Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Love at a Glance of the Prior Brave - Wife of the Inn Edition

"30,000 f (about 2 million) of money... I'm scared."

I sold off the Wild Bore material, the Lord of the Woods, at the Lizwadia Guild, and I had fallen into suspicious darkness with my forehead that I could not even touch in the original world.

I feel like everyone on the road is looking this way............

"Eh.... here or"


I arrived at the inn on the corner of Lizwadia.

Used as a cafeteria at noon, this can be an inn recommended by the Alliance.

This inn is a stunning addition to the order to serve cheap and delicious meals and make Zulva stay with us.

I was surprised by the name when I saw the sign at the inn.

"" Kitten Stroke Voice Pavilion "...... sister store or something?

The name is very similar to Luxeria's puppy ringing pavilion.

Or does the name of the inn have any clues or anything?

If it's unified with words related to children's animals + voices, I'd like to go around the country.

Anyway, three years ago, it was a choice between a boarding house with a good room or a wild lodging, so I started using these common lodgings after being summoned this time.

"I'm sorry. I've been introduced to the Alliance……………"

Imagining the name of the next city inn, I stroked the voice pavilion of the kitten...... abbreviated into the kitten pavilion, I was distracted by the woman who worked for the service.

"Oh, there you are. Welcome to the Kitten Stroke Voice Pavilion"

There she was, one beautiful woman with soft golden hair, wrapped in a triangular napkin around her head.

The color of the eyes is blue as sky. No lipstick applied to the lips, the natural light red color of the lips. Skin is white and brilliant like fresh snow.

Pushing up loosely made clothes into pieces, the two hills gather the gaze of a man.

Not only the chest, but the streamlined lines from the crease of the hips to the thighs possess the magic to captivate what you see. It's not just a galloping leg like a model, it's a reasonably meaty, luscious leg.

The fleshy good thighs that make me want to bump are already just present and emitting sinful colored incense.

She would encourage a toddler to wake up to sex and be the occassion of the men this evening. You can say I was born for this time I met her today!!

"Please make a child assuming you marry me!!

"Oh, auntie, you're gonna be in trouble."

My daughter-in-law smiling with her hands on her cheek. Oh, I already hugged him. Go!!

"Bastard, to my Marida!

"I need to teach him how to behave in this city...... it's you now!

"You idiots, Mr. Marida is my daughter-in-law!

The surrounding mob characters call, but it doesn't matter. I am this goddess... accompany Marida!!

"Hmm. What's so good about those boobs and big asses? Heh heh!?

"" Temehe pissed us off ""

mass violence in the name of sanctions that begin.

These mobs are far from gentlemen to be rampaged in front of women.

... but I don't hate that gut!

"assistant knife s"

"It was Temehe and the others who pissed me off. Boquete!!

It was the silly decadent scream of the big man who emerged from the kitchen who tried to destroy me using the power of the brave man.

"Whoa! That's Gilley's husband!!

"We're going off!


Dosun Dosun and the good old men, who freshly feared the big man coming towards them, left several pieces of silver coins on the tabletop and ran away from the voice pavilion stroking the kitten.

"Shit, they got away with it today.... Marida, you too, can't keep those guys in the store!

"Ugh, sorry you"

Mr. Marida smiles at Macho over two meters.

Me getting hit by despair when I see those two.

Damn it! Why, why are you always hot with machos?

You don't want a fine matcho!? There is no god in this world!!

"Ah?... what is this kid who's crawling on all fours and wetting the floor with tears and snot"

"He wants to make a child of me on the assumption of marrying me. Ugh, can I have an aunt after thirty?

"It's a problem before that! Fucking kid, Temee, you dick my wife......?......... Hey, are you Yu Yashiro (...)?

"Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!.................. what, old man?

My name was called at that moment when I left myself to a heart stained with despair.

When you look up, a muscular, matchy man who can even tell from above clothes with pointy ears (...).

"I knew it was you, Yu! Son of a bitch, you're gonna be big!

"Wow!! Don't let the bastard hug you!!

I am held in arms like Marutai, trying so hard to escape even though I am about to suffocate from the heat and bitterness.

"As usual. You are! Ola, what are you looking at, Temee and the others! Today is the end of the store, get the hell out of here!!

Even gang officials yell at customers who had an old man with such a scary face that he escaped barefoot.

Oh, poor thing. There were still people on their way to dinner...

"... you're back often, Yu!

The man, with his elves and his body and face, gave me a full grin.

"... oops. Looks like you got me worried, old man."

Three years ago, I met and fought in a certain elf settlement, a man of varying ages who I could call my friend with my chest up.

His name is Gillette.

He's one of my best friends.

There are two moons in Rainburg. Blue moon floating in the night sky in the first two weeks of a month.

During the remaining two weeks a red moon appears in the night sky.

At the end of January, the two moons intersect and the purple moon shows itself.

".................. Yu Yashiro"

The voice of the purple moon in the night sky rides the wind.

From the clock tower of Lizwadia, there is one shadow of a woman overlooking the city.

The woman, dressed in a black coat, had a holster belt wrapped around her raw feet peeking from her skirt slit.

That holster contained weapons that were not supposed to be in this world.

"I have no grudges.... but the enemies of God are our enemies... call to heaven to repent before our God"

The woman, who had cut a cross on her chest, reached for the skirt slit and removed the folded guidebook from the inside of the skirt.

"Before... I even came to a place like this. I still have to tour!

The guidebook she retrieved contained a large amount of Lizwadia letters.

Lizwadia's guidebook.

"I heard that God enemies who say they are in Luxeria move as they desire.... should head to the islands to the south. I won't forget sightseeing as I twitch and hunt............ hehe, the boulder is me. There's nothing to lose!

Ahhhhhhhh! and a strong wind strikes the woman who was laughing high on the clock tower.

"Wow!... heh, heh, stupid ugliness that rolls off in this degree of wind, I won't show you.... Now, where shall we go first? Lizwadia is a historic city. I like sightseeing......... is that it? What about my guidebook?

There was no such thing as was at hand, and when I looked around in a hurry, a guidebook flown by the wind was dancing through the universe.

"Oh, no! I haven't even seen a good store yet! I'll wait. Hey!

Reaching for the flyaway guidebook is out of reach.


A woman's cry echoed in the city where the purple moon lit up.