Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Prior Braves and Arena IV

"Ho.... just at a glance and you'll see. Enough to line up on my demon sword!

"The main ingredients are the female male and male basilisk body mine" Takoto "and the Harlem's long demonic eye. I don't know yet because I've never used it on a human, but it's paralyzed poison in a body mine that was used all over me. I'm not gonna die, but they're gonna be really paralyzed, aren't they?

Yong holds the Egg Sword with his broken arm in his right hand and grabs the Egg Sword with his left hand.

Repeat gripping or relaxing strongly to make sure you are comfortable gripping the sword with your right hand.

(... good. Did your right arm recover to the level you managed to get it to move)

As Yong checks how his right arm is doing, Falhat sees Yong as surprised.

I can't help it. In fact, I broke the bone in Yong's arm so much that I was more right to describe it as shattered than as broken.

After a little while, it's working normally. It's harsher to tell you not to be surprised.

"Surprised. … is that the ability of the Devil's Sword?

"Well. It's a trade secret."

The power of the Holy Sword, of course, is its side effect. I can't say even if my mouth is torn.

But it seems that it is far from fully healed. There is a feeling of gizzards and bones twitching, and the corresponding pain runs. The next time I get a strong shock, it's going to break again.

"Come on, it's round two, old knight!!

But that has nothing to do with it. There is no problem if it moves. The severe pain that happens then softens with temper!

"Ha. Then again...... come!!

Pulling the sword out of the ground, the rearranged falhat kicks the ground.


In contrast, Yong kicks the ground as well and flesh-compels the knight.

Running against each other, the distance between both the brave and the knight shrinks in an instant.


The knight's demon sword is swept through by the crosshairs.

Bravery pulled the posture, avoiding it in an angled forward position, like just before falling in at the earliest, twisting his body at the moment he avoided it, punching the blow of his double-sword into the knight's nostalgia as he rotated. … but

"Oh, wow...! The current pull"... "surprised me!

Staggered moment of defense. The knight prevented the blow of the Twin Swords of Bravery by pulling back the sword he had swung through at a terrible rate.

"No, ha. (i) I didn't know you were going to put a blow in it and take a defensive stance......!

Were you expecting courage to step in and swing back easily?

If my attack was even momentarily delayed...,

"Damn, you're freaking out!!

My heart hits the exhilaration I felt three years ago when I played Death Struggle with Agniella and the others.

Bravery, who took the back of the knight, held his two swords backwards, stretched out his thumb, index finger and middle finger of both hands, in a four-legged "Orchid" standing position with his two swords.


When Yong used all his hands and legs and jumped to the right, the Devil's Sword swung down in the position he was in a moment ago, crushing the arena made of rocks.

Then Yong turns to the knight who waved down the Devil's Sword and flips, instantly filling the distance with shrinkage.

"Oh my God!!

"Ha, I won't let you do it!

The knight moved his sword into small pieces and struck back to shed his thick muscles as he struck a fast streak with his two swords.

One blow is shed, my attack sweeps, and the knight moves ever sharper and sharper.

At the height of his skill in reducing enemy maneuvers with the smallest moves and earning the biggest maneuvers, Yong was being pushed but unexpectedly laughed.

Restore the treasure sword you had in your reverse hand and increase the speed of the continuous attack.

Yong's attack turns from slashing a line's orbit to a spike aiming at a dot.

"Eh, fierce!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

A rampage of penetration unleashed at a speed that goes unnoticed, and a knight's defensive set-up that keeps it flowing.

Its defense, which reproduced contradictions and contradictions, did not breathe, but instantly dissolved.

Whether the place where Yong punched in was bad or the intensity interrupted by the severe pain in his arm, the thrust rolled out with his right hand was bounced by Falhat, who kept waiting for the gap.

Falhat turns to attack!


The sword that crushes the earth is cut off by the wind and paid off.

To prevent it, Yong prevented it with a treasure sword of backhanded jade held in his left hand.

Stronger shocks than just now run into the arms of bravery.

I learned the illusion that the shock alone would break my arm, but Yong doesn't mind moving on to the next hand.

A pale ball treasure sword to grab in your right hand. Coupled it with the Jade Sword "..." and then spun the steering wheel to the right.


Knight Falhat's Devil's Sword spins the circle and the universe, katsung! And he made a tall noise and stabbed him in the arena.

His, far rear.

"... surrender"

Stunned, somewhere happily Falhat shrugged so when he saw the two swords of crimson fullness placed on his neck.

No, it's this way. I didn't know you had enough skill to stand alongside Leo.

If it had been cut, it would have definitely been prevented.... so,

I needed a motion that was so impactful that I stopped that knight's old man's movements for a moment with 'Thoughts'. The knight's old man, who didn't think the sword and sword would merge, was quite surprised and stopped moving for just a moment.

Well, it was a kind of bet. If the knight's old man hadn't been hung, he could have been hit one more time or in a defensive position.

But, well, I'd have had to run for a bet. It would have been longer. Sophisticated techniques like the sample seem easy to deal with and have little weakness.

If we'd met head-on, maybe the sun would have gone down.

"... Now, let's say the loser leaves clean. But before I do, may I ask your name?

The knight's old man, with his demon sword in his sheath, came reaching out with a good grin from a man.

With that said, the knight's old man was named.

"Yu Yashiro. Um... Falhat, what is it?

"Enhance. It's Farhat Enhancement, Mr. Yashiro."

When I offered him my hand back, Falhat shook my hand with his wrapped hands.

"Ha, I haven't felt good in a long time. I hope I can fight you again someplace."

The knight's old man, Farhat, said so, laughing and jumping in the off-site sea water.... with armor on.

"What, you're drowning!?

I had experience drowning in heavy gear, and I tried to help, but I stopped immediately.

With his armor wrapped around him, Falhat swam to Swiss and refrain from playing.

"... at all, the world is vast"

The old man of the knight, I don't know because he didn't use magic, but if he was a swordsman, he had something to cross with Leo, the highest warrior of humanity.

I don't know the whole world yet. That's what I was reminded of in this fight.

"Well, is it time to finish?...... hmm?

As he tried to gaze toward the Bernadettes, a black object passed in front of him.

When I was concerned and looked at the chill, the water column went up off-site.

Looks like it's over for you.

Looking back at those whose voices were hung, a fox-eared blonde boy about my age, dressed like a road trip, was smiling invincibly.