Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Moon and night, the march of the wreckage [9]

"Mr. Alicia!?

The girl with the characteristic blonde hair came running over in a panic.

"What about you?

"I am Henrietta De Crestoria. Alicia and I are classmates!

That's what the girl with the tears in her eyes calls herself, peeking into the princess I'm about to hold.

"... it's okay. I'm just a little tired because of what happened."

"Gu... I'm glad you're okay..."

On her knees and gently lowering the princess to the ground, the princess answers so bitterly, Henrietta.

The curly haired girl, who named her, hugged the princess and began to cry.

Seeing the sight, I felt my anger burning deep inside my chest.

"Henrietta. Can I have the princess, please?

"Huh?... Yikes!


I stand up and grab the pattern of the Devil's Sword. [M] The Devil's Sword beyond its height, given by Princess Lilith, is the Great Sword of Dragon Killer, The Tenryu Sword Fafnir.

I pulled out the dragon killer demon sword that trapped the power of a fierce dragon, and I was the one trying to discuss Umbra, but I accidentally stopped my leg.


"... you've done as you please, Umbra"

Because it was precisely the moment when a man in black, like he was taking the night, leaped out in front of Umbra, the seventh Duke class who was static in the air, and now waved down his double sword.

"Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... the angry burning soul is red brilliant and very beautiful. … I only touched your scales"

But the pale and emerald swords never captured Umbra, and the blade stopped in front of him.

"That's a... magic barrier... Huh!

It appears to have been inhibited by an invisible wall because in fact the wall exists there.

The wall, knitted with magic, cannot be broken without enough magic (...) to break the barrier or curse the barrier, or a weapon with the ability to penetrate the barrier.

Therefore, a physical attack by a double sword, however strong, is prevented.

The sword of a man in black was also prevented.

"I touched the scales,... I'm not leaving you alone, am I?

I should have.


Guy, I found Umbra surprised. Because the air that seems to be spare collapsed.

I smashed through the barrier (...) twisting my right leg and releasing a toenail kick with my left leg shaken up by that recoil.



The kick you unleashed right after the special yakuza kick that pulled out the barrier does not hit the umbra and kicks the sky.

I don't have the ability to fly in the air, so gravity captures me there and I fall.

I stepped on it when I could be stopped with a second kick, but apparently that prediction fell off.

Umbra who only whined one word and took a distance, but...... let him get away. You touched something important to me, didn't you? I'm sorry I had to punch you in the face!!

I thought so and tried to step in, and he was slammed to the ground.

"It's a good place to take it... but I got it because it was a good time, right?

And zdong!! and a crimson sword the size of my height with the roar pierced the umbra and sewed him to the ground. And it was handsome of you, Tenjo Haixiang, who descended without sound next to the great sword that stood.

"... no, good. Thank you for helping Alicia. Now let's hit it."

Are you saying that you owe zero?


When I answered that, handsome, you snorted with a crunch and a laugh, "I get it," he said.

"... Now umbra. I need you to throw up a lot... from what? I'll give you a choice at first."

I ask as I approach Umbra, sewn up by a great sword. My voice gets low, but I can't help it. It's time to be serious. It looks beautiful.


"Dude, dude, dude, the Necromancer"

I tell you, handsome, to provoke with a cold out voice whether you are annoyed by the silent umbra.

Me and you handsome, the two men all pack up in Umbra without even trying to hide their frustrations.


And we caught a glimpse of the madness that was so beautiful that we took a step back.

"Ki-hee, ki-hee!! Shini, Shini, Shini, Shini, Rashiyi! Bouldering Word Evasoled End (Shima) a. Daga, dare you! Boulder, TO!! Rare no Hyun-je, permanent (twa) no hero! Life no mystery no embodied!! Kihihihi, jealousy, jealousy! Stay Tata! Kono 500 Years Ha Waste Dehana Cutta!! Dismantling (Rose) Sacetecle! Dismantling Sacero! I ga forever no proposition no answer e see seyo!! Kihihihihihihihihihihihi!!! Cerebellar Medullary Palsy, Eye Crisp Drainage, Nerve Drainage Kick Stripping Gasi, Blood Flow Blowing Up Lo!! Life and Ha Something! The essence of soul toha how!!...... human toha nica!!! Tell me the truth! Show me!!!!

And negative forces boiling from him. So visible that it rises to the sky like wolf smoke.

My body reacted on its own, ripping his head off. Thoughts caught up with the body of Umbra, which grew and disappeared like ash, and the body that finished acting, and I turned my gaze to the ancient dragon.

"... it's not good, it's not good"

An ancient dragon that died once and was revived as a rotten dragon (dragon zombie). Of what I said is resurrection, dragon zombies. It's just an unintelligent monster to mausoleum the living.... was.

"UMBRA... you put the troublesome thing down and turned it into a souvenir."

A dragon that once lived more than the ancients who were at the top of Morinawan as dragon kings. Those golden eyes caught me.

"Yu, sha... yu sha... brave man!!

And after a roar that literally shook the world,


I don't understand what it means, the dragon's true words echoed in my ear.

Shit, I knew it. I don't know why, but the ancient dragons are back in intelligence!

"Brave men?... are we after them?

The handsome man with the great sword on his back. You put the question to his mouth... yeah. Maybe it's about me. Or I think I'm the only one buying his grudges.

"Well, braver than that. Can you understand the dragon language you're chanting right now?

Provide a topic to mislead the conversation gently. Let's ask the experts.

"That's Dragon Costume/Angry Dragon Qi (Dragonic Race)... It's the top magic of Angry Dragon Qi"

Angry Dragon Qi (Dragonic Rage) is a type of Dragon Qi (Dragonic Aura) system that is located in a reinforcing system within the Dragon Language (Drago Lore).

I don't know deep down, but Grandma said, "If you use it, the world looks different." They can improve performance enough (Said the Holy Sword has enough power to change the world....... can grandma use both if you say so)

I guess it would be awesome to be that superior magic.... Can't you stop using the Holy Sword on boulders?

"I think I'm the only one who can stop the guy right now.... you're definitely the black executor Darkness Executioner, right?

When I'm about to get ready, handsome, you suddenly call me by my abomination.

Don't call me by that name. Ah!

"... oh"

Well, didn't they call you Death Giving Black Wind (Storm Bringer) or something?

Nodding as you compromised on your own mind, handsome you walked out to the ancient dragon.

"I'll leave the princess of Lieselion to you.... I owe her sister, Sylvia. You can't hurt her in the aftermath of battle."

You owe Sylvia? No, with that said, handsome. You heard in Luxeria's public discourse that you fought Leonhardt, the supposed Kingsguard, to defeat Wentus.... Sylvia put Leo under your protection?

"I heard from The Witch of Time that you knew Sylvia and the others, too. So I'll take care of it."

That said, handsome thing about you, Heavenly Castle Haixiang rushed out for the ancient dragon.