Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Are the previous brave men geezers?

Though I pulled out my sword cool, I looked up into the sky and hardened.

"Pour it down, thunderstorm!" Blitz Regen "!"

The thunderstorm was pouring down on me.

"Eh," Demonic Sword "!

Activates the magic that was carved into the sword. A demonic sword that sucks up the surrounding magic and unfolds the magic blade.


With a sword with a magic blade, I slit the lightning and I retreat.

Blitzregen, a lightning intermediate spell. It is said to be one of the most threatening magics of ancient Islay.

Though it takes a lot of magic, chanting is almost inevitable because of the 'thunder itself' speed from short activation to landing. If it still hits, it can cause damage + paralysis, so it's a breakthrough magic that says it can be pursued.

Me, the boulder, stays like this (...) Then it sucks to do it decently.

Unstoppable thunderstorms capture me!

"Oh my God!!

Step on your feet and cut off the thunderstorms.

"!!... I didn't know you would prevent my (my) blitzregen..."

Lily roll's eyes sharpened.

Apparently you were going to make up your mind with the current magic.

Even if you don't decide, if you hit even one blow, you'll be paralyzed. You thought it would be easy to bump your paralyzed opponent. He never thought he could prevent it.

I certainly don't think even the top magicians can prevent what is now just a barrier. Even Alicia must have stumbled upon it.

All that magic, the lily roll blew out with the rain.

Lily roll, no...... Henrietta de Crestoria. The name of "The Princess Knight" doesn't seem to be Dada.

"But now!! ……

Next, the thunderballs start appearing around Henrietta, eventually enough to cover my sight.

It is the primary magic 'Lightning Bolt' in modern Islayl.

Because it's elementary, so many so far with no chants...!


Along with her ordinance, the fastest thunder arrow in elementary injection magic is released to me.

"Can you do this properly!

Thunderballs increase around Henrietta just for what you release.

To see where they don't come from all at once?

I think while avoiding lightning arrows on a piece of paper.

For now, lightning arrows are easier to catch than blitzregen, so let's not stop and run around now.

"'Blitz Regen'!

"Guru!... Shit!?

With just one shot, I reflexively prevented it with my sword because the thunder nearly caught me, stopping me in the foot.

Thunder arrows pouring down like you've aimed there.

I can't even put up a barrier. I even cut and bounce thunder arrows with a sword that unfolds a demonic sword.

"- Thundering impulse, violet lightning."

"What? No!?

As I struggled with the lightning arrows, my voice rang in a boiling cheer.

That one, no. That is seriously bad!!

This feeling of words penetrating the world,... superior magic!

"- Boom in the sky, flashing blow...! It is the wrath of God."

"In between, it doesn't fit!!

The number of thunder arrows is so high that they get busy killing me! Yabe, it's sealed up perfectly!


A huge lightning bolt that fell into the arena. A blow worthy of God's wrath silences even the arena audience and silence wraps the perimeter.

"... Ha... Ha!

Henrietta tries to calm her heart, which beats so fast that it hurts, by holding her chest down with her hands, but she doesn't stop.

It unleashed a tremendous amount of magic, albeit elementary and intermediate, that could be called barrage.

That's all I can say about the Great Magic anymore. But Henrietta even used superior magic and stabbed Todome.... Todome did not cause death or injury. For a week or two at most, my whole body is paralyzed and I have no doubt about my hospital life.

Henrietta remembered the best response. I only dressed (...) as an aristocrat but not an uncertain person.

Henrietta is immersed in the aftermath of victory while suppressing her squeaking chest.

If I were you now, I would always be ahead of me in magic, something that even stands alongside the admirer Alicia.

"Shit, it's settled. Ahhh!! Thunderbolt, the great magic of thunder! Not a single one of you eats this!!

MC boy students use microphones to scream as they break through the silence. In response, the venue shakes so loudly that it wraps up the arena.

Surprised to see the Great Magic Battle, those who forgot the words scream like crazy.

"Alicia in the commentary, what do you think of Henrietta's current sorcery?

Alicia, who was sitting next to the MC in the arena, nods and then grips the microphone.

"That was such a great flow right now. What will happen to me if I eat what I have... brilliant"

The coveted voice of Alicia also passed on to the arena, and Henrietta was too faint of joy.

"- But you can't defeat him to this extent"

A simple barrier that activates automatically was crushed.

Expanded to straighten out the multiple barriers of objective and magic barriers, which were slashed with a single knife (...).

"Become -"

In Henrietta's sight were two swords like a sword with emerald and pale gems. When those who use the gem understood it as courage, Henrietta was swinging through the Devil's Sword.

"Oops....... good response!

It is prevented by the treasure sword of Tsui, which has changed its spine backwards.

Dauntingly Henrietta was unleashing the magic of 'Lightning Bolt'.

Injection magic at close range. Lightning bolts activated at unavoidable distances do not scratch out the object.

"... the magic of fast moving."

"Uh... yeah. That place."

The man, who suddenly disappeared from sight, was poking a pale treasure sword at Henrietta's neck from behind.

Unboiled reply, but it didn't matter to Henrietta.

(This man... is better than me, swordsmanship...!)

Henrietta remembered the battle because of the overwhelming difference in skill.

"Even so, Henrietta de Crestoria. They just call me a boulder 'princess knight'. I didn't think I'd be checked out in this situation."

Yong smiles bitterly at the arrows of thunder that aim at him from behind and on both sides of him. With each other's royal hands hanging, neither can move.

No, well, I can get out if I want to.

But in such a great magical continuum, we were forced into a situation where we had to use the Jing Sword, which we had decided not to use, and this situation is still the case.... Even though I didn't pull the sword out, let's be clear, if they pushed me this far, it would be my loss, right?

And even though it's a magic school, one (me) doesn't use magic... bad for those who were expecting a magic battle, it's just a demon costume system that I can use in battle.

I can't use it even if I have the knowledge... but I do.

It's not very popular to be forced to win here.

What a thought, they played the sword.


I didn't take it off my hand to say it was bounced, so my arm turns up.

Long live with one hand.

"Eat it!


Henrietta, distancing herself the moment she played it, releases to me the thunder arrow that was keeping her waiting. Crouch down and bump them together to offset me while I flesh out to Henrietta.

"Damn... what a cod!

Henrietta prevents it with a fine sword. Gin, and the sword and sword collide, and become imminent.

"You're enough cod for that age. Isn't it just the Devil's Sword?

Henrietta tabulates the upset as funny.

"It's too puzzling. Keep a series of great magic class magic to show no magic depletion, and before that, the power is weird"

It's elementary magic that made me so busy that I wouldn't be able to move... Oh my God, that's impossible.

"MP Recovery and Magic Attack Increase (Boost).... and when it comes with automatic barriers...... Henrietta De Crestoria. You, are you wearing it? (...)"

"Become... Gu, why did you do that!!

Henrietta's face stains red with shame. Seeing it made me laugh.

"Phew, phew, haha! I don't know what kind of route you got, but it must have been a long time ago.

Because it is a delicacy that is very popular with old people because of its high performance, the distribution number itself should be low. I put it on my wife. I haven't burned up hard in a long time that night. Don't ask me that well. Clear!!

No. It's too funny to stop laughing.

"!! Here and now!

Avoiding imminence, Henrietta did the magic of acceleration unchanging and took a great distance from me.

"- Wind blowing in front of me, run through the sky wrapped in my pulsating lightning -!!"

Another chant that sounds like the world...... superior magic, which is also the integrated magic of wind and thunder!

"I see, I was also good at why you, the Magic Knight, are wearing a robe that is difficult to move. If you don't want to be seen sole (...), right? Sole has something to do with magical action, so you can't hide armor or anything. No, if I hide it, it makes no sense!

If my imagination was correct, what Henrietta was wearing would be something I gave to an acquaintance in Arakuney three years ago only an outline and a sorcery ceremony.

Since I was re-summoned here, I've seen clothes from my world… nurse clothes, etc., also because Arakunai created what I left behind.

... well put that aside, he should be wearing disgraceful clothes to the princess of one country right now.

"Is it just Sole (...) and Nieso besides the robe now? Uhihihihi, you exposed maniac! I'll expose you to the crowd!

Approximately right now I'm a brave man, I guess I'm on the villain side of a laugh that didn't sound like a protagonist before that.

But I can't stop laughing. Oh, no. My flank's starting to hurt.

"Ko, this outer road! Shame on you!

"It's Themé who's going to be ashamed of you now," Princess Knight. "Oh!

My win is no longer decided. I don't know how to take my robe off later...... Hmm, good hands come to mind.

"Suzube, thunderous whirlwind!" Thunder Storm "!"

Katin, I'll put my sword in my sheath and keep my hips low. It's a companionship.

A thunderbolt caught in the storm sets me loose. Integrated system magic that activates two magics together. The largest magic thunderstorm of all, multiplied by top magic.

There is no longer room for doubt. I don't know if it's because she's equipped with an array, but now she's a tactical sorcerer.


"You haven't. … Alicia and Sylvia are disaster (hazard) classes without a sole."

Katin, and the sound of a nagged sword again sounds.

"!? No way! ……

The storm is mutilated, the thunder is worn and fogged. Polar of sword strikes, the fastest and strongest blow scratched out the greatest magic.

I certainly would have taught Leo too... maybe Leo could already use it. Well, good. Now, it's a royal hand.

I stick my hand in my waist pouch and throw a throwing knife.


Katsun, and a knife thrust into the automatic barrier with a tall sound causes a small explosion the next moment.

It is a demonic application type, armored grenade (piercing bomb) type. Excellent to say that the tip of the knife pierces the barrier and slightly faces inside the barrier causing a small explosion.

The lack of much power and the difficulty of being prevented by protective equipment with anti-demon performance due to the concentrated magic of the explosion, but this time it should have only been damaged by robes with good anti-demon performance (...) thanks to it.

After finishing the Wild Bore, I was making improvements. That only helped!

"Yes, no!

After a flash of light, he hid his body to hold himself with both hands, and Henrietta shrugged.

From the gap in its arms, the old school swimsuit such as the standard white Zeke in blue... the old sku could be seen.

Henrietta De Crestoria was wearing an old man's delightful outfit called Old Sku on the Overney Socks!