"... ha"

Bernadette, who had broken up with Yong and was on his way back to the Inn, had a sigh he did not know several times today.

The expression also looks dark and thoughtful, obviously not seeing the usual vigor.

"... I can't believe Mr. Yashiro was so, so strong..."

For Bernadette, courage was an object to protect.

Bernadette thought it was dangerous to have the courage to say 'travel around the world' with equipment that could not be described as of very good quality.

That's why I told the Order of Return was coming but I couldn't, and offered to escort him.

I tried to protect him from everything that struck him, not only from proxies in the industry, but also demons and night thefts.

... but

"I didn't have to..."

Bernadette and Quon can actually be said to be almost mutual.

Bernadette earnestly fought Kuon, although he did not fortify himself with a demon gun or fight on two.

Strength was antagonistic, but suddenly he took his back and was put out of the field, losing.

Instead of a good fight, courage to its quon opponents never broke their margins all the time. (Quon didn't look like he was serious with Quon though)

Yong will have the same or more strength as himself. The moment I understood it, I felt like my feet had collapsed.

"Hmm?... was his name, for sure, Bernadette?

Fluffy, Bernadette walking in unbridled footsteps. There was someone there to stop her like that.

"Are you..."

"I thought you were in Mr. Vaudan's mansion by now?

The lower body is a horse and the upper body is a subhuman of man, a couchet of Centaur.

When Bernadette noticed Couchet and looked around, the inn he was staying at last night appeared right in front of him.

I didn't realize until Couchet called me in.

"In that way... did you fail?

Based on Bernadette's condition, he wondered if he could not meet with Vaudan, Couchet.

"Yes, no. I was wondering if Mr. Yashiro would be seeing you by now..."

"Yashiro... that disgraceful person. Then why are you here?

It is only natural for Couchet to ask that question.

"I... thought it would only disturb Mr. Yashiro..."


"Shit," exclaims Couchet in his heart to Bernadette, nagging and creating an even darker atmosphere.

Bernadette's wrapped atmosphere turns into something more and more.

"Uh... you know, what? I have something to report as well. Why don't we talk on foot?

Bernadette nodded small at the words of Couchet, who said he wanted to change the atmosphere of the place.

"Hmm, I see.... but I wonder if you're going to meet a boulder and kill him?

"So, so! I just made a mistake!

While walking through the city of Be Io, Couchet gave back a bitter smile to Bernadette, who told him what had happened since his first meeting with Yong.

Brave — For Bernadette today, who recognizes him as brave, he says something close to black history, and his face turns red.

"Well, let's put the joke aside.... I wanted to be helpful because I've caused such inconvenience several times, right?


To Couchet's inquiry, Bernadette returned in a vanishing voice.

"... let me tell you something, you just seem to be letting yourself down."

Couchet, who put his arms together and thought a little, says in a tone that dares to be silly.


To Couchet's words, Bernadette unexpectedly glances at Couchet, but Couchet doesn't mind continuing.

"Did that man ask you for anything?

"Yes, no..."

"Then I don't have a reason to care.... I'm talking about a shameful man, and I'm sure he's happy just looking at your body."

Bernadette laughs, too, at Couchet, who says so and laughs bitterly.

"Haha. Mr. Yashiro is a pervert, and it's possible!

Cuchet, relieved by Bernadette, who finally gave him a grin, turned his expression into something serious.

"There was a decree earlier. They found the location of the abductees in the city of Ortaine."

"Is it true!?

"Oh. Me too, I'll stand in this city and head to Ortaine.... I keep words for you from Elie, the chief.... 'Fae but thank you for your cooperation with us. Blessed are you on your way'... I want you to tell that man this word too"

That's what I say. A couchet with fists on his chest.

"Yes....... I'll tell you!

Bernadette, who imitated Couchet and fisted him in the chest.

A little while after the two of them turned to each other, Couchet laughed, heh.

"I hate humans.... but you guys didn't hate it that much"

That's what I said and turned my heel back, Couchet. On leaving, Bernadette laughs unintentionally at the words she deliberately said to make it hard to hear.

"... Huh?

The grin froze.

Bernadette watched as the two men dragged into the alley with a cloth on the girl's mouth.