Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Moon and night, the march of the wreckage [5]

"... why is Yong here?

Alicia, away from me, sounds questionable.

"You were here.

Now that I don't know what Umbra's purpose is, you're the best person I can protect. "

Yeah, I look around while I put the hood back on deep.

All the teachers and students waiting outside the magic team were limping to see if they had any idea what was going on.

Well, I guess so. If all of a sudden a bunch of black bastards show up, that's what happens to everyone. That's what happens to me.

By way of example, I'm, uh, dressed in black from "Darkness Executor," which I should have sworn I would never wear again.

Moreover, they had been remodeled on their own, eliminating the embroidery of the flames that were on the sleeves and ends of the coat, a coat that instead became ver.2.0 with belts all over the coat.

... Grandma, I didn't know you'd put another blow after choosing people's old wounds.

They did tell me to fix the hood or something and they gave it to me, but I didn't know it was remodeled. Hey.

So, it's me, but like I said, I was putting it up close to protect Alicia.

I don't know what Umbra's purpose is anymore, but I'm glad Alicia didn't get attacked.

"Thanks, Yong"

"Hey, where are you going, Alicia?"

Taking off her coat and dropping it on the spot, Alicia started walking in her dress.

I asked because those eyes were slightly more serious, but I knew more or less the words that would come back.

"Not naturally. Your sisters wouldn't be stopping here, would they?

There are still demons out there. Then it's the royal family that gives peace of mind to the people as soon as possible?

Alicia, who laughed at Kusuri, looked overlapping on Sylvia, and...

"Olivia, even your sister would definitely say that.

He was the eldest daughter of Alicia and the others (...) He also looked overlapping.

"Yong,... can you help me?

"I can't refuse a favor from you guys."

To Alicia's words, I pull out the two swinging crystal swords that were on my sheath.

"Yong! I brought you here!

"Coming, old man"

From near the entrance to the clock tower, you can hear a man's wild voice. It's a macho elf, a gilley old man.

"The referrals are cluttered. Hey."

"I have a beautiful wife. That's enough for Leah!

"Heck, yeah.... is the Krukel you were asking for. Gooska, I was asleep, so I kicked your ass."

"K, Kuke ~..."

"You can sleep in this situation. You're awesome in a way."

Give me the d big bird my old man had with one hand.

A silver feathery bird, Zulva.

"Silver......, Schwartz and Weiss child?

Alicia looks at the silver Krukel and asks when she realizes it with wings. By the way, Alicia also knows about Schwartz and Weiss.

"Ooh. I owe you one from Sylvia."

"What's your name?

"Kuke? Kuke"

"Ugh. Yes, you say Zulva? That's a good name."

Alicia, who heard while stroking Zulva's couché, apparently got her name out of Zulva herself.

"Well, I'm done showing my face. Zulva, get Alicia on board."


Zulba, who moved and saluted his wings like a hand, sat in front of Alicia to put Alicia on board.

"Shh. What will Yong do?

Alicia asks while riding Zulva.

"I still named myself a brave man once.... we have to save the crisis, right?

With the pale and blue devil's sword in my hand, I ran out.

When I say human, it is quite heavy.

Even the twelve-year-old girls, for example, don't change that.

"You're not going any faster!? They'll catch up to you!

"Ko, I can't do this any more!

"If one gets off, it'll be two passengers, me and Mana, and it'll be lighter"

"You just told me to fall in the dark!?

"Oh, don't get violent ~!"

Mana, Eli rides behind the mana, and Henrietta crosses a row in front of the mana.

As the girl is said to fly with as many as three human beings on board, the best of them, as Mana said, returned to Henrietta's words, cannot accelerate any further, cannot shake off the rotten dragon approaching from behind, and its distance gradually narrows.

"Knock.... please keep flying straight, Mr. Mana?

"What? Huh!?

Henrietta, irritated by this situation, turns backwards... in the form of facing Mana, turning her wand towards the impending rotten dragon.

"Blitz Regen!"

A lightning bolt was released from the tip of the wand, capturing a rotten dragon.


"Hmmm.... as expected, right"

Though the lightning dragon was blown out of one wing, it still turns toward Henrietta and the others.

"I'm flying even though my wings are gone.... magic?

"Sounds like it. Perhaps this incident was the work of the Duke, who once manipulated and tormented the warriors of the previous generations."

Huh, and a wand swung by the wind. Then, a thunderball appears around Henrietta, and its sword is released to the rotten dragons. Though the blow is weak, the scales as strong as the armor of the Decaying Dragons collapse into the magic of continuous fire like Magingan, and are shot down.

"Yes... what do you know?

Eli asks Henrietta for a mouthful as if she were in the occasion.

"... ho, I just read it in a book. Volume VIII of" The Herald of the Brave "features" Umbra, "an external path that transformed one of the cities into a Garden of the Necromancer.

At that time, the collaboration between the Virgin and the High Elf warrior broke down… "

"Ahhh! You know, it's terrible to find out, Master Henrietta! Wow, wow, I was looking forward to it!

"I see, the emotional type?

"Now is not the time to talk about irrelevant things!?

Henrietta shoots down a blushing but flying rotten dragon with a thunderball.

When the number of shots down rose to double digits, Henrietta paid to clasp her hands as she pounded her tongue.

"That's a hassle......" Blitz Regen ""

A thunderstorm pours from above to a rotten dragon so much that counting is a hundred million hijacks.

Turning the night into day, after so much light overflowing his sight, thunderbolts rang and lightning burned out many rotten dragons.

"... the boulder is," The Princess Knight ""

The overwhelming battle in front of me causes my cheeks to tide like Eli, who doesn't show much expression, was excited.

But Henrietta's face at the time is not excellent.

"I can't believe it can only be dropped to this extent... it's still a dragon breed to say it's inferior"

Henrietta tongues in armor of scales more robust than expected.

"Normally, I can't defeat you so much"

"If it's normal, it's not called" The Princess Knight "or anything!

Henrietta keeps shooting lightning and thunderballs in a row with that answer.

But an earlier blow had made the enemy strongly aware of Henrietta's presence, and so many rotten dragons had begun to gather that the magic of Henrietta could not keep up.

"They're gathering more and more!"

Even though he masterfully manipulates and tries to shake it off by twisting between buildings, Rotten Dragon can't swing inside fast either.

"Eh... too many"

Eli punches her tongue as she smashes the jaw of a rotten dragon trying to eat her mouth open with a spirit (stand).

"Me, parallel activation is the limit of two, right?

Henrietta continues to unleash her magic while laughing invincibly but feeling cold things in her spine.

"Uh-huh... Huh?

The three were struck by a storm.



"Something (...), went through!

Xu stopped in the air without dropping the three girls riding while spinning two or three revolutions.

"What the hell!?

The girls saw. The rotten dragons who had come earlier to eat themselves touched and scattered the aftermath (...) of something that shone through the sky at an overwhelming speed, turning it into a piece of flesh.

"... Somebody, I'm here"

Eli looked in the direction in which something (...) would have been unleashed and captured it.

It's like a shadow dressed in a dark black outfit.

"No way, that's hah!... a mysterious swordsman who appeared in the Grad wilderness, that everything but his name is riddled with mystery"

The princess of Crestoria, the kingdom of the knight who was sending troops in the war ahead, sees the figure and opens her eyes.

"Death Giving Wind (Stormbringer), also known as Darkness Executor!... Why is he here!?

Its presence, as if it could take the night, was the eyes behind its hood, looking up at the sky.