Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Battle of the Grad Wilderness [7]

"Well, can you answer that?

"Well, what was it? Is it the Holy Sword's 'fitter'... was it? Mm-hmm. It's not. There's no such thing as a brave man besides him."

Deep, deep, dark place.

An abyss that people call a demon cave. The world of witchcraft.

Hell covered in purple fog with enough intense magic to be seen to erupt as annoyance.

It was in the castle where the demon king once sat and his men were kneeling down.

A woman with pale and long hair like water flowing down the river, and a woman with red hair stretched out like a burning fire.

They both had golden eyes on their blue and white skin while they were people's appearances.... Demons.

"You're a fitter because you understand that, right? Trying to get out of the way with that, no.... Why did you return on your own? You weren't originally planning to leave, but if I let you out because you wanted to, come right back......... what happened?

"I just didn't feel like it"

"It's no use lying, is it? You were in a great mood until I called you back. I don't know why you're trying to shelter me, but there's only one person who shows a reaction that you say so.... He (...), huh?

The two men, sitting in a black monochromatic chair, did not look like they had said soothingly, but created an atmosphere that seemed to kill each other even now.

"Don't put your hands on him! It's my mon!

Gatan, the deep-red haired woman who stood up with a noise...... Agniera stared at the pale-haired woman as she swayed her surroundings with heat.

"Oh, I knew it. He was being summoned to this world again, wasn't he?

The pale-haired woman, understood in Agniera's attitude, grins and reassembles her legs.

"Gu,... Aquadine!

Temeh, you're a jerk!

"Is it worse for you to be hung up?

Whereas the yelling agniera, the woman known as Aquadine gently recieves like water.

"Yes... he is, Yu Yashiro has come. An earlier brave man... No, he was still a modern brave man."

"Aquadine! If I get my hands on you, I'll burn you!? I'm the one who killed him!

"I understand how much you like him, but say his name properly."

Aquadine, sighing slightly shuddered, walks out of her seat quietly.


"... I don't mind you reassuring me. I'm not going to give him anything.... I have my plan. If it's not going to be an obstacle, there's nothing good about a brave man. Do as you please."

Aquadine, with a flaming axe poked at her neck, said with a cool face, retreating the flaming axe with her fingers and walking away from the scene.

"... like, or"

Agniera remembers another encounter a few days ago.

Agniera's jaw turns upwards. Agniera leaned back as if she had eaten an upper.

Eating a strong shock (...), Agniera was devastated, with a little pain, but just like when the world turned upside down.

"Phew, … it was awkward, but did you buy time for the resurrection?"

The head of the man in front of Agniella who was supposed to have exploded was intact. No, that's not all.

"Oh... you!

From between blown hoods, black hair...... and a discerning face appears.

With surprise and joy, Agniera raises her voice.

"Ku,... kuhahaha! That's awesome! I can't believe you were back!!

Agniella swung a flaming axe spear and was bravely slashed with laughter.

Yao also acted like a thumb player while avoiding it with a single piece of paper.

"It's never gonna work again, is it?

Pulling the axe spear in quick motion, Agniera easily prevents the invisible bullet with the axe spear pattern.

"Damn... I didn't know Invisible Elicer wouldn't work without the extreme eraser between my junior high school graduation and my high school enrollment and my re-summons... Huh!!

"With such a small hand move, will I stop? Oops!!

When Agniera steps on the ground with its long legs, she blows the ground and flame columns spray up around her.

"Oh my...!

Agniella wrapped around the flame fleshes to the bravery that took her distance to escape the flaming columns that appeared randomly.

"Spiritualization (Element)!? Temeh, are you seriously going to kill me!?

"Naturally, right?... how many years do you think I (...) waited?

Bravery, who pulled out the crystal sword and prevented Agniera from attacking, speaks out in surprise.

His skin is red, his hair shakes like a flame, and Agniella, a flame-wrapped nude, knocks in a series of strikes to masterfully manipulate the two axe spears and not give him a chance to attack bravely.

(Shit... can't you say my best (...))

Bravery, unable to find a way to survive while preventing Agniera's onslaught, pounds his tongue out loudly.

"I've been dying to kill each other with you for the last three years and I can't wait to kill each other!

... if you don't take it seriously, I'm in trouble. "

A twisted flame axe crosses into one and becomes a giant flame axe.

"I don't know why you don't mean it... but if you don't mean it, I'll let you."

Jump up high, twist your body in the air, and show you how to throw.

"Blow it up, shudder......" Gehenna Flame "!

It's a flame that makes everything dust.

A blow that had destroyed the country in just one blow was fired into the wilderness.

"............... man, I guess I can't have a slow life"

Bravery grinned bitterly at the sighing mix, putting his hand up in the sky. As if there was something there, as if something was coming there, spread your palms wide open.

"My Soul Wishes (Seoul Dysaia)"

A dazzling aurora surrounds the area.

146 St. Lombardy's Calendar.

Grad Wilderness, the land of the Virgin (Amatel) Resurrection.

This year, the Grad Wilderness saw a major battle that is said to be the starting point for legends to follow later.

"Grad Wilderness Intercept"

A coalition of three hundred thousand demon kings and three hundred thousand against the Kingdom of Luxeria as allies, formed of the largest military state on the continent, the Balanchel Empire and countries starting with the magical power, the Reiserion Empire, as well as mercenaries gathered from each city.

Though initially forced to struggle by the enemies who began to hold the title,

"Brave Kite" and "Aotearoa Knight Leonhardt" fought together to destroy Duke (Duke) Wentus, the Wind Sickle warrior.

Overshadow the battlefield greatly.

Behind the work of the brave and the Holy Knight, the legend of the mysterious man who calls himself the 'Black Executor' also raises the curtain here.

No external features are known other than the use of a two-wielded sword and the alignment of the entire body in black, and all those who ran the battlefield with diseases like wind and saw their enemies buried like storms,

"Black Wind That Gives Death (Stormbringer)"

I called it.

He is said to have destroyed the Battle General Terrakio of the Rock Hammer, known to be equal to him, as well as the time when the Brave and the Holy Knight defeated Wentus.

Also in this war was confirmed the appearance of the fourth six-blade general.

It is the name "Agniera of the Abandonment" given by the Holy Urchiola religion.

But as soon as she appeared, she was to withdraw. No, I had to withdraw.

"Agniera of the Abandonment" was defeated by an earlier generation of brave men, dressed in white armor that appeared with the extreme light.

A hero who once saved the world. The most powerful swordsman who defeated the Demon King. It is said that Agniera withdrew without challenging him, hands or feet, to the appearance of the brave men of his predecessors.

He allegedly ran for Sylvia Rote Sheriott Lieselion, who once suffered together, but the real reason for this is uncertain.

After losing two pillars of General Six Blades, the culmination of the Demon King's Army, the Demon King's Army withdrew breathlessly, and the Demon King's Army, which became only a demon, was annihilated by the Allied forces.

The Coalition had won more than 30,000 casualties and serious injuries, but it was said to have been a feat.

"The Virgin Tiriarli and the Black Brave, excerpts from the seventh verse of the chapter of the encounter"