Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Thinkers of previous brave men?

Hmm?... Did I just say something?

"No, nothing?

"... I thought they called me... because of you"

After our discussion with Mr. Vaudan, we tied up the cuon we breathed and slammed it into the room when we found one, and we were even coming to the dojo to pick up Bernadette...


"Oh, you're not here."

There was no Bernadette there. Looks like he left first.

"You're so nasty. Going home first..."

I told him I could be home, but I still can't forgive him anywhere. Because he didn't look very ill.

"Oh, you care about her a lot."

Jean reacts to my words as if they were a tear. Jean, who calls herself a culturalist, has a wild horse. You're kidding me.

"It's not like that... what the hell"

I thought you were kidding me. When I looked at Jean's face, he was laughing at his mouth, but his eyes were serious themselves.

"That nun...... did she say Bernadette? Sure, you look like a princess (...). There's no need for you to fall in love."

"What?... I have no idea what you're talking about?

When I asked, Jean shrugged her shoulder and sighed like she told him to do it.

"Oh man, you're still a strong guy.... no one has the right to stop that love?

I really fucked up. What are you talking about?

Whether she felt my frustration or whether that was the aim again, Jean hid her gaze by the hat and said.

"Somewhere, she looks like Princess Olivia,... Yong"

Olivia Finn Lutesia Lieselion.

-... What does Yong-kun want to do? ――

of appearances similar to those of Sylvia and Alicia,

- I am. - Don't think it's cool to go around the world or something! ――

What a laugh to determine a person's future,

- Then you can tell me everything about the world! ――

A little older, just, girl.

- Don't you think that's a good idea? ――

"Baka, why not? They don't look alike."


When I answered, Jean raised her eyes as she had not expected.

"Because oh Bernadette's breasts pinch things!? That's all I'm surprised about, and my thighs and buttocks are horny!... If you just ask, you know how awesome it is to be in that hell (...)!?

Jean, who heard my theory of power, spared a moment and began laughing grandly.

"With that said, you once took away the women's underwear. That was a masterpiece." My chest is incredibly short! ♪ And you were the most delightful one to make a scene ♪

Ugh. Wow, don't remind me of the past I want to forget. I didn't have enough porn then.

"That (...) scene where Fiona tries to burn you down with flame magic with Her Majesty made me laugh with my belly"

Uh, Fiona? I miss you. Fiona is Gilley's old man's sister, an elf who, unlike an old man who deserves to be old, maintains an elf-specific young and beautiful appearance.

Naturally or inevitably, she was also lactating.

"I thought elves were symbols of destruction, so I thought you hated the flame system."

"You've pissed me off so much."

I don't even want to remember. I didn't expect them both to unleash the projectile extermination magic, Red Lotus archer Prominence Sagittarius. If Leo hadn't followed me, I'd have been ashed. I'll be back soon though.

"That's why.... I wouldn't overlap (...) Olivia and Bernadette. And I'm Olivia."

Thumbs up and answers him, Jean raises his hands and poses as a surrender.

"I don't know if I'm gonna say it sounds like you... hufu, it's my loss"

I don't know what the loss was, but Jean seemed convinced on his own.

"Oh, Mr. Yashiro!


It was when I left the Vaudan Mansion to reach the Inn.

I was suddenly called from the side.

"Were you still here? How'd it go with Mr. Vaudan?

Turning around, there was Falhat Enhance and a woman dressed like two or three years older than me.


My shock was so strong that I accidentally had a strange voice. My eyes nailed to the woman in the dress.

"I don't think so... of the Crestorian relationship?

When I heard that, the woman seemed surprised and opened her eyes.

"You understand very well. … Yes, I am the Princess of Crestoria, Mary Phi Crestoria."

Stunning blonde roll that reaches up to her waist. Windy eyes, and forehead. Because he looked just like Henrietta De Crestoria, whom I met in Lizwadia.