Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Reasons for not receiving 'extroverts'

"To Your Majesty? ……

"Yes.... well, I didn't get to say thank you or anything."

To his words, the brave man of our time, Leo sees me as a chiller and turns to me for instructions.

I nodded at it, and I got up.

"I'm sorry. We can't even have a decent conversation if we don't get one at a time."


As Leo retreats to the side and I stand before him, the boy opens his mouth and looks at me.

"Anything on it?

"Yes, what! It's so beautiful, I fell in love with it."

When I asked, he said so with his face red.... Your face is red. I'm not feeling well, it doesn't look like...

"!... thanks. I'd be happy to flatter you."

I see, is he nervous? Certainly would be the first such cave.

It would be normal to try from us a party where politics is involved while I say a celebration, but they are a category of ordinary people. Nor did Yong like to say this.

"Oh... hey, hey, hey..."

Winking and thanking him to relieve his nervousness, he blushes and mouths even more red.

Ha, ha, ha. There is a preference for gentlemen who can care for women.

How dare you keep an eye on the dishes that put us on the table by flaking us.

Totally, I didn't know you were going to eat without a male escort... Hmm, it's getting kind of lame when I think of it, huh?

"So, do you mean Leonhardt?

"... Yes. Without him, it would have been dangerous. Thank you."

He nodded at my words, thanking me.

"Heh, I don't mind. I'm glad Leonhardt seemed useful."

In the Grad Wilderness, they were sending my knight Leonhardt to cover their contemporary braves, just in case.

Thanks to Leo, I said, "I won't go again next time, will I?" and he's smiling and getting stabbed in the nail.

"... that, Mr. Sylvia, would you do me a favor"

Contemporary brave men look at me with serious eyes.

- Please, huh?

"... a favor to this me, Sylvia Rote Sheriot Lieselion, Emperor of Lieselion (...)?

Sound with your fingers and activate magic.

"!... This is, silent!

"Your Answer"

Me and his voice sounded in a silent (...) hall.

"And now it's unchanging..."

"Magic such as silence and search is a must for people in positions like me. It was also learned as a top priority by the teacher.

... Let's apologize for the sudden. but apparently, your favor doesn't taste good when asked. "

Looking sideways, a few people seem to have noticed.

There has been no interference, but the brave men of our time, starting with Leonhardt, and Ebsal of Balanchel, will also realize that I activated the silent. Today, the brave men of our time are walking toward us in a strong pace.

Can't you still talk long?

"The location of the previous brave men.... you want to know that too?

He was right about my reading, and I caught a glimpse of surprise in his expression.

"Yes.... I want to be stronger. Keep it up. Then I'll lose without defeating the Demon King. To be strong, let me meet my predecessors brave!

A brave man of our time who bowed his head greatly.

My heart is good.... if that was pure stuff.

"... would be good. Introduce someone who doesn't know firsthand but would know where he is"

"Is it true!?

"But one thing, let me give you some advice.... I once said, you can't win."


In his eyes, which he said he wanted to be strong, he saw the fire of hatred against the Demon King, against his subordinate, the Demon Nation.

"That word seemed to have a narrative.... no matter how strong we get, we (...) can't beat the Demon King.

Disgust the Demons, turn their anger, we can't win. … because it was our negative emotions that gave birth to the Demon King "

Normal people don't even make it happen to defeat the Demon King.

Fear, anger, hatred...... I will remember every negative emotion against the Demons (...) In a normal person, I won't even be the other person.

"It would seem like a joke... but the brave men of earlier generations had enjoyed the struggle with them demons"

"I fought for the demons who asked for help."

"I have mourned my raison d 'être and have felt empathy for the presence of a demon king who hates God"

"Therefore... I remember my hatred for the Demons. Even if you can reach it, it won't reach me (...). I'll never forget it."

In his eyes back from a silent world, confusion could be seen.