"Okay, and. Can we do this?

"Oh.... sorry, thanks"

"Never mind, Mr. Company."

I roped together household items, starting with bedding, and handsome you helped me put them on Zulva's back. I don't have to say anything. I'm a personable person around the corner where the words "I'll help you" come out.

This is so hot, of course.


"Goddamn it, I'm glad I did."

Zulva, with her luggage on, sounds out of the way, but in a good mood.

Konnya, you don't seem to think this is bad, either, for hanging me upside down and swinging me around.

"What are you going to do now? If you have time, why don't you meet the Sisters?

Those twin tails are Harlem. I don't have very good memories of Twin Tails, do I?

"Uh...... But why don't you stop seeing Ceci for a second?"

You look handsome and you smile bitterly as I scratch your cheeks when I think about the words I say no.

What, that reaction... Yes, I have a bad feeling...

"After you disappeared, Sy was quite worried. I said it too strongly, and so on.... So, after Mr. Norn tells me, the next time I see him, I'll punish him for making me worry! I'm so breathless. Maybe if I saw him now, I'd eat two shots a shot."

You say handsome with a laugh.

Hey, come on, it's not if you're laughing.

"So... you're right, I'll tell the sisters, do you have anything to tell them?

"Uh... tell me you're sorry for worrying"

I don't have anything else to tell you.

"Okay, sweetheart."

You nodded handsome. You've offered me your right hand.

"Hmm?... Shake hands?

"Oh. You couldn't say hello or send it out when you were in Luxeria, could you? So,"

That said, handsome. You looked at me with an eye that made me feel strong will.

"Be well.... I'll see you."

It's not stopping my journey, he asks me to promise him a reunion.

He doesn't know I'm a brave man. He thinks I'm an ordinary man without magic.

Normally, I would say stop being such a danger. Yes, it's dangerous.

This is a different world. If you say it in terms of danger, it greatly surpasses that of Japan.

There are also many murders and robberies, a world where demons even appear.

But when he found out about it, he sent me a blessing on my journey and told me to meet him alive.

... a really good guy. I have to change my attitude. That's rude.

"Ooh, see you later.... er, Tenjo-kun?

"Seashore is fine, company."

When I asked holding hands, he replied with a bitter smile.

"Then I'll be brave and good too."

"!... ok. Yong."

Me and you handsome man, no... this is the first time Haixiang has become a 'friend', not an acquaintance who has come together from the original world.



"Oh! Be careful!


A brunette boy like me walks alongside a big bird with his stuff next to him.

Waving loudly, he shouts farewell words.

Company courage. He's caught up in our recall, just ordinary people.

Soon after we gave each other our names, we went to train at Mr. Norn's, and he stayed on the journey, the boy from his hometown.

Knowing that he was devoid of magic, he had taught himself the art of protecting himself under Mr. Norn, the head of the Luxeria Alliance.

I was surprised when I first asked the princess that, and I felt sorry for her.

His way of life has changed dramatically as a result of his involvement in our recall.

And when we were summoned, there was no hand or foot on the demonic Agniera opponent, and he let the girl who dreamed of the knight die.

I thought I was sorry. Be brave,...... to her too.

And he grieved for his powerlessness, and gained the same strength as their demons in death and madness. And because of that, I was able to save him.

"Good.... I didn't have to die until he did."

Fighting demons manipulated by Necromancers that happened the other day.

In the meantime, he seems to have been there.

If we had come late, we would have killed not only Bravery... but many others as well.

"... yes, I forgot!

Yes, I've come out in the middle of reconstruction work to get people across the street who will be arriving by now.

"... with good health"

I saw Bravery leave again. [M]

He disappeared into the crowd crossing the road and I couldn't see him anymore.

Running through the crowd takes time, so I run over the building.

Magically enhanced bodies allow such animated things to happen.

At the south entrance, which leads to the lost forest, there were two luxurious carriages and horses carrying them.

A blonde woman with black skin descends from one of the leading cars and turns her gaze towards the sea shore.

"Lady's not gonna keep you waiting, is she?

Still young, the woman, in her early twenties or so, said that as Haixiang approached her, to be a little kidding.

"Sorry, I've been talking to an acquaintance I haven't seen in a long time..."

Apologizing, she grins with a compelling grin, and turns her gaze to the carriage.

"I don't mind. We just got here, too."

Apart from the brown-skinned woman, the other comes out of the carriage.

Green eyes on white skin. The beautiful beauty of the young leaves shines like a jewel in the sun.

A girl dressed like a so-called witch's garment, characterised by red and white, is still young to say, and if you say it at age, a little girl about 8 comes out of the carriage in a slow act.

"Torre. Stop teasing the brave."

"Hehe. I understand," Witch of Time. "

The beautifully haired girl with pointy ears and the blonde woman seem to be the lead obedient and somewhere in a shattered relationship. He's like a best friend, he's like a sister...

With that in mind, the girl called "The Witch of Time" turns back to the sea shore.

"Let's go, brave man."

If the eyes that make you feel strong will are directed towards Haixiang.