Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Prior Brave Men and Heroes Tan

"So! It's a misunderstanding! Wow, I never peeked in disgraceful thoughts!

"Uh, yeah. Look, Bernadette's my age, right? It is very understandable that heterosexual bodies are concerned. So never mind!

"Wow! I'm not gonna be okay at all!

It had been a little while since they had seen the autonomous treasure they had been doing earlier in the morning, and even though it was time to put it on the inn breakfast, Bernadette continued to explain his suspicions of peeking.

He was unconsciously cute to panic and flutter his face in bright red. So I was on a bad ride......

"Hahaha. Yong, can I forgive you?

Bernadette, I was wondering if Teng himself would stick to that side.

"Ma, so is that. It's time to get down to business.... Jean, you're connected to Mr. Vordan."

The Bernadette Voltage is also about to reach MAX, so let me change the subject.

When I asked, Jean laughed nicely with a good-looking face in vain. The silence seems to be on this guy.

"Why didn't you let me see you honestly? If you knew Mr. Vaudan, you wouldn't have had to go far enough to get into an exorcism."

"Hahaha.... to be honest, it's not more important than the kidnapping issue you were talking about"

"But it's more important to you than kidnapping, right?

"Of course."

Jean-Jacques Eustace, whom I know, was more human than anyone. It's just not evil in its essence, he's more selfish and my pity than anyone else.

"You're no different, you are."

"That said, you've changed a little. I would have just bitten before.... grown up, should I say?

"Don't tear it up."

It's justice. I don't even know what it means. I'm not old enough to shake it.

"Huh? Duh, what do you mean?

Bernadette just asks me if I know why we're talking.

"Maybe Mr. Vaudan's... quon, did you? You'd know if you met him, wouldn't you?


I don't get it either.

"" "Welcome, I've been waiting for you!!

"Well, thank you very much for that."

Waiting for us to arrive at the Vaudan mansion were dozens of members of the Hereot group!

A few of the scared werewolves in their faces welcomed me back just because they were stared at.

... Wow, that's awesome. Scary, scary.

"But Gilley would be more compelling, wouldn't he?

"No, well, yes,"

As Jean whispers, Gilley's old man looks tougher than these people, and he has a hegemony.

"Because how could you marry such a beauty..."

"I agree with that."

I know Gilley's old man is not a bad guy.

But I don't know why I could get married with that face.

Are you still saying that Mr. Marida was too goddess?

"You're both very rude..."

For once, but knowing Gilley's old man, Bernadette blames us as he sighs.

"Hahaha. Well, we'll talk about Guillet another time.... Quon, where are you?

"In the auditorium!

"Right. Thanks."

When Jean, who cut the story out, asks the constituents, he paves the way and the constituents bow their heads even further.

Jean...... how much VIP treatment are you?

On a short walk, beside the main mansion building, it's already stunning Japanese-style... Whoa, how come there's a tile-roofed dojo in this different world of Rainburg that doesn't even seem to be in modern Japan?

"... Hmm, have you noticed the boulders"

When I was slightly surprised to see the dojo, Jean murmured happily somewhere next door.

"He said he was noticed... by what?

"Kuon, who is in the dojo because of the number of adults, has noticed that we are here. No, it's amazing, even if it hasn't erased the signs."

"Come on, we're still quite a distance apart, aren't we? You just notice the signs..."

"Is your hearing abnormal enough, too?

"You idiot, it would suck as of (...) compared to mine"

My five senses are acquired, but they greatly exceed those of ordinary people.

animal-like, no it has more performance than that.

It's ridiculous in the first place that it doesn't suck when it sticks with my hearing like that.

"What are you talking about?

"Mm-hmm. Nothing."

Bernadette leans down on us whispering. Of course, you can't just answer that, so when she answered, Bernadette pointed her finger at me.

"That's a lie! Mr. Yashiro, if you lie, a blood vessel will come to your nose head!

Where did you use the stand?

When I try to touch my nose with an attitude here that surprises me, maybe Bernadette says, "You're caught!" or make a scene. But of course I don't have that habit. (Sylvia says her eyes swim)

I can't believe you're trying to catch me in Bernadette's minute... I can't forgive you!

"If you're lying, your ears are moving."

"What!? Ho, is that true!?

"Oh, of course it's a lie. But I found a mangy sister who eats the other way around trying to catch people."

"Become... hi, it's cowardly, Mr. Yashiro! also, give me one more chance!

"What's your chance, idiot?"

Ignoring the noisy Bernadette, he could see Mr. Vaudan's son, Quon Hereot, a fox-eared blonde who sat and waited in the dojo.

…… That guy, you're sitting in an unusual way. "

Are you referring to the front seat? Jean laughs small when Bernadette squeals like that.

"Did you say you were in the right seat?

"... yes, but why are you looking at me"

"You always sat that way when you were pissed off," he said.

Pukus, I remember laughing, kicking Jean in the back of his knee, letting him fall, and I stand in front of the edge of the dojo.

"Is it right to take off your shoes?

"Heh... I know how to do an auditorium too"

When I asked, Quon Hereot shrugged like he cared.

"Write it down. It's forbidden."

Next to me, I take off my shoes and go up to the edge as I hand stop Bernadette, who was just about to go up with my boots on.

"I've asked Jean..."

"You're here to fight me, aren't you?

The mouth of Quon Hereot hangs up just saying he's been waiting.

"... well, I'm going to"

"Then talk fast!

When Quon Hereot rises, the constituents in the road show up. The number was over ten.

And there are various weapons in that hand, axes on spears on swords... an iron fan is even a maniacal weapon.

"Choose what you like. I pulled the blade."

No, I wanted a wooden knife or something that didn't hurt (the wooden knife hurts enough too)... well, what can I do?

"I choose this weapon because it's a corner."

Among the constituents standing in line (who are flying cancer), I chose two weapons.


And his eyes change the moment he has those two weapons.... I don't know what to say, like a kid when they give me the gift I wanted for Christmas... that's what I saw.

And I was sure of that. That's why Quon Hereot knew my name and why he was obsessed with fighting me.

"Oh yeah. This is what I'm supposed to do."

I'll show off to Quon Hereot.

Sword and spear duplicity.

Three years ago, in the battle to the demon king's seal, I was equipped, body stained, my original setup.

It's the strongest because it can handle both close and medium ranges! braided from my mysterious theory at the time, the invincible structure.

Four-legged motion, shrinkage method, and everything else, I arrived to use up the moves I had in mind when I was fully ill, a general purpose structure.

"" The Structure of Heavenly Clothes Seamless [Kamui] "... but I have no idea what it means to be named."

The spear is behind the back, and the tip is pointed at the target.

Look me in the eye. Look Jean in the side. I see Jean in a chill as I have a bad feeling about Quon Hereot.

Yeah, well, you're a bard.... I guess I told him to sing and teach him something like Hero Tan ~.

I'll definitely punch you later.

That's what I swear when I saw Jean laughing happily with a feather pen and a blank hardcover book.