Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Moon and Night, Wreck March [1]

That was the night the red moon was turning red and black as if it were blood.

"Not at all, you're creepy..."

A man with a liquor bottle in his right hand and walking in an unbundled foothold saw a red moon floating to sit in the night sky, feeling uncomfortable stabbing his spine in drunkenness.

Today was a bad day. At work, my men are going to be a jerk and the blame will come this way, the first time I tried to go for a drink, I could only drink properly because of the brunette with the meal.

There were a few others, but today was a rough day for the man.

When the moon hides in the clouds, the man moves on fluttering down a shadowless street.

"Shit, I'm in the way!

Because of his frustration, the man moves on fumbling just to scream like that even when he bumps into a shadow that suddenly appears.



The man stopped moving to the sound of a sudden beep.


"What? This sound."

Katakata Katakata......

The man got creepy at the sound of it going on standing up.

"Hey, is that you?

Asked the shadow that had been hit earlier, the shadow returned it with a sound.

"Stop it, you can't do that!

If the man wasn't drunk and was bare, I would have noticed.

The shadow was not a man, while he looked like a man.

"Hey Temee - Damn...!?

At the same time as the clouds cleared, the man died in an instant feeling the pain of running to his chest.

Illuminated by the red moon, it was a demon born above a man's bones, the Skull Warrior.

Dozah, and you lose interest in the man who just lay the sound down on the ground, Scalwarrior flips his bloody sword in one hand and walks out with a rattle of noise.

Kata, Kata, Kata Kata.

Then he joins the other wreckage soldiers on the way, and the different wreckage soldiers join him again.

repeated it several times, the number of wreckage soldiers who reached the boulevard

Katakata Katakata!!

It was over a hundred.

"Prior Brave Men"

"Mana, wake up... eh"

"Huh... Eli? What's the matter with you? At night like this."

Student dormitories at Lizwadia College. Sleeping in one of those second-grade dorms, Mana Lurier woke up rocked by her alumni and best friend Eli Telestria.

When I take my glasses off the shelf near the bed with a hand I'm used to, it's dark around and I can tell it's night.

"Something is happening. Get ready."

Always a faceless Eli Telestria was in a hurry for that look.

"Ugh, yeah."

While somewhat surprised by the appearance of her very unusual best friend, Mana rose out of bed and changed from sleeping rolls to personal clothes.

And I finally started to wake up in my head where I wore my college robe.

"... screaming?

Finish your ears and you'll hear screams and sword strikes coming from afar.

"Mana, hurry up"

It was Eli's words hurrying Mana that came back to the words one whined about.


Mana and Eli walked out of the dormitory room with a handful of handouts from Yong.

"Into the College! Hurry up!

"Upper classmates, direct the lower classmates! They'll be here soon!!

Angers and screams, and waves of people. The two of them out of the dorm saw a flock of people evacuating to the college.


"Looks like a demon broke in.... and there are so many of them, I think"

"Ma, demon!? So, but the college has a connection...!

Lizwadia has developed a kingdom for antidemons, focusing on the School of Magic. Because this is a magical stream flowing from Luxeria, built on the 'dragon vein'.

It uses its flowing magic to create a strong bond that doesn't send demons.

"... torn. That's all I can think about."

Mana's head turned bright white, and she stepped on her feet, although she was about to lose her mind.

Lizwadia School of Magic. The junction that protects the city, consisting of its college, did not allow the invasion of the ferocious demons of the forest, even three years ago.

In this magic school, which lasted about a thousand years, the line was broken, never broken.

I understood the seriousness of the matter, but I fainted.

"I can't get it together. I'm evacuating now. … we might be able to help."

"Eli...... yeah. Come on!"

Thank you in my heart for Eli's words that worry me about myself even in such an emergency, and take that Eli's hand and Mana runs out.

"I wonder if the Yashiro teachers are safe..."

"Probably safe.... that guy is going to kick some demons in the ass and move on"

"Pfft, haha! That could be true!

In Eli's words, for some reason, the courage to unleash a yakuza kick and kick the demon in her head flowed. I don't know, it seemed more of a fitting role than nature, and Mana couldn't stop laughing.

"Yeah.... so the teacher is fine. First my own, my life."

"Okay, Eli."

The two girls, running with a strong grip on their hands, nodded in the crowd.

"Here we are. Ooh!! The upperclassmates... Grr!?

A male student attempting to alert him dies under the long sword of a Skull Warrior.

"You bastard!

A wreck soldier who cut and killed a male student is exposed to explosion flames and blows up.

but a large army of wreckage soldiers pushes over as they kick through the shattered bones!

"Too many! Widespread magic!

"Me!" Flame Wall "!

A female student comes forward and activates magic. The flames burn the ground and raise the pillars where they hit the wreckage soldiers.

Though he ashed more than half of them, he crosses that flaming wall and the wreckage soldiers make a dry noise and loom.

"What the heck, these guys...... not just skull warriors!

"Strong, and moving fast!

The original skull warrior is said to be such a weak demon alongside a goblin.

Low-level demons that can be dealt with by the students of this college even by the junior classmates, whose necromancers attached to the remains of the dead just get lost with their weapons.

"Damn, hurry up, the teachers - guh!?

"Jorda!! These, the geeks. Ahhh!!

"Wait, Thor! These guys aren't just skull warriors! We have to deal with this calmly."

"Jorda's no good, ah... crap... ah"


Upper classmates at the Lizwadia School of Magic are struggling with the wreckage soldiers who should be low-level demons, causing many casualties.

"... who the hell is this bad guy..."

Lizwadia School of Magic, "President of the Student General Council," the head of all students attending that college. Conis Lurier asks the armed students as they are escorted around.

With her brown hair set aside and glasses hanging, she continues to think with her hands on her chin while fixing the position of the glasses.

"It's not human work to break the millennial guardian bond and prepare a skull warrior that can fight more than just each other with the elite classmates."

Connis looks back and continues to ask the silver-haired girl, who is kneeling and hands on the ground.

"A wizard who laid his hands on the contraindication that the previous brave men allegedly defeated him,... is it?

"It's very likely."

The silver-haired girl stood up and nodded as she hand-paid the dust on her knees.

"A wicked sorcerer once conquered by my sisters,"

So the silver-haired girl...... Alicia looked up to stare at the red and black moon,

"One who was once human, the seventh Duke (Duke) class." Necromancer "Umbra. … wrong in his hand, there will be no"

I answered that.