Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

The earliest possible encounter between the two of them.

"Ha, ha...!

One girl was running. She's only a fourteen or fifteen-year-old girl.

The girl looked breathtaking and spicy but kept running.

It's like running away from something.

Around it was a sea of fire. The flames cover maze-like paths.

But the girl was fleeing more horrible beings than the flames around her.

Tears were overflowing. Not tears out of pain, not tears of joy out of joy.

"Oh, Father..."

What is remembered behind my brain is the figure of my father, who is tragically murdered by a demonic clan with four arms.


It was a tear of sorrow, the loss of my father, who was gentle and great.

"Hehe, it's no use running away, princess. You're not gonna get away with this, are you?

With a voice that sounds tender, the Lord of that voice, with four arms, is the man who killed my father in front of the girl...... no, he is a demon tribe.


The girl, anxious for a voice approaching from behind, slipped out of the sea of fire and closed the door to open a certain door and hide.

I didn't think that would get me away from the Demons. But I couldn't even afford to think about it for a girl in extreme conditions.

He hasn't burned it on fire yet, and the room he ran into is dark.

When I said dark, it wasn't dark enough to tell inside the room.



The door that I was suppressing on my back explodes and the blast blows the girl away.


The girl who hit something "..." that was in the center of the room and raised her voice to the pain.

And beyond the blown door, the figure of the demon clan with the flames on its back.

"Again, my student's name is' Dillames'. My Lord has given me two names," Fist Style, "which is a Count Demon."

He was a demon who named himself that way like a gentleman, but from his eyes, he can't feel any respect for his opponent.

Naturally, because for humans, the Demons are natural enemies and objects to be eliminated, as well as for the Demons, humans are subjects to be eliminated in the inferior species.

I respect the princess and the words, but for Diramez, this girl is a trash, too.

"Now, with all due respect, my son must grab the princess. Please do not rebel unwillingly, but honestly come with me to the Lord..."

"Then why! You killed my father, not me! You should grab me directly!?

Demon tribe, blocking the words of Diramez and the girl screams like that.

Then Dilamez's expression turns into anger and goes.

"Humans, the flair......! Block my words and so on!!

The calm tone became rough, and Dilamez gripped his fist, of four arms.

"I can't stand it anymore. Come on, if you crush a limb, you can't even ask me that mouth anymore!?

Four arms like Marutai were swung up at the girl.

(Somebody... Somebody...!)

Similar to that prayer, the wish of hope "..." was echoed by the sword that was the wall behind the girl.

"Oh, my God!?

"... Huh?

Beyond the amount of flame, a flash of light gently envelops the girl enough to mistake it for no longer being the sun's light.

She turned to the light, behind her, feeling secure as if she could be fooled by her mother's arms.


"Ha ha ha ha!! I am the one who manipulates the black burning heat, the one who bears the thousand blades!... I'm the Black Executor Darkness Essecurer. Bad soul, burned by my blade of repudiation, calm down!

There was a boy in a black jacket with wings, waving up a sword of light.