Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Battle of the Grad Wilderness [2]

"... previous generations... brave"

"Oh.... I can't tell you my name for a reason, but I waved my sword with him"

Sylvia nodded and replied to the words that Haixiang muttered.

"Let me therefore say.... you guys don't fight."

"... what, um..."

Not only did Haixiang, Si, Blossom Night, and Crystal breathe into the words that were suddenly released from Sylvia.

"In a world without demon kings, we don't need brave men or anything.... I'm studying the magic of repatriation in our country now, and I'm done with it until the basic theory. If you want to return safely to your former world, sit and wait without fighting."

That's what I said and turned my heel back, Sylvia. When everyone was stunned, Haixiang stepped forward.

"... that there is no demon king... what do you mean?... don't fight -"

The voice I shook up was trembling.

"... tell me that, what do you do?

Haixiang exclaimed in a provocative manner.

"Take it down! I'm the demon king, with this hand!!

"... you can't"

"- Huh?"

Sylvia's eyes, who answered the words of the shouting sea shore without opening them, were shuddered,

"Only the predecessors can defeat the Demon King. And you can't take him down extra."

"... Ooh... because! I'm stronger too!! Even Dragon Language (Drago Lore) is available...!

"... well. Then I won't die. Because once you're dead, that's it. [M] … then."

She answers the fact that if she were a regular person, she would open her eyes and be surprised, and she would leave the place intact.

"Hmm... there's a holy sword. It's a previous issue. Isn't there a reason why you can defeat a demon king who is trapped in revenge and has total negative emotions......!

Her words, which she unleashed to throw up and throw away as she left, were dispersed in the wind and did not reach anyone's ears.

"You Luxeria, you did it..."

A hand with white and fine fingers like Silauo can make a noise and slap at a desk with a strategic map of the Grad Wilderness.

Within the tent of the Reiserlion Empire, built in the Grad Wilderness, Sylvia was showing fierce anger back in the tent or in front of a straight young knight.

"Just because it's built on a dragon vein, there are good and bad things to do...!

Even then, Sylvia slapped her hand.

"Your Majesty, love yourselves. Yes, if you get slapped more than once, your hand hurts."

To her like that, a young man with blue armor advances.

With his blonde hair wrapped in one behind him, he has a beautiful, neat face beside Sylvia, described as an extinct one.

"If we don't do this, it's clean.

... you saw them too, you know?... they have tailored ordinary people (...) with just high magic power to brave people (...)!?

To her sad cry, the young knight could not answer.

He was also the head of the Kingsguard division, who remained beside her, where he met the brave men of our time earlier.

Sylvia sincerely apologized to her silent knight.

"The Demon King is sealed. Besides, the six-blade generals can't even open the seal that my sister put her life on.

The rest of the hunt is what we need to be in this world!

That's more than that... No, it doesn't even start if you say what happened. "

Sylvia suppressed the urge to slap her hand and looked at her subordinate.

"... there is no way that my sister would risk her life to threaten this world, where Yong even built that soul with his devotion to the world..."

The knight knelt down and waited for the word.

"Leonhardt, hold my sword.... this battle, to keep them from fighting the same naughty people as Yong, we will win...!

Weaving Sylvia's worn out red cape.


Two knights who once saved the world with the brave and the Virgin.

Take one, Princess Knight Sylvia. Leonhardt the Ethereal Knight on the other.

The hero of the two horsemen hips the Devil's Sword and heads towards the sandy battlefield.

(... Yong, I feel sorry for you. Once again, our world is trying to find a cheap solution to things by calling strong men who say brave men and so on. The people of this world, who were angry, mournful, desperate, and still wanted to help, did what they owed you with vengeance.

I couldn't stop that. I'm guilty of the same thing.... at least I want to bring your hometown back to the world where you would be)

Sylvia stopped walking and looked up at the sky, where the strong wind had stopped.

(... so I don't expect you to forgive me.... but please don't hate me.... I just thought you'd hate me, my chest hurts terribly)

that moment. Only for a moment, the world did, become silent.

As the world wished her words to arrive properly.

(… please, my love, have peace with you)

I threw the words I exchanged in the sky when I separated from him.

"... wait, that much wind stopped, is it? ……

When the wind suddenly stopped, which was strong until earlier, I noticed the anomaly.

"No way -!"

"The Demon King's Army! The Demon King's Army is here!!

Tensions ran to the regiment, which was dawning in the coordination of arms and the formation of troops, after meetings with heads of state and mercenary regiments and others.

The wind grew more intense and suddenly disappeared so that what was turning into a sandstorm could be bounced, before them, whose sight had been taken by the dust, appeared an army of demons spread out on the horizon.

At a distance. Approximately seven kilometres from the faction on the human side.

The soldiers of the sights of the nations who noticed as soon as possible began to tell the number of demons simultaneously.

"Demons, about 300,000 in number! The superior demon is about tens of thousands inside!

"Hurry up with noticeable superior checks!

The old general of Balanchel, Uncle Vulgaro, screams at things.

The old and active general remembered the unpleasant feeling of wrapping around his skin.

Demons led by the Demon King's Army, the demons under his command are dominated by the attributes of those who lead.

The superior demons will be under the direct control of their subordinates, so if you know the attributes, you will know the attributes of the leader.

And 300,000.... those who can lead more than a hundred thousand legions come naturally limited.

"Storm Eagle, the top monster in the wind.... and many iced monsters such as Ice Kaisel... Yes, no... I have (...) confirmed the General of the Demon King's Army! Big guy...... that's marquis dra -... oh no, that's... duke!? …

Uncle Vulgaro groaned at reports of objects.

"Confirm the Duke of Ice and Thunder! Each rides a Marquis Ice Dragon, a Wind Dragon!

"Duke...! Ice Lady" Grakiesta ", Wind Prince" Wentos "... of the six-blade general, two columns...!

Upset broke out among the soldiers of the army at the appearance of those two pillars, the culmination of which the Demons were proud.

"Ahahahahaha! Look, look, look! They're in a hurry!

A giant dragon of blue scales with mountain-like giants, a child sitting like a king on the head of a wind dragon, looks down at the armies of the humans and laughs at the mess.

"... I'm glad I stayed that way. Instead, with your help, you can become even more powerful."

An ice dragon with a giant body lining it up on a wind dragon, a demonic woman with light blue skin and water hair, stands over the head of an ice dragon, says as she looks at the child.

"It's not stupid, Grakiesta! It's not fun!

The hairstyle boy with short, deep emerald hair laughs asshole.

"I don't deny it"

"I don't like sandstorms. It gets in my eyes, it gets in my hair, and most importantly, it's like a combined move with a hot, bitter old man!

"I don't like that. It's gonna melt."


The demonic women and children all looked down under their eyes.

There's a mixed unit of ice monsters and demons with thunderous monsters as their spindle.

They were monsters other than their own, but if that were a soldier, the value of use would come out.

"... Well, just blow it away ~"

The woman nods at Wentus' words.

"Oh, let me scatter it. The weak."

The two raised their voices in unison.

"" All Army Assault!!

Three hundred thousand, demons unleashed.