Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Battle of the Grad Wilderness [1]

In the courtyard of the castle in Luxeria, a caged girl was waving her fists in a rough and moving motion, unsuitable for that poor look. The brunette in the second room, as if following her movements, dances roughly in the sky.

"... Ha...!

Fists protruded with the girl's hanging make a mild bursting sound in the void.


Then he twisted his whole body, spinning and kicking with maximum centrifugal force made a roar and cut the sky.


A pale light leaked from the palm of his hand, which rolled out all the time, and protruded, while the light burst.

"Ha... ha..."

The girl, who divided her black hair into two rooms, became a big letter on the ground, sweating and watering down the clothes she was wearing.

The heat coming to my lungs whenever I breathed in made my body hot and made me sweat even more.

"That's pretty rough, Sy."

In her sight as she looked at the sky, a girl in a kimono and a gazelle appeared, like a witch's garment about her age.

The girl, with her black hair stretched to her waist and her forehead cut all together, hands a wet towel to the girl who was a big letter.

"... hmm"

The girl, called Ceci, wiped her face and neck with a wet towel handed to her and was finally refreshed.

"You mean the sea shore?

"Ugh, wow!

"Ha, you don't have to hide it. I'm the same."

"Uh... bloom night... you, no way..."

"It's not like she's a fallin 'love, though."


When Sy bit him with her gaze, the girl, known as Saki Night, laughed and clouded her expression immediately.

"Again, I guess it was because of that time...... the sea shore started going crazy"


Sy didn't deny the words of Sunset.

"I was shown the death of a man in such a cruel way... it makes sense that it cannot be the same as before.

It has not been five days since the sea shore was caged in the labyrinth (...),

Now the reason why Haixiang is abusing himself elsewhere is to defeat the demons of that time "

Yes. Heavenly Castle Haixiang abused herself from one of Agniera's raids as if to punish herself.

He begged the chief magician of the court that the Demon Clan could not be defeated as it was, and entered the "Labyrinth of Time" with a different flow of time.

It begins with ancient dragons and is a cave where various ancient species travel.

And they are taught special magic by the oldest dragon (Elder Dragon), the most powerful dragon species sitting in the depths of that labyrinth.

"Haixiang is suffering, I can't help Haixiang at that time.......... is that why you were practicing impossible like you are now? No, should I say it was rampant... rather than practicing?


Saki Night was right.

Haixiang has changed since then.

The age-appropriate grin I've been showing shows shade, and if I hold the sword, I dwell my anger in my eyes.

The gentle sea shore disappeared, and Cee felt as if it was only anger against the demons.

I felt that way, not even their voices could reach him now, moaning that I should be stronger then.

It was regrettable, pathetic, and she was running into such a rough and naive act of self-harm that she could not be called a workout.

"I hope so, but... I want to get busted, too.... Can you help me?

I pull the knife out of my sheath to see where Blossom Night took it from.

This is what the old forger put us on when he gave the sword outline to the Demon Sword Workshop.

"!... Fine. I really wanted to see Blossom Night for once!

Seeing that knife, Cee rises well with a recoil with her legs raised from the great lettering and punches her own fist into her fist.

Until earlier, the dark atmosphere was gone.

I wasn't the only one. I was confused by his change and I was in a hurry.

"Let's go!


A girl with a knife and a girl with a fist running out on each other.

"" My self, fierce, "" Divine Arms ""

When the girls scream, the pale light surrounds their bodies.

Body strengthening magic 'Divine Arms'.

It is a composite technique that increases physical abilities, starting with arm strength, leg strength, and at the same time develops barriers like protective dermis.

The two with enhanced physical abilities clash at windy speeds and silver flashes run.

Sword and fist strikes collide and play each other so fast that they cannot be captured by ordinary people.

"Heh heh, Jing didn't do any martial arts or anything anyway. It's what made Ceci so strong!

Girl waving a sword at divine speed Saki Night sees out a fist that would capture herself if she was at all dull, deviates in the belly of the knife, and speaks deeply of emotion as she moves and avoids her body.

"Hey, don't talk to me!

Regardless of his physical abilities, Hideaki waves his fist at the lack of room to speak to his skilled opponent, Saki Night.

"Again, for the sea shore?


"He's a great enemy."

Saki Night, who knew that Xi was in love with Haixiang, invited Xi's similarity at the tip of her mouth, poking at the gap of Xi, who came aboard brilliantly.

"Holy shit!


But Cee, who avoided the poke by turning her torso, releases a summer salt kick while she defies it and plays the knife up.

The arm with the knife turns up.

"Got it!

Sy, who lands on four legs, steps in big as she pulls her right hand.

The light gathers in her right hand, and she grabs it, which is about to scatter.


"That sounds painful, I can't eat him"

A sticking palm is bounced on top.

If you look at it, the black sheath that was carried on Blossom Night's hips was gripped.

"No... it's cunning, Saki! I didn't hear you use a sheath!

"It's bad that it took the samurai to decide not to use odd measures.... hehe, am I still up there at the moment?

Blade poked at Sy's throat. Si swallowed a spit at the brilliance of the white blade.

"Sysa ~! Blossoming night!

When the two wins and loses decide, we hear a girl calling herself from somewhere.

"Really, you only sound like a girl."

"I'd rather not be a girl anymore"

The girl's voice... But it's a heterosexual, male voice for them.

It was just a beautiful girl with two hands holding a cane of trees that crosses the featherweight length of a rash black robe that came running in front of the two of them, ringing shoe noises...... the only boy I can see.

"What's wrong, Jing? You won't be able to exercise."

Cee worries about Jing, a little boy who breathes roughly like he's out of breath as soon as he arrives.

"I'm back...! Mr. Haixiang is back from the labyrinth!

Without waiting for his words, which he managed to say out of breath, Sy ran out.

"What, yeah!? Wait, wait, wait, wait!

"Well wait Jing. There's something about you. Let's go slow."

Crystals also try to run to chase the runaway Cee, but the bloom night stops grabbing her shoulder.


Where Cee arrived, a large gate, and a brunette boy standing behind it. The clothes wore out and his body was covered in scratches and dirt, but only his eyes and the Devil's Sword in his hand had not lost its radiance.

She had come to pick up the sea shore. Before the princesses of Luxeria and the chief magicians of the court were there, Xi rushed over to the sea shore and hugged her.

"Wow! Oh, Sy!?

Haixiang is baffled by the childhood familiarity he suddenly hugs.

"Ugh, ouch! Shut up!

Five days for them. It was only five days, but for Haixiang, who was in the labyrinth of time, he was in a nest of monsters called monsters.

There was no way Cee would have worried about him, who had been placed in the days of battle for a month.

Although she believed she would not die, Cecil had always been worried that she was not heavily injured or suffering.

It was only five days apart, but Si was heartily pleased that he had returned with satisfaction.


Having felt familiar with him in January, he came to this world and smiled for the first time in a long time.

Grad Wilderness.

This vast plain stretches far west of Luxeria, turning it into a wilderness of rocks and sand.

"Wow... wow... what is this number?"

Sy gets out of the carriage and looks around.

What Sy saw was a huge army of over 100,000 in total.

"Wow... you all look strong"

The crystals that then got off the carriage are also amazed at how the warriors spread from edge to edge of sight.

"Wilderness? Should I be glad it wasn't a sandy field with bad scaffolding? but bad vision"

A girl carrying a long knife over her height, sighed in the environment of the land where Blossom Night descended.

She was right. The sun was also hidden in the clouds, dark, windy and sandy.

As far as the edge of the legion can only be seen slightly, the vision is poor.

"Here... they come"

The last boy down flew his gaze and whined in the direction that the enemy to be defeated would come to visit.

These are the brave men of our time summoned to this world Rainburg.

They all wore white based outfits.

Only Tenjo Haixiang has a red cape wrapped around his neck.

"I've been waiting for you"

Speaking to them was a beautiful beauty with beautiful golden thread hair wearing lightly dressed armor made of steel that said white iron over a red battle dress.

It's the princess of Luxeria, Iris Crowde lo a Luxeria.

When she asked why she was waiting for Haixiang, she led tens of thousands of legions and was ahead of them.

"You're a great number of soldiers.... I didn't think there were so many soldiers in Luxeria"

A boy like a girl, the beautiful princess laughs at the question Jing muttered.

"Huh?... Did I say something funny?

"Look at that.... the soldiers over there have different armor, and most importantly, different flags flying. A foreign soldier."

To the crystal question, Haixiang answers.

If you look at a few armored soldiers, there is also a difference in their armor, and the flags they fly belong to their respective countries.

"As Haixiang put it, it's not just our soldiers. In the Great Powers, he started the Balanchel Empire, the Regiment of the Lieselion Empire, and he also ran for the Free City of Gallarier and other martial arts groups."

"Balanchel? I hear that Lieselion is the country that called the brave men before you, but what kind of country do you call Balanchel?

"When I say Balanchel -"

"My country, what?

The man who blocked the words of the beautiful princess and suddenly appeared answered.

A large man with light black skin on burning red hair wore black armor only on his lower body, no clothes on his upper body, and odd outfits that could not even be called light attire that the equipment was only caged hands, etc. I said it was the muscles that were built up that were the armor.

"What?... what the heck, Ann -"

"Stop it, Sy.... maybe this guy is from the royal family of Balanchel"

It was a cedar who suddenly came in to talk and dew his frustration at the man, but the sea shore blocks it again.

"A little different, but okay? My name is Ebsal Dra Gregoria Balanchel. I'm still the Crown Prince... but eventually I'll be the Emperor"

The unscrupulous man named the Crown Prince wore an arm.

Although the man had a good, neat face, he made people uncomfortable because his eyes were inferior to spinning people around.

"... Hmm, you have all the beauties inside.... Okay, I've made up my mind. Temehe and the others, come down to me. I'll give you everything."

Ebsal with hands on Sy's cheek. Sy plays that hand.

"Nah, you pervert!

"I'm the pervert!?............ whahahahaha! Ize, Ize, you, I like it. You ladies can go into the back house and do it.... What do you say?

Pervert, laughing at Evesal for what he called fitting into his bump.

Not only does it hang on Ceci, but also on bloom nights and crystals.

"? The crystal is a man, right?

When Haixiang said, Ebsal gave him a white robe of crystal, and he unloaded his trousers, every underwear.


A crystal raises its voice, no longer knowing what happened for a moment.

"Oh, it's really attached. But don't worry. Because if I'm beautiful, I'm a good guy.... I'm gonna make you look cute?

"Yeah yeah eh!?

And he shouted at the pervert whispering in his ear.

"What the fuck, pervert-!!?

Even as Cee unleashed a full kick at Ebsal, who was peeking into the lower half of the crystal, Ebsal showed it gently prevented with his caged hand on his left arm.

"Oh?... don't do it, you. I'm really going to want it -"

Though prevented, Ebsal reached out laughing invincibly after that powerful kick and glimpse of Cecil's strength,

"Don't stop, Ebsal!

Rin beautifully, I can stop.

"You're still beautiful, aren't you? What do you say, you be my girl? If I were you, I'd make you queen, wouldn't I?

At the end of Ebsal's gaze, which made the grin a sharper object, a beautiful woman of the world, with brilliant silver hair illuminated by the day.

"I don't have a daughter-in-law for a man like you. I don't even need you as my son-in-law."

"You tell me, Sylvia."

As Ebsal says, the silver-haired woman known as Sylvia ignores him and stands before Iris and Haixiang.

"Princess of Luxeria, it's been a long time."

Sylvia said, the beautiful princess of Luxeria also nodded,

"Yes, Your Majesty. It's been two years."

Answer. He spoke with a smile, and the two who answered, but only his eyes, neither of them laughed.

"Are you the brave men of the day?

Sylvia misses her gaze and asks Haixiang and the others.

"Uh... Oh, yes.... What about you?

Haixiang noticed that she highlighted what she called the contemporary part.

"Right.... I'm Sylvia. Silvia Rote Sherriot Lieselion, a former second princess who once ran the battlefield with his predecessors."

She, Sylvia, said so, smiling slightly.