Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Prior Brave Men and Arenas

The martial arts arena of the devil's costume was making an unusual creation.

I don't know if you've pulled the sea water, but there's a ton of water waving between the audience and the stage.

It's like surrounding the stage with water.

This is probably a battlefield that envisages the galleries of this battle.

This arena, worthy of the name of the Water Capital, must also exist in Gallarier.

"" "Wow, wow!

Zeke, with 36 and numbers on his white space, was on his chest and back, and I was surrounded by gaze and cheer from the audience.

Not as many seats as Liswadia, but full to the stand-up seat.

From the qualifying round, I know exactly how popular this exuberance is, demonic martial arts.

Now, as we can see from this Zeke number, the participants are gathered in large numbers over 30. You're 36 because I seem to be the last person to say so.

Everyone and he are all martial arts artists and bastards who seem to stand up in arms.

"I won these guys."

Someone who believes in his victory and doesn't doubt it or

"Shh, shh!

A guy who doesn't neglect image training.

"I specially trained at the Nordjord Labyrinth for this day. I can do it!

The one who inspires himself and strives for victory.

"Kukukuku...... tonight's sword is hungry for blood...... kuhihihihihihihihihihi!!

The guy who ran off the road and was taken over by a sword.

"Me, Omaela, Marcazilli"

A guy who's already stopped being human.

Various warriors were gathered.

... or the last two good entries!

If you admit it, it's dangerous, too. Hey.

One of the most prominent of these is Bernadette, a woman in a restless monastic garment who sees the audience as a chiropractor.

"What are you doing?

"Yeah!? Why is Mr. Yashiro here!?

Speaking up, Bernadette is surprised by a move big enough to even take an overreaction.

What Bernadette said about this one is probably saying it's on stage.

"Well, a little bit."

Out of sight, that blonde fox bastard is not surrounded by ordinary humans or werewolves but has a slight presence.

"? What's that boy?

"Mr. Vaudan's son, I hear."

"Huh? It's the Fox Clan, right? You can see a fox's tail or something."

"Must be an adopted child or something"

You noticed our gaze, the fox bastard looked at us and laughed niggly.

"Kateen! What is that looked down eye! Mr. Yashiro, I've made up my mind. I'll take that man down!

Jackah, and Bernadette, who took out the demon gun. But the demon gun I took out was an unrecognizable gun.

"It's a 'mistortine' with shotgun specs!

Oh, it sure looks like the demon gun Bernadette had. But the length of the barrel grew and even had a hand grip that would slide into the barrel.

"Hehehe...... now I'm exhausted!

Bernadette turns the gun with her fingers while sounding the boom. I'm a little scared of my eyes.

"Ladies & Gentlemen!! Thank you for waiting. This brings us to the dawn of the Gallarier Demon Costume Preliminary Games!

See a total of thirty-six warriors battle for their lives to compete in this battle!!

"" "Whoa, whoa!

Mike When a live seat announcer shouted in one hand, the audience answered with more than a voice answered through the microphone.


"Naturally, Mr. Yashiro. Because this is a battle wagered in the main battle of the demon costume in Gallarier!

"If we do that, are there a few participants?

Yes, it's supposed to be in such a festive state, but there are so few participants in this qualifying round.

"Oh, is that it? I get hurt when I'm ready to try my best. Or he's not dead."

"What? Die?... Oh, there are accidents no matter how hard you try."

"No, they're gonna kill me."

"... what?

It's been a while since Bernadette's words began to drift with such disturbing words as death, killing, and so on, and my thoughts again, "It's dangerous! Evacuate immediately!" I complain.

... I have a bad feeling.

And my hunch will be centered again.

"Now let's go with the rules explanation for the demonic act! The rules are simple! Make the enemy incapable of combat or drop him from above the ring, off-site, into the sea water, and whoever stays until the end is the winner. Ah!!

To the words of a tense announcer in vain, "Whoa!" and cheers again.

"Or is it too easy to lose an important part or something? You can't kill me, you can't kill me, you can't kill me without a weapon that crushed my blade."

"No. This is the minimum and only rule of the Games right now. I don't know what else to do. It's the flavor of demonic martial arts, isn't it?

Is that it? Didn't nations work hard to lay down rules because demonic martial arts was chaotic in a ruleless bee battle?

Battle Royale. Aren't you completely a repeat of your past mistakes?

"There were some people who questioned this rule, but after all, what the audience wanted was a thrilling and impactful game. A little barbaric, though."

I mean, barbaric, but you, you keep spinning guns, don't you? Pretty motivated, huh?

Eyes or something sharp.

"Then hurry up and start the game. Ah!

But shit. If this was the case, you shouldn't have ridden the fox bastard's provocation.

It was almost at the same time that I leaked my sigh like Nihil, the sound of the bell at the start of the game, and Bernadette pulling the trigger with the shotgun muzzle pointing at me.