"... Mr. Couchet"

"Hmm?... what's up?

As Couchet turned to Bernadette calling his name, Bernadette's expression seemed hasty.

"I found (...)"

"?...... Huh!?

Understanding the intent of the word, Couchet looked ahead to Bernadette's gaze.

"... that one"

From the alley at the end of Bernadette's gaze, men with hemp bags appeared. The men carrying a hemp bag the size of one child for two go on the crowd in a flat way, like they didn't kidnap him.

"Better yet... Huh!

"Wait, Mr. Couchet"

The moment Couchet, angry at the kidnappers, is about to run out, Bernadette takes control of her by hand.

"... what are you going to do?

Couchet stopped before the kidnappers. I don't know why, and my anger at the kidnappers is directed straight at Bernadette.

By contrast, Bernadette seems calm.

"Please calm down"

"Calm down, you say? … in this, in the circumstances, I can say well"

"I would also like to say. … there is no way to make a scene in this place right now"

Around, after noon, the crowd is fierce. Let's say the kidnappers go wild when we fight the kidnappers here now.... the damage just gets bigger.

"I know how you feel, but keep it down"

"... Roger that."

Couchet nodded in such a way as reluctantly. When Bernadette saw it, he turned to the kidnappers and walked out.

That's how they were tailing the kidnappers, but you know what, the kidnappers...

"What I did... Huh!

Bernadette is chasing the kidnappers as they fly over the building.

I groan at my own failure to find it, even though I was tracking it consciously without leaving.

"But now!

It's a delightful miscalculation that the kidnappers are not busted and thorough in their escape.

Bernadette goes after the kidnapper without time to regret it.

Bernadette was chasing the kidnappers as they flew across the roof, but suddenly reacted to something black across his sight and jumped back.


Boom wow!!!!

The building, which had been scaffolded until a moment earlier, suddenly exploded, flaming.

"What the hell... Huh!?

Taking his vision by flash, Bernadette gave himself up aggressively and withstood the blast.

The black shadow in the shape of a person is visible at the end of Kasumi's vision.

"... I see, now it's the magic of explosive flames, 'Explosion'... Top Wizard (High Wizard) Huh!

Pull out the two demon guns in a bowed position and point the muzzle at the wizard.

"I can't believe you're hiring a superior wizard... you seem to be in the mood for this incident... ugh!!

Bernadette, who shoots and tows a magic bullet and in the next moment has a double-gun iron strike, points that muzzle at his temple.

"Holy Princess (Ernest)! Holy Knight (Paladin) Huh!!

It was a magic bullet that was fired from two demon guns. It is also a special magic in the name of Saint (St.), who is considered a secret art in the Church.

"... I see, a church dog"

The voice heard from the black shadow is that of a low man.

"Dog... you seem to have a lot of mastery in your mouth"

Recovered (...) I saw with my eyes that 2m was a man dressed in a black robe in a giant superior to Yu. Though it is the face that hides in the hood and cannot be seen, its body and voice are undisputed men.

"If you want to go through, you're the guy who says...?

When Bernadette says so while he sets up his demon gun, the wizard man laughs with a bump.

"What's wrong with you?

Bernadette asks, wondering who is a wizard but doesn't have a catalyst in both hands to activate magic.

Then the man stretched his left arm toward Bernadette.



It was Bernadette, who pulled the trigger reflexively, but the demon gun just ended up sounding the trigger.


It was a bee and a Bernadette pulling the trigger, but from his own body, he realizes the feeling of losing his magic.

(The magic is going away!?... What the hell...!?

To Bernadette in a sudden hurry, the man smiles nasty, nasty.

"... dogs should crawl"

"What, is this... of sleep (sleep), magic? … why… the Holy Queen, even in abnormal condition, …"

The true value of the Holy Queen (Ernest), she says the healing effect will continue to be activated all the time, regenerative power. The effect should also have an effect on poison and other condition abnormalities.


In a hazy consciousness, a boy's smile flickered behind Bernadette's brain.