Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Prior brave men and the arena.

"Oh my gosh!?

Brilliant. That must have been a definite circumvention of the admiration.

I don't dress up because I'm against shrimp after laughing like a nihil.

I slip through the ground like a cartoon, avoiding a piece of magic scattering right next to me with a piece of skin.

"Guuuuuu.... Ko, no, no, Sister! All of a sudden, I let him go. What do you say...

Looking back as he rose, there were three or four men who were shot and blown away and a fox-eared bastard creeping through the shotgun and approaching Bernadette. The Bernadette guy, he was behind me...

"Bernadette - Huh!?

The shadow fell on me when I tried to get to Bernadette.


"Ho, you've avoided it well, you fucking kid"

A sword swept down smashes a stage made of rock.

Having avoided the attack with a single hair, I looked at the sword-wielding Lord and tongued him.

"Temee......" The Murderer Bandit "Dormel! I didn't know Temehe was in on it."

"It's been a long time since you've been there, luggage number!

The big man, Dormel, waves up his sword and comes down to me with momentum.

I avoid it on a piece of paper.

"You can legally kill me anyway, so you're in on it or something!?

"Your answer! I'll kill you for a reward!!

This man's name is Dormel.

I was traveling three years ago. When we got to a city, when we were acting apart from Sylvia and Leo, it was the head of a bandit who attacked us with a luggage number.

"I owe you that time, let me pay you back, huh?

"You deserve it!!

Although the bandits were able to repel lightly, only this guy was digit-resistant and I struggled while defending the Orviers.

... but now there's nothing to protect.



Fist into Dormel's pocket the moment he swung it wide.

Because he did it pretty hard, Dormel passed out with a blow.

"Sword, no!

Tear off the sword Dormel was wearing and keep Dormel kicked in the off-site sea.

I don't care if you wake up. Now I'm disqualified.


It was me trying to get to Bernadette, but I could hear him swinging something with the boom from the left, and he crouched reflexively.


An iron ball plunders and flies right over me. And the inevitable athletes get blown away wrapped up in iron balls connected to chains.

"Guhihihihihi! You've avoided my iron balls well, brave lad!

"'Crushed Iron Ball' Rugolo!? You were even in Temee!?

Lugolo is a thorny iron ball guy who suits his rounded physique, and this is another bad guy who came at us on his journey.

"Ghihich. Make it a mince of gucha gucha - ugh!?

Rugolo was just about to shake off an iron ball right now. But there was blood blowing up from his back, and Dosin, he made a noise and fell.

Gasha, Gasha.

From behind it emerges a man dressed in bloodwet armor.

"... long time no see,... a brunette boy"

A knight characterized by his preference for bossy, hard speaking and fighting against chivalry spirit,

"'Outer Road Knight Larbangs'!? What, this is a big gang of villains!?

"Come, come!

Larbangs approaching with his blood-soaked sword pointed at me. He wants to fly blood and blind.

"Still a palliative hand......"

As I received blood with my arms and was trying to prepare for the impending Larbangs, Larbangs took the sachet out of the back of the shield attached to my arm and threw its contents at me.

"Become!? Damn, sandy in the eye!

"I got it, boy!

If you can't do it with blood, crush it with sand. A bunk stand!

Larbangs, convinced of the victory, pointed his cut at me (...).

"Ki, you!

"I'm sorry to hear that! I can't believe it's in Temehe's hands!

Yes, he meditated on his eyes and pretended to devour his eyes. Rarbankle, who was in an offensive attitude, gives a surprising look.

"I don't kill. Stay asleep!

He swings his sword out faster than he rolls out a poke. Though Dormel's sword was broken with this one machete, he mutilated Larbangs' armor and inflicted a degree of wound that did not result in fatal injury.

"... hi, coward, be..."

"I don't want to be told by Temehe alone. Wow!

Larbangs raises blood and falls.... I guess I know a few more people at this rate (on the bad side).

"Ma, that's a shield ghetto anyway!

Now that the sword is broken, I'll get a new Larbangs shield. The sword was wet or rusty in the blood, so on the pass. Let's then kick Larbangs and Lugolo off-site.

But... how can you fight with a shield alone?

If you call it a shield, isn't it one of mine jobs in a game or something?

A knight who can use a sword even if he says "main shield" can still tell, but only a shield is impossible for a boulder, I feel.

"Ho ho!?

"Oh, that was surprising"

When you release your back fist with a shield at the guy who was approaching you from behind, pah! and a creepy sound blows the target away.

Good, good, we can use it inside.

Maybe there are some brave men who fight with their shields alone.

"Come on!!

Got a new tactic, I'm going to beat down my enemies with the momentum of a dashed bamboo (with a shield).

"A demonic act that began quickly. It's been a fierce battle since just after we started. Now, let me introduce you to my guest and commentary."

"Hi, I'm Jean-Jacques Eustace."

"Eustace, author of that big best-selling work, The Herald of the Brave and now an investor in the Games. Best regards,"

"Nice to meet you"

"Then I'd like to move on to reality as soon as possible. Shortly after the start of the match, Zeke number 28, derailing Bernadette's offense, made it a fierce war zone on stage as soon as possible!

"More than about ten athletes have already fallen off. Remaining prominent players are… Zeke number 28, 'Mysterious Girl Representation (self-proclaimed)' Bernadette, and its Bernadette in a fierce battle is Zeke number 1!" The Quon of Disease and Confusion, "you know, Quon Hereot! Quon Hereot is the son of Vaudan Hereot, the head of this city of Be Io! It is a highly anticipated being in the Hereot group as the next generation's head. Others are Zeke number 14," Fistbone Father "Urgan with a giant over two meters! No. 7's" Middle-aged Knight "Farhat Enhance! And number 36, unnamed warrior Yuya Shiloh!!

"Huhu. Yuu... Excuse me, Yuya Shiloh, you were instantly powerless notorious warriors such as slaughter bandits and outward knights."

"Disabled? Larbangs was bleeding..."

"Huhuhuhuhu...... He doesn't kill (...)."

"Oh, excuse me. You haven't been able to kill him. I don't know if that blow, because the armor was hard or wazzy, but what I slashed with my sword is in a place that doesn't seem fatal, and it doesn't have a lot of blood. In my view, Larbangs would have just passed out with severe pain. He kicked it off the spot after he took his gear, because he had passed out."

"I see, thank you. - Whoa? In the middle of Mr. Eustace's commentary, the stage is rapidly unfolding!



Rigid fists plundered his ears immediately.

Fast.... if it's just fist speed, it'll outpace me too. The blood that tells the cheeks corroborates that hunch.


Fists rolled out of giants nearly two meters are as destructive as shells due to muscular lumps of arms that just specialize in punching.


I don't want to take it anymore. Even this body, which has missed the ordinary man, is crushed and killed by bones all over its body (...).

Battlefield air, smell of blood. And in extreme tension, I was about to recall the impulse I had felt three years ago.

And you can't be swallowed by that urge. In a way, more troublesome things are likely to come back than the second disease.

"This Urgan, forty-four years alive in this world, has never disturbed my breath so far."

"I guess."

A giant man grips and strangles his fist and gets ready to load the next bullet.

It would be a special blow. You're trying to beat a monk to death.

The same goes for Bernadette altogether, but aren't denominational officials too appropriate for the rough?

... No, it doesn't matter now either.

"Back in the land a few months early.... I haven't burned this much in a long time!!

Yes, because what I was looking for is a death fight where blood and sweat can play!!