Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Bloodthirsty instruction of an earlier brave man? Part 1

After that, although I had a controversy with Mr. Ariadne, I was asked to weave my uniform with White Sku safely, and after two days of returning from Altiera with Bernadette on my shoulder, I was doing my third class at Liswadia School.

"" Dima Jorge Tour Elementia "

This is probably the most commonly used word in Alexerian. Because it's the starting key to activate magic in any way.

Startup key. That's one of those elements that's not Islay.

The difference between the presence or absence of the start key can also be described as the difference between its composition and the way it is present. Keith, why do you think I'm not?

"I don't know!

"Being honest and loud is a good thing.

Differences between many magic languages, starting with Ishrael, and Alexerian. Well, to put it simply, Ishrael causes phenomena by forcing the power of the Spirit to interfere in the world, but Alexerian praises the Spirit, praises him, motivates him to interfere in the world... "

Explain as you write the translation of the previous word in chalk on the blackboard.

"" Dima Jorge Tour Elementia ". Translated," Please ask me, Spirit "... that feels good. Neither will the one who speaks Alexerian, but I hope you pay attention to 'Yorge'. If you use this as a 'jorg', you will be equal or lower than your opponent."

Surround some of the sentences in circles. Yes, I'll take the test here.

Galavan......... Galavan.


A bell in the clock tower of Lizwadia marks the end of the class.

As soon as the students start making noise, "It's over!"

I don't know what to say, but it doesn't change where the other world says it.

"Guys, I haven't finished class yet, have I?

Henrietta tells the students in a slightly tight way.

Henrietta looks at me this time from the students who fixed their line of crap. "Go ahead, move on," he said.

"Then we're done for today's class. Please."

"Stand up!... salute!

When Henrietta, the chairman of the class's committee, stands up, all the students stand up and thank me.

"" "" Thank you!

"Oops, tired."

At the end of the class greeting, the students make a scene.

Oh, my God, it's finally lunch break.

Lizwadia's classes have changed slightly and it has been decided that there is only one subject to be taught in a day.

Though I'll take a break along the way, I'll be tired of doing the same thing all the time for a few hours.

Well, there's a good reason to do the same class for a day, so I'm not complaining.

"This is quite a heavy labor for teachers, too."

Although it will be an elective in the afternoon, morning classes will always be.

Less time to breathe like this.

"Dr. Yashiro!


When I looked at you because I was called to gather various teaching materials, about five male students were approaching the teaching table.

"After school, are you free!?

... hey, why are you asking me with your eyes shining?

"Uh, yeah.... Are you free?

"Is it true!?

True, but something. If you say you're strong, Mr. Belly Pecosister has invited you to dominate Lizwadia's dessert, but, well, it wouldn't be a bad idea to prioritize student matters.

"Tell us about the magic battle!

"... to?

"It's a magic fight!

"We want to be strong and cool magicians like Dr. Yashiro!

"Me too!

Keith, not only you, but the boys around you come forward.

"............... strong and cool?

"" "" "" Yes!

The men nodded forcefully.

...... fu, fu.... I can't help but be told that much. There's no way I'm going to let my students go! Even if it's temporary, I'm a lecturer now, which means I'm their teacher!

"After school, we'll meet at the second workshop… First, let me see what you can do."

I put my arms around him and tell him to be cool with a more handsome face than usual.

To say that like a warrior in the war, Keith and the five other boys students,

"" "" "" Yes!

and replied with a big reply.

............... Something's good.

This feeling of being counted on!



When I was happy, I was suddenly called from behind.

Looking back, there was Mana Lurier, an eyeglass boy, and Eli Telestria, a cool brunette long boy.

"Wow, tell me too, tell me!


Mana's two hills, hidden in the robe, which lowered her head with momentum, made a noise and swayed (phantom hearing).

"Su, wow"

"It's the ultimate weapon of the second class of boulders."

"It's pinched...!

Behind me. The boys raise their admiration for the power.

Hmm! I've seen that kiyoko up close! That would be good!

"... Mr. Yashiro, he's stretching under his nose"


Physically quiet, gives a plainly awesome look when a cooler eli says she laughs niggly with no expression.

I'm a dundess-filled, dependable man, and I put my face back on a handsome face.

"So, what do you say we teach... a magic battle?

"Yes!... Me, I did poorly in my magic battle..."

Uh... yeah. I get it, I get it. I think those boobs are going to get tight. So shall we go in from the task of reducing those boobs? If I rub it and reduce it, my breasts will be smaller and Mana will be happy and I will be happy to rub my tits.

I think we can have a WIN WIN relationship with each other. How about that?


"Ghoo!?... Yes, all of a sudden, what the hell, Temee..."

Severe pain runs on my forehead with a dull sound. Even if the pain is delayed, I can see the cause of the pain and I see Eli (...).

"I won't let you touch Mana's tits except me"

The arm that extends to my forehead is as thick as a round too of a man standing in front of Eli, like a muscular, translucent ghost.

Alicia taught me that from around my lower body, I couldn't see it, only my upper body, and I knew it.

That is the Spirit Summon (Sammon Element).

The Spirit (Element), who is always beside and not beside.

A spiritual summons is like a derivation of a summoner (summoner) who uses the summoned subject and puts it under control.

Spirit Summoning and Normal Summoning (Sammon). Both need to be contracted with the subject of service, but the normal summons has a clear upward and downward relationship to the position. Of course, Summoner (Sammon) is the master.

In contrast, the Spirit Summoner (Element Summoner) is said to be a covenant on an equal footing with the Spirit.

Alicia certainly also said that it was important for her friends and companions to be aware of saying so.

Eli's Spirit, shaped by the red light, returns the fist he swung at me, arms up and stands behind Eli.

"I didn't expect the Spirit to decopin"

"Dr. Yashiro is probably a warrior in the war.... just a fist swinging in the dark clouds, it won't reach"

"So it went to oddity," he said.... never again, eh?

"I know.... If it's through, I didn't even need a decopin"

Me and Eli are going across the street. Behind Eli, the Spirit (Stand) arms up and waits for the showdown.

When the tension that arose between us reached its climax, Sole moved.

"Yashiro Sensei!

"Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot."

Mana with slight tears.... hey, what is this strange feeling? Yes, this was like that time when I was questioning the receptionist who wasn't a big tit from Luxeria...



"I'm the only one who can cry mana"

"I don't think you'll ever guess again."

"If Mana hadn't made me cry, I'd be the one losing"

"It's a special victory... there's no third time, right?

"head-on battle... take it and stand"

"Shit, listen to me properly, Doctor!

They pissed me off.

"So, what is it? You want to take Mana too?


Mana nodded forcefully.

Hmmm... it's good to be motivated, but yeah, you can't let him improve that easily, can you? I'm the basic wizard.

But you don't have the strength.

"Yeah, well, Mana rests right away."

The boys say a bitter mix of laughter.

Sure, you don't look like a magic swordsman type. I'd rather look like a researcher type.

"Eh... so, but... me, I'll do my best!

Mana looks at me with tears in her eyes.

... Hmm. You seem to be aware of your lack of strength.


"Okay. Mana's good too."

"Ho, is that true!?

Pah! And Mana with her face up and a smile on her face.

Next to it, Eli - Eli's Spirit raises his hand.

"Don't let the Spirit raise your hand. If you have any questions, raise your own hands."

"Naturally, I'm in too"

It wasn't even a question.

Seven of us............ this is getting us into trouble.

"Do you mind?... Whoa, whatever you want. After school?"

"" "" Yes!



I was glad that I was counting on you, and I walked out to the staff room, refreshed as I was about to get a nigga.

"... so I did put out an OK, but... why are you both here?

When we arrived at the workshop, there were the boys, Mana and Eli, and Alicia and Henrietta.

"Mm-hmm. Because I'm my wife."

"Hey idiot, don't. I have a suspicion about my Loricon."

Alicia, you bastard... I stopped wearing cats around me step by step from the cumming out in the meantime!

"Wow, I just can't forgive a shameless teacher like you!

Kick, Henrietta with a sharp eye on me.

Henrietta thinks I'm a total pervert from one of these things in Henrietta.

... No, I'm definitely a pervert with nothing to do with it? I don't know what to say, they still think it's Lolicon.

Well, I'll tell you what, you'll be following me in class like you just did, and I think you admitted it...

"Is it okay? I'm not going to tell you that much."

"" "Huh?" "

Men who are visibly disappointed by my words. Mana seems a little sorry too.

"The first thing I'm going to teach you is, 'If you're human,' a technique that uses the potential magic of anyone... walking, to be exact."

Unfortunately for the students elsewhere, I turn around behind them in an instant.

I suddenly disappeared from my sight and in a flash appeared behind me, all but Alicia's students surprised me.

... Only Henrietta could see a little joy in the surprise and wanting to see it.

I realized you could teach me this.

"You even made this look light when you fought Henrietta, didn't you? … teach this walking technique," Trespassing ""