Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Will the previous brave men be scouted?


Spread out in front of you is the cultivation institute of the culminating magician in Rainburg, the school building of the Lizwadia School of Magic, and the giant clock tower.

I heard half of the city was a school-related building, but the school building alone boasted a tremendous size, size.

"This way, Mr. Yashiro"

"Ha ha..."

With a flimsy body, he is invited to the clock tower by a man with a face who is still dying.

I can't help but agree that this man will invite me to death for some reason.

Now, why am I here at the Lizwadia School of Magic, and... I'm not here to watch the girls, am I?

For once, I came here for a good reason.

Why did I come here?

Because I was supposed to be a temporary teacher.

It was a little after I handed my old man a check for 300,000 f (about two million yen), when Bernadette's meal volume exceeded thirty and I was convinced that the alias for the food buster Bernadette was not false, and the shopkeeper was more interested in how many Bernadette's could eat than the food.

"Hey, old man"

"What? I'm busy right now."

I forgot how to serve plates, etc., just an old man who started pursuing fast and delicious.

I was helping out by putting the stuff I could do on the tray next to it and doing the makeshift, but...

"Who's Hiccup wrapped around a bear in the middle of the day at the counter over there? It's so unlucky (hard rack) but..."

Yes, there was a man who was drinking a glass of booze with his little one while releasing an atmosphere that seemed to kill himself even now, whining about bumps and complaining like a curse, but he was concerned because he was releasing an aura of unhappiness that was too deep and dark.

Matchy old man, I don't have to compare to thin macho, I'm a thin man, even compared to the customers' old men.

"Thing is, I don't think anyone's luckier than you."

"Ugh.... So?... I can't see you as a traveler."

I wonder if he's a teacher or something around the robe that's a school official, but does the teacher drink from midday? If you say so, no.

"What if I fired my teacher or something?

"No, I'm more of an over-expected person on the contrary."

"Oh, nah"

Did a man with a weak personality come to terms with the school's expectations?

"... so you can handle Alexerian, right?

"Hmm?... what the heck is going on from a stick to a stick. Alicia taught me to work out in a bickering with my old man, didn't she?

Alexerian communicated to the elves.

Whereas ancient Islam uses the Spirit to activate magic, Alexerian sounds like an elf with the Spirit as his friend, something that activates with the help of the Spirit.

Both have a long and short term as witchcraft languages, but neither of them is commonly used globally today.

Because modern Islayl, derived from ancient Islayl, was widely transmitted to the world both as a magic language and as a normal language.

Because modern Islam can be combined with other languages, surpassing Alexeria and ancient Islam in chanting speed.

That's why Alexerian is not commonly used, only about exclusive elves.

"'Say something in Alexerian'"

"What?..." Mr. Marida is my daughter-in-law ""

"'Temee, you look like you want to die once!

"'The old man told you!

I was pissed off when I got on the old man's gesture. Somehow I learn from an old man who keeps talking in Alexerian and returns it in Alexerian.

... Hey, I miss something.

Thinking about three years ago, he grabbed my shoulder from behind.

... Is that it? The old man's right in front of you, and who is it?

"'May I have a word with you!!?


Turning around, there's a guy with a horrible shape that even summers up in a horror movie that has enough R-18 on it!

"'Cause I was drinking, old Dead Minister!

"Also, I'm sorry.... let me talk to you both..., ah. … I am a faculty member at the Lizwadia School of Magic, my name is Raiseleed Dotlange"

The man named Raiseleed Dautranje, the Dead Minister, takes a piece of paper from his nostalgia and gives it to me.

"Ah, business cards.... Thanks for this. My name is Yu Yashiro. Once an adventurer..."

Ganguuuuuuuuuuu -!!

"Also, I'm sorry, Mr. Yashiro! I shot him with it! Are you hurt!?

"You idiot!! I almost blew my head off. Bogus!

The plate I had was smashed every tray by Bernadette's demon gun, and a pasta like a Neapolitan is worn on my head, crouched.

- Oh, my God... I don't know if I can be annoying to be gentle with women... but if it's just trouble, it's like a six-blade general. This guy!

When I think about what I'm going to do to Bernadette, if I only do the name, there will be a cool old Dead Minister... some old man and some character in writing.

Let's go with Mr. Dort.

... Mr. Dort approaches Bernadette, who lays a plate for thirty-seven servings on a giant tower of white dishes.

"Ho... that demon gun, Kellukeion, seems to have its own customization"

Soon Mr. Dort, wearing the glasses he had removed, had an atmosphere that was a dead minister but did not make him feel gloomy.

"Ho,... you seem to have medium eyes. But this kid's real name is' Demon Gun Failnote '!

Please make no mistake. "

"Temei, I thought you said it was" The Devil Gun Mistletin "earlier."

This guy... you said his real name or his old name, and you really said it appropriately!

"The words of your heart are out of your mouth, Mr. Yashiro!? Oh, and I'm not lying! This' failnote 'is a mould (model) with improved hitting accuracy and range,... Look, this one is' Mistoltin 'better. Mistoltin is a mould (model) with improved power!............ Hmm. Which one? I'm not lying!

Sister who serves God, isn't she supposed to lie!

"He's a fierce Sister who keeps checking his identity."

"Hi, it's terrible, Mr. Yashiro! I was badly hurt..."

Well, Bernadette was right, each of the two demon guns Bernadette had taken and showed was subtly different.

No, in the first place, he looked very different from the stage I designed.

This is Cylinder Magazine, a cylindrical magazine.

What I designed three years ago was a high-powered, high-speed loading (reloading) of magazines, like modern automatic pistols, that fired massive amounts of magic.

But these two guns are of the type known as revolvers.

"Ya,... yashiro-sa?

A demon gun is not something that flies a bullet like a modern weapon in the first place.

It's two things: a magic bullet that concentrates and unleashes magic, and a speedy use of magic using a pottery stamped with magic marks.

There are two main advantages to using magic with demon guns.

One is that the magic activation point can be fixed in a straight line (...).

For example, we all know the lower magic 'Fireball'.

This is the magic of releasing a fireball anywhere.

Starting with fireballs, much of the magic in the injection system requires the operator to accurately assume the magic landing point.

"Ya, Mr. Yashiro?...... YARSEY LOW!

Are you listening?

While some training will allow you to place demon bullets in more precise locations, it will require innate spatial recognition abilities to cast magic in more precise locations.

The Demon Gun enabled magic sniping (sniping) by anchoring its landing point on the ray.

Also in high-speed combat, it is huge to let things like magic chanting and the assumption of the point of landing go in parallel.

"... ho, ho, yashiro, it's tits!

Hehe, Marida told me. Mr. Yashiro is a porn demon who loves boobs. Right ~?

... um, if you don't ignore it, it's from the top of your clothes, but... a little, just a little... you can touch it!... Yikes! It's embarrassing how good it would be to touch something that would also be Sister!

And the second is that the chant is not required as described above, and the magic can be activated on a second itinerary (two-action) that can be carried out without the need to fire iron and pull the trigger.

With these two, it can be said that the Demon Gun is a technique that should be called a revolution for the Mage, who is supposed to function as a turret.

The weakness of the Magic Master is that he takes a lot of concentration into chanting, and at close range, he can't activate magic because of the damage to himself.

The Demon Gun has overcome the weaknesses of both sides.

On the contrary, however, there are also major drawbacks to demon guns.

First of all, a pot stamped with a magic mark is normally disposable.

For whatever reason, a special metal is required to carve and activate the magic mark.

This is a metal with a high conductivity of magic, but the conductivity of magic is high, but when magic is activated, it is said to cause rapid metal fatigue and deteriorate, and once used, it becomes ineffective.

And this is also a habit, so obtaining the metal itself is easy, but it is also expensive because it is something that is made with effort.

And one thing.

Made assuming the magic of the injection system, therefore the magic of the extensive system is not suitable.

I am concerned that the magic will not stabilize or end up in the underdevelopment of activated but wasted pods, and furthermore the magic of the injection system can only be released (...) in a straight line.

There are still shortcomings, the shortcomings are more overwhelmingly noticeable than the advantages, and I abandoned development at the time.

Yet why is it made... why is the design changed to cylindrical magazine...

"... Yashiro-san, I won't do it."... Erm, Mr. Yashiro will ignore me! I'm sad and I can't stop crying! …………

- Oh yeah, you truncated loading speeds and total ammunition count, instead aiming to operate with the original Magic Bullet for towing as the spindle!?

No, you're not. This is a super attack specialist operation that says it targets magical sniping while adding high attack power to the tow itself!!

This method of operation does not consume a lot of medicine pods, and it is economically good! So while you're at it, increase your overall firepower..................!

If you have redesigned the premise that it will be a peakier object but will be used by a highly skilled magician...

... whoever thought about this design is a genius?

"... Gu... what difference does it make between me and Marida's tits? Though it does make a slight difference in size...... I rather have more tension and Mr. Marida is dripping and neater - ahhh that hurts!?

"Ahhh? Whose tits are you saying?

Too bad, Sister. Don't think your tits and Marida's ya boobs are in line. "

"Sa, leave it scattered and don't suddenly wear people's boobs!

But once you praise my boobs too... "

"Naturally. I thought I was beautiful. I wouldn't lie to my milk! By the way, Bernadette, show me one of those."

"Is that a mistortine and a failnote?... Hmm, I won't show it to the mean Mr. Yashiro -... but if you don't mind ignoring me. Ahhh! I was forced to take it. Ah!

I want to, it's noisy.

No one else feels guilty for slapping their milk so far.

I beat it for the first time than I said.... Don't tell me you feel a little better.

"... I knew it. This cylindrical shell layer (cylinder magazine) discards magical continuity and increases the performance of each magic, but also places the magic bullet on the spindle.... the barrel (barrel) is also longer than originally assumed... is this meant to increase the acceleration distance of the Magic Bullet and improve its power!?

"Are you in ignore mode again!?... Huh!

"Oh, give it back. I'm discussing it now."

"Are you going to give it back! Or mine!

Uh, I ignored it too much to rot.

Well, I guess I figured out the composition of the demon gun.

And whoever designed this demon gun is amazing.

I knew it was designed to look more at reality than just me with knowledge.

It won't change that it's still expensive, but what exists as a practical weapon is amazing.

I'd love to see you...

"... Again, you are the only one"


As I put my thoughts to a great man I haven't seen yet, he grabbed me by the shoulder and looked back,... there's Mr. Dot!

"Don't threaten me again and again! I don't like horror..."

"Also, I'm sorry.... Uh, was that Yu Yashiro?

"Yes, once I'm in Yu Yashiro... let me do it!


There would be a kilo of ham in Bernadette's mouth trying to point the gun at me with conditional reflexes, which I named again. Bernadette then lowered his gun, surprised by the ham that suddenly appeared in his mouth but distracted by its deliciousness.

... Damn, I haven't seen him for half a day and I've established what to do!

"So, you're saying I'm the only one?

"Yes.... Mr. Yashiro. Be sure to be a temporary Lizwadia lecturer!?

"............... Yes?

And back to the beginning.

Once inside the clock tower, it was a big hall there.

Marble-like stones polish beautifully at your feet, tips and footsteps sound, and the ceiling is high enough that there is no problem with dragons flying.

At the center of that hall, I found a pillar that extended to heaven.

Near the fundamentals of that pillar was set up something like reception, with the receptionist running a feather pen on the paperwork.

"Wow, that's amazing. I don't think it's a very educational institution. Compared to temples and castles, it's the size of a misstep."

"... why are you following me?"

I also wanted to leak my admiration into the structure of the clock tower, but all the dialogue, for some reason, was taken by the Bernadette who followed me.

"What are you talking about, Mr. Yashiro! I thought you were here to keep an eye on your demon's hands so they wouldn't reach your students!

Though I could make you mistake me for Yu Yashiro, unlike my predecessors, I never thought I'd be entwined this time for a different reason.

"What's the real reason, by the way?

"Mr. Yashiro. I want dessert."

"You have to eat all that and still not enough!?

It was Bernadette who eventually had a treat (lunch) for 43 people, but he still wanted dessert while eating all that.

"Uh... when this is over."

"Is it true!? It's a promise!? Can you swear to God!?

"Right. Ahhh! Uh-huh!! Shut up or I'll skip dessert!?


This guy is too easy to handle...!

"Please wait a moment"

"Huh?... Ah, yes"

Approaching the pillar in the middle of the hall, Mr. Dort speaks to the receptionist.

Mr. Dort nods here, who was speaking so loudly that he couldn't hear the content subtly.


As they told me, I was stood in front of the pillar.

"... this is a metastatic formation"

Focusing on the pillars, Bernadette noticed even though the magic formation was engraved directly on the marble.

"Hmm... what kind of natural are you talking about?"

If you don't shut up, you've forgotten your dessert-free words. I normally come to you. I turn my jit eyes to Bernadette.

but she didn't even mumble, she laughed with her nose.

"I thought. Meals are basic until dessert...... so Mr. Yashiro is obliged to treat me to dessert!......... Hmm, that's a complete argument!

"Then I'll make it a fucking shoddy dessert. Like a grain of skewer dough."

"Wow, I'm sorry!

I said it in Doya's face, so I was irritated, so I lightly stirred it up.

"The transfer team is ready. Mr. Yashiro, Mr. Bernadette. Get in."

The light wraps us up when Mr. Dort tells us to stay on top of the transfer formation.

As the momentary floating sensation ended, so did the light.

"You've come well, young men!...... ho ho!

What we saw was an old man about fifty centimeters in size sitting on a fancy desk.

"... you are Ray's... no, the temporary instructor recommended by Dr. Dautranje..."

Her eyes were charming and she was a beautiful woman with glasses.