Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

The previous brave men embark on a journey.

"Mr. Torre?

"Oh, you seem to be here, Yuya... no, you were Yuu Yashiro. Why didn't you tell me you were wrong?"

When I arrived at the Train Lender, Torre was there stroking the silver hairy (feather-like?) Krukel at the store.

"Why is Mr. Torre here?

Though she was in the battle for the Grad Wilderness, I couldn't fight Mr. Torre because I was running around being led by Lillleigh and had to disperse once the battle was over. I haven't seen Mr. Torre in a long time because I talked to him a little before going to war.

Still horny gear...

"hehe... see, wipe who"

"Oh, excuse me"

When I was seen in porn gear, they gave me a handkerchief with a gentle grin.... was an adorable handkerchief based on white.

"Me, it's good to say that, but I think black would suit Mr. Torre. The black lace pattern."

"It's an extra favor.... Mind if I ask why?

"It's because of porn."

"You're not gonna change, are you?"

Was my words extra interesting, Mr. Torre, laughing couscous................ what is it, this peaceful atmosphere......... is that it? No heart or Mr. Torre's eyes look pathetic, huh?... No way... No way!

"Mr. Torre, are you kidding me..."

"I'm here today to drop you off."

"That's an instant answer."

They answered me fast enough to block my words.

"Well, I was glad to see you."

"And, Mr. Torre!

"It's good to hug, but it's a different fee, right?


"Naturally. Good women are expensive."

That's what made me laugh. Mr. Torre was pathetic... I couldn't even joke and fell in love with him.

"And what about that Krukel? I've never tried silver fur before."

"Hehe... Master says it's Yu, your Krukel, right?

I get embarrassed and off the record, but apparently Mr. Torre finds out.

You look at me with a slightly dazed grin that your sister makes you look like a prankster.

Whoa, whoa, what's this embarrassment! I felt treated like a child when I was 16 years old.

"What, mine?

Did the silver hairy Krukel react to my words, approaching me two or three steps and rubbing his big beak against my arm?

"............... are you Weiss and Schwartz's child?

When I looked up close, I caressed my beak as I listened because it resembled a Krukel I knew nothing about, and it rang with a cuckoo and an extended voice.

Apparently you can't speak human language, but you understand.

"I see... you mean from Sylvia"

Krukel, about a year and a half old, who leads to the burn, bends his legs and lowers his posture.

"Get in? Ha, you guys want to get all parents and kids on board. Whoops."

It doesn't have a reins, but the silver-haired Krukel walks happily around as he crosses over grabbing Krukel's neck gently.

"... I knew it was him and his kids. Comfortable riding -"

I stroke your neck and it rings with a kuke and another prolonged voice.

"Oops.... I don't need a reins for this, you."

Ordinary Krukel is timid and hard to nostalgic for people. Therefore, it is necessary to control them with guidelines, but these parents and children do not seem to know each other that intensely because they understand humanities. Leo and Sylvia are using the reins to balance out on the two too fast.

"... All right, let's go then"

When I slapped him gently on the neck, Kurkel replied, "Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo... no,

Well, that sounds good.

Walk out to the West Gate of Wangdu, rocking his stretched tail.

"... then. I'll be back."

"Aye.... I'm looking forward to it."

Waving gently, the brown beauty Torre replied so.

"Should I have seen you guys, too?

The proposal that came to mind a little after exiting the gate had been abandoned in the next moment.

Because I left the city as a corner general, and now I'm a celebrity in Luxeria as a brave man. I realized it was an act of unscrupulous diligence behind my grandmother's invisibility and silence about the thoughts of Sylvia and the others who kept one Krukel.

Well, it would be nice if they made the world peaceful as brave men.

The Demon King cannot be resurrected.

"Sa, where are you going...?

I opened the map and heard footsteps rushing towards me in my ear trying to change my mind about going to a nice place.

Now it's a festival, and if you're heading to the Wang Capital, you still wouldn't be running outside.

Oh, no. Maybe he's on his way to a relative's wedding like Melos.

And thinking about the extra thing, I heard the girl.


It's only been a little over a month since I've been in this world, but I've been used to hearing it.

Turning around, Lilyl Lee, the long-eared elf girl with short aligned gemstone-like emerald hair, breathed roughly, but breathed heavily trying to fix it, vomiting repeatedly.

"Whoa. I heard you couldn't come to see me off... you came"

"Ha... ha... eh. Grandma told me to come."

Words that were awkward also got a lot better than when we first met.

Less than a week after Lily became Grandma's apprentice, she has already endured several years (...) of training and has learned that her spirit has begun to mature as a young body.

My mental age has increased.

"Oh well. It's hard for Grandma to play."

Even though she laughs and shows it, Lilyl Lee leans over and doesn't show a reaction.

Lilyl Lee, who became my grandmother's apprentice, could not leave her grandmother without a rare occurrence.

Whatever you call an apprentice, use magic at the same time as The Witch of Time.

If you try to abuse it, you can even change the world structure. Become a joker.

Naturally there are idiots out there who ask for it. So just in case, I left Lily with my absolutely safe grandmother (though Grandma told me).

It is good to think that she has little freedom until she becomes a 'witch of time' in public.

Grandma taught me that the future she chose for herself, but that underlying it included the destruction of my sins.

Lily Lee, who has shaken her life on a stick to help me.

... At least I want you to live in a safe place.

"... it's not like we're breaking up this life. I'm in the same world as you. Then I'll see you soon enough.

There's no reason to go back to the other world. "

The words of experience are meant to be heavy, okay?

Anyway, for three years, I wanted to go back to another world and couldn't help but go back, and when I finally thought I was familiar with normal (...), I was coming back to another world.

... It was hard two years before I could give up.

But in the same world, it's easy to see each other.

It's a joke to start over on the side of the road, and the world seems wide and narrow.

So I was sad or nothing.

"I'm not dressing up, but I don't need goodbye.

I'll see you later. "

from above Krukel. But when I stroked him gently, Lilyl Lee nodded cocoon.

"... see you later"

"... yeah. See you later, Yong."

Waving gently at Lily for the last laugh, I will follow the King's Capital.

"Gu... gu... gu"

"If you're crying so much, Yu's gonna laugh at you, right?

The brown beauty gently strokes the head of the elf girl whimpering her clothes with tears and snot.

"And you want to be Yu's partner, don't you? Then I don't think I have time to cry, do I?

"... eh"

Lily nodded upwards as she defiled her face at the provocative words.

"I want to be a partner, of courage!

"Right.... Well, let's go."

Inspired by the motivated eyes of the girl who nodded cocoon, Torre is also one more person, motivated.

(I'll try my best.)

At least not enough to pull her legs...... the girl's hand as she wants to try to get stronger, she pulls and walks towards the clutter.

Like parents and children, like sisters, like friends... like lovers, the two walked away side by side.

"Because it was nice of you?

"Huh?... What is it?

Norn, who has just finished instructing for several years (...), asks back with a damp cloth on her back beyond the reach of a boob receptionist.

One of the witches who believed in Norn, she was Norn's caretaker and Guild-faced receptionist.

It was the first time Norn herself had asked her a question about the contents of Norn's letter.

"To let go of as many beings as he... and send them to the Gaelic Islands, etc."

I'm also saying that I know her questions very well.

There's no reason to leave the warriors alone.

Even though the Demon King is sealed, the Demon King Army itself continues to exist.

"... kakakakakaku, you're still half a man. You can't stand on people like that, can you?

"I'm more aware of it than I was. Standing on top of people is not an ancestral brave man or pope, let alone God or anything else. You're the only one standing above everyone. Dear First Brave (...)"

Norn laughs joyfully at the words of the witch outfit receptionist.

"Kakah, the name was thrown away a thousand years ago. My concubine is no more than a witch of time."

"Excuse me, Master Norn."

To the woman bowing her head respectfully, Norn smiles bitterly.

"The answer to the question is, can't he go to the South Gaelic Islands?

"... what?

Who can say that it is bad for a witch dressed woman who has accidentally returned it with vegetables to Norn's words?

I can't even tell you.

"What do you mean... you recommended the Gaelic Islands?

"Uhm.... the concubine did write. But he's not going. No, I can't go."

Norn continues with the laughter of a child like a successful prank.

"Three years ago, the concubine recommended (...) to lick up the spicy acid. Ah, he should read that addition to the concubine in depth. I also planted a story that he might like.... I read it in depth. Ah he thinks something will happen to the Gaelic Islands. And with the thought of reading behind the concubine, we move in the opposite direction.... and as he headed to Gallarier,"

"Lizwadia, the magic school city?... I have a few months left to go to the boxing tournament that says it's going to take place in Gallarier, and... Ok, here's the decision!

Gallarier, a free city on the north side of the map.

While aiming there, the first destination is decided on Lizwadia.

I'm sorry about the bathing suit, but this one's a uniform, and I'm looking forward to it.

Cross over to the still unnamed silver Krukel, without rush, proceed slowly and gradually.

Aim for a different world slow life. Let's not rush around, let's go straight.