Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Moon and night, the march of the wreckage [7]

"Heh heh!?

"…… (Alicia, Good Job)"

"(Nfu. Out of the way)"

It was Bernadette who attacked me, but on the way down, he pulled his legs in chains, hung upside down, and hit the building wall with a bitter sound from his face.

Like this... like an iron ball using the principle of a pendulum.

By the way, the chains tangled in Bernadette's feet are magically made.

"Damn... I can't believe Lieselion's princess was connected to the Demon Clan!

"Chick, you asshole, Sister," who would be mad at me for unintentionally giving out words?

Damn, you're not thinking about saying this guy is short-circuited or anything!?

"... Unfortunately, I'm human. I'm not a demon. It's just a rumor."

"You can't just destroy hundreds of dragon zombies with your sword."

Well, that's for sure.

I was almost convinced that...

"That's it, Church Agent"

Tah, and Zulba stepped down in front of us with a small footstep.

Alicia on that back unleashed words of restraint as she drifted in style, unsuitable for her age.

For Bernadette in reverse hanging condition.

"His presence is guaranteed by Lieselion and The Witch of Time.... he's a human being."


When Alicia said with some intimidation, Bernadette mumbled.

That's right.

I said coverage or something, but now I'm like, "Ah? If you're going to say anything more," Lieselion "and" The Witch of Time "won't shut up, will you? 'Cause it's like threatening.

Only Lieselion one country will still manage.

But selling a fight to Norn, the Witch of Time, makes the story a little complicated and violent.

You figured that out, Bernadette pointed his mouth in a rude way... you can't be a serial. You are.

"Uh... agent, don't worry. I'll show you proper evidence. You know how the golem works?

"Yeah, yeah. I know?

"Right. Then it's good to talk fast."

I pick up the two demon guns that Bernadette dropped when he was tied up and crashed into the wall, and point the muzzle at Bernadette.


Then Bernadette peels out his hostility and stares at him.

I'm not distracted from my enemies, I just can't get my eyes off me.

I pulled the trigger without distracting myself from that gaze.

Biku! It was Bernadette, who trembled and kept his eyes open, but tilted his neck at the fact that no magic bullet would ever be fired.

"I don't have magic. So I can't use a demon gun, and I can't create a golem.... that is. I'm like a piece of magic, not the Demons. A new question would have arisen, but just think of it as not the Demon Clan."

Bernadette nodded with surprise, cocoon. In a reverse hanging condition.

"It's strange when it comes to that. I thought if you were a Demon, you'd be convinced that it was rumored to be the Eighth Duke."

"... uh, Nandedaloune. Fushigidaney. danevsey"

I'd like to hear the origin of the rumor that I'm a Duke too.

If I could find a way out, I could feed him the spear carpet bombing.

"Why is that?

"I don't know. I'm listening! Maybe that one, huh? It's a new theory to say that because strength is all over the creature, because you let Terrakio retreat in the monster equals demon tribe, with a dutch-like strength. I mean, it's the eighth duke. - Don't make me say it. It's embarrassing!


"I'm sorry. Come on, you bad boob girl! This is Stormbringer. Two names only make me hungry! And if some idiot doesn't want to, he's about to get killed because of some embarrassing rumors, you bear bread!

"Ghaaaa! Let me down, please! Please let me down!!

When Bernadette finally realizes his situation, he holds down his wrapped skirt with his hands, while he remains upside down hung.

without defying gravity. Slit skirts cannot hide Bernadette's legs.

"(Yong, I don't have time for no kid Sister. The air swung wide. Probably coming)"

The communication stone on his ear shook gently and Alicia's voice came through.

I guess. As measured, it's before dawn.

Those who belong to the devil, the night is not the day, but the original sphere of activity.

And the darkest time before dawn is when they become most active and capable.

"... here I come!

It's a magic formation. Big magic formations cover the city sky without interruption.

I felt so much magic from the other side of the magic formation that even I could see it without magic.

"This magic formation...... no way, a transfer formation!?

This voice is probably Henrietta.

And because he felt more magic than me, he was a voice similar to a scream. And the next moment, like eating through a magic formation, 'Sole' appeared.

"... come on, you're serious"

What emerged from it was the ancient dragon Enchanted Dragon, which I should have defeated once.

His real name is the Dragon King (Vahmund).

Is it easier to understand what Bahamut is saying?

Talked alongside the oldest dragon (Elder Dragon) called the ancestor of the dragon, it is the culmination in the natural world that presides over Mori Luo Wang.

The strongest being in the category of saying dragon.

Even as the dragon king rotted his flesh, he was descending.

"(Golden evil eye on four wings, rotten but definitely. That's Vahmund, Alicia!

"(That was a joke!?


I heard Alicia screaming through the communications stone and I accidentally held my ear. It doesn't make any sense.

"Hey, what a size......!

Seeing a giant body about the size of this college clock tower, he shrugs as Mana waves.

"... if that thing goes wild, the school will be screwed up"

Eli says as she looks at him.

That's right. It is a dragon the size of the Tokyo Tower. It's a catastrophe just to move forward. The Monster King is also on a bright blue scale.

"... I want to be manipulated."

While everyone can't hide their upset, I guess I'm the only one who sees the end of a once relative enemy and finds it pathetic.

I sighed when I looked into the guy's eyes, who couldn't even feel the dust.

"I can't feel the intelligence in him right now. Dragon Language (Drago Lore) is more than unusable. I'm not the one you can't defeat."

I used to struggle with him.

The big reason for this is dragon language magic. Assuming the immense magic that dragons are proud of, the defense is strong, and the attack is powerful enough to break the earth.

Even me in the holy sword state will take some time to protect him and pierce the dragon scales.

Well, as long as it falls out, I'm done wrecking my heart later.

"Gather your strength and you'll have enough to fight."

Not enough to use the holy sword. I can't take a big fat ass that I just have to bust.

"Oh, that's all you can take down that giant dragon!?

"Fortunately, there are many powerful people here. The damage to the city will be enormous, but it is possible. Wait for the worst morning and you'll be wiped out."

"... that the only way to contain the damage is to defeat it quickly?

"Don't be."

I nod back to Eli's question and look at Bernadette.

I am in a bad fight with my skirt.

"Belle,... with a church agent. Why don't you put your hands together?

"Damn, get me down faster than that!

I don't know if it's because of the upside down hanging, but Bernadette asks so with his face bright red.

Well, I know why.

"(Please, Alicia)"

Tell Alicia through the communications stone, but the magic chains tangled in Bernadette's feet won't go away.

"(... Alicia?

It's magic that should go away quickly, but it never goes away, and when I turn around thinking it's strange, I hold my neck to myself, quietly, the appearance of Alicia suffering unexplained.

Alicia, trying to scream, I whispered.

Because you're gonna find out who you are? Idiot. I'd love to take a slow trip, but can you say that before your buddy's crisis?

There's a reason.


Something black drifting around Alicia's neck (...) and behind that Alicia, fingers up in her mouth, quietly (...) and signs, dressed in a worn robe, the look of him.

"(Huffle.... Long time no see)"

Its mouth, shadowed with a robe softly on, hung as if it had been torn.

"(Is this the second time I've seen you in person like this?

His voice reaches directly into his brain via Alicia's communication stone.

"(Umbra, what the hell!!

"(Huffle. Let's make a deal)"

That's what he said, Alicia (...) hoisted her mouth.

"(Don't you move.... you don't have to say what this one presents, do you?

Alicia slapped her chest lightly to knock with her hand, distorting her beautiful face wide.

"(... Now put it on the scale.

Sister of your beloved women, or the lives of those who have absolutely nothing to do with you!

Huuuuuuuuuu....... Come on, show me. The glow your soul shows!!