Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Prior Brave and Sixth Generation

"Hahaha. As you've already noticed, the Hereots and my parents, the Schneives, have known each other for generations. Kuon and I have known each other since childhood. [M] So three years ago, after the battle, I chanted your hero Tan when I came here to show my face. At one point you will leave the devil, and at another time you will be the undivided hero who has conquered those with evil thoughts. Hey, you like your thoughts, too. Let me see you, introduce me to you.... Well, that's good, one or two of your disciples. You're not even gonna lose it, are you?

This is the excuse when Jean was questioned. It's no longer an excuse.

"It's hard to be a hero."

"You can't chant to boulders as' brave men '. I will be killed by His Majesty Sylvia."

Kill him first.

Well, he admired me for the hero Tan, Mr. Quong (a little embarrassing, but I don't feel bad, so I change my calling). He wasn't going to have a bee fight in the first place, he just wanted to know if what Jean was saying was true.

That's what he said as he fixed his slightly messy torso.

"I can't have a disciple or anything. I'm traveling, aren't I?

"Are you on your way to Gallarier? Then there is no problem. Whatever, Kuon, you have to go with the winner of the district fight, too!

Ha-ha-ha! And I laugh delightfully, paying Jean's feet, slamming him on the floor, and then I look at you, Quong.

"Yashiro's brother!

I'm honestly glad you turned your respectful eye on me, but who's Aniki and who's.

"Uh... sorry, but we're behind on the apprentice thing"

"Aniki's favor, I don't mind. You want to see him, don't you?

Oh, it looks like Han. So much so that I thought you'd say I wouldn't let you see me unless I made you my apprentice.

"Jean roughly tells me why Aniki wants to meet with Oyaji. I can't even get Aniki to hurry!

That's what he says. He leads and guides us, Quon.... um, that's a lot different from the first image.

Who is such a good listener?

"Kuon, you have a childish part, no matter how bad it is. I just said I'd be happy to help the hero I admire."

"You said it all over again, didn't you?

"Mm-hmm. I got so excited because of that, they asked me to fight for sure. Sorry."

Then I wish I could let him fight normally. I can see this guy twisting around letting him put out in a demonic act.

"You won't have a choice. Because I'm a player and a performer."

Jean with his chest stretched in the wind that I said was natural. This guy's full of my pace is enough to line up with Olivia and Gilley's old man's sister.

"What can I do for you?... Bernadette?

Leaking a sigh into Jean's dialogue, he realized that Fufu Bernadette hadn't followed him.


Bernadette stopping because he stays down. What's wrong with you?

"Hey, Bernadette."


"Ignore me, you dumb sister."


"... now! Special π Touch!


"Hih!? Hey, what are you doing?

"Ohh, careful Ohhhh!?

When my vision spins and the pain runs on my cheeks, the next moment, I was rolling to the ground.

Apparently, he ate a binta.

"What the fuck, you bastard!

"No, no, this is the dialogue, right?!?

Cover your chest with your hands and your face red, Bernadette. Hmm, the usual reaction. Apparently, you're back to sanity.

"So? What's going on? Suddenly it got dark."

"Oh, that's... that..."

Bernadette mumbled as I stood up. What, were you thinking something you couldn't tell me?

"Well, no. Look, let's go, huh? I can finally meet Mr. Vaudan."


Even if I push, Bernadette just goes out of sight of me.

"Yong. I have an idea for her. I'll leave you alone."

Jean whispers to me when I start to get distracted and annoyed.... Jean figure something out?

"Okay.... If you're not feeling well, go back to the inn, right?

"... Yes"

Bernadette nodded cocoon and leaned down again.

Bernadette and I broke up. We were coming to Mr. Vaudan's study with guidance from Quon.

Sitting on a luxurious looking black leather sofa, the study door opened and after a few men in suits came in, they wove long sleeve feathers over their kimonos and a magnificent man with large scars entered their face. The pointy wolf ear ahead teaches him to be a werewolf.

Is this Mr. Vaudan? The scars on his face go hand in hand, making him look pretty scary.

"I'm the Hereot team, the sixth generation team leader," Vaudan Hereot. "You ask me to keep a celebration from His Excellency..."

"Ha, ha! I say Yu Yashiro!

The gaze of Guillaume and Mr. Vordan, along with his reluctant voice, can be directed at me. I rise off the couch to the force of surpassing Gillette's old man.

Handing the bell in the box from the back of his hips in horror, Mr. Vaudan opened the box and smiled.

"Hey, my lord, thank you so much for your time.... Look, Kuon, it's your bell."

When I was freaking out, Mr. Vaudan's voice suddenly changed. From Doss's low voice, he changed his class to a cat stroke.

And the look also blows up the severity, making me a full grin.

"Shh, who puts a bell on it!

"No, but you're already sixteen..."

"Hmm, I'm embarrassed to be followed!!

Quon, who turns his fox ear upside down and turns his face bright red, is reluctant, and Vaudan, who panics while letting his rough son listen to his ear.

... What the hell is this?

"Mr. Vaudan died early in his wife's life and raised you, Quong, with one man's hand. Because of that, or because of you, Kuon, who looks a lot like his wife, is very cute to you."

"I see. Is that what you're saying? I didn't understand what I was looking at for a moment."

Jean whispers to me. So gradually, I understood that Mr. Vaudan was a parent idiot. That's how big the shock was.

"Than that! Now we're talking about Yashiro's brother."

For some reason, Kuon, who refuses the bell so hard, comes up with my name to change the subject.

"Yashiro's brother has nothing to do with the kidnapping that's been a problem in the city lately! So, the Herriots are broken, huh? Father, give your brother a hand!!

Quon speaking lightly and excitedly, but Mr. Vordan just roars Xcel in his mouth low.

A few seconds later, when Quon opened his mouth again, Mr. Vaudan turned his gaze to me and slowly opened his mouth.

"Yashiro, did I say?... I'm sorry, but we can't move the group on this one.... hey there's a reason"

Behind that sharp glance, I saw slight ease.