of as a monster of immortality?

Let's see Norn. She's right. That's why I didn't tell you the details of my existence as a brave man.

"… a brave man is what we call the positive symbol 'Alto Luriede' and the bearer of the Sacred Sword who deals with it, where people's hopes gather and form."

"Holy Sword? ……

I can also see Mr. Torre tilting his neck. Thanks to the efforts of the Second Crown Princess and Grandma, even though there are names out there that say brave people, they don't know my name or my original role name.

Even the princess of Luxeria, she doesn't know that.

Because the code of the summons (...) is the true name of my holy sword, Alto Friede.

"The Holy Sword will not kill the man who bears it in order to defeat the opposing Demon King. And the bearer is no longer a person but a bearer at that moment with the Holy Sword. …… as long as we defeat the Demon King, of"

A holy sword is a collection of people's hopes and wishes. And the Demon King is a collection of people's hatred, jealousy.

The bearer of the Holy Sword and the Demon King, located at the opposite pole, will not fall until they defeat each other.

The reason that led to the sealing of the Demon King was to force him to stop the never-ending battle with the Demon King, who would not die if he killed him, just like I did, and who would come back to life no matter how many times he defeated him.

That's why we lost our loved ones...

"So rest assured, my daughter in my hometown. He dies, but he dies."

The witch of the hour snorted.