Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Are the previous brave men underwear drool?


From behind the courage, Farhat called out to care.

But now Yong couldn't afford to be concerned about that.

(... This is all the damage but nobody noticed because silent (silent) sorcery was hanging on the perception inhibition. Sole is for sure. There's no mistake. I made a pile of rubble because some of the rubble melts at high temperatures and you can also see it broken by a blast, so it's definitely blast based magic.... Bernadette also used magic to see the empty pod in the demon gun.... should be, what. There was a sorcery fight here. There it is!... but why can't you feel the magic (...)?

Yes, the agitation of courage has come to an end.

Magic exists in this world. You can say that there is no place in this world where you don't feel magic.

But I couldn't feel the magic enough to say anything here.

And I can't believe I can't feel magic in this situation.

Multiple sorceries should have been exercised. Except for some sorcery, magic essentially uses magic generated from within the body.

And by using it, it makes the world express a miracle by the name of magic.

You can feel the remnants of magic when you use magic.

That's why Lillilly, an elf who reacts hypersensitively to magic, felt magic in the workshop of Gordo, the Devil's Sword Blacksmith. (Courage didn't notice, by the way)

That's what I can't feel in this place.

"... no, I don't even have to ask myself. Undoubtedly, this is a snatch."

Yong once experienced a situation where the magic around him seemed to be being uprooted.

"That bastard... you're alive"

Whimpering while suppressing the gushing urge, Yong snarls his nose and begins to smell the smell around him.

"Because it's about that bastard... oh, I knew it. Blood (...) doesn't smell burnt."

If you feel the battlefield, you can smell the stench when burning someone you've smelled. You find that won't be the occasion, grumble as if you're relieved.

"Is it better if I just found out Bernadette's alive? Damn it."

Pick up Bernadette's demon gun and tongue him as he puts it in his hip pouch.

"Is she safe?

"Oh, definitely (...) alive"

Answered with words of certainty, Yong sighed loudly after looking around two or three times and left the rubble heap.

"Where are you going?

Falhat asks when he realizes that the courage away from the rubble heap began to walk in a definite foothold that made him feel willing. You got a location? I thought so, but all I could tell from Yong's soliloquy was Bernadette's safety and the presence of a magician who would have fought Bernadette.

Therefore, we do not know where it is. Even though he says so, Yong just walks out saying he's got the answer. Let's just say it's natural to wonder.

Stopping at Farhat's inquiry, Yong looks back. Dye those eyes into the colors of readiness... -

"Go save Bernadette."

With one hand the panties depicted with the bear removed from them, Yong walks out, determined.




I just thought I made a cool decision bravely, but naturally Falhat and Mary stop.

"Can you first explain to me the owner of the underwear and why he owns it? I'd like to make it easier if I could, but if you don't honestly listen to me... I'll be ready too"

"Ma, wait, wait. Don't treat me like a lingerie drool! Deep down, we can't find Bernadette without this!

"What does that underwear have to do with anything?

"It stinks."

"" Smells?

Isn't that a painfully spitting lie? And they thought, but Yong goes on without looking upset either.

"My sense of smell shows more ability than dogs if I want to. So, the garments that have the most scent of women are definitely underwear. I mean, smell your underwear and find out where Bernadette is! It's washable, but there's no Japanese detergent, and the fragrance is still good enough! And if Bernadette gets caught by the kidnappers, they can help the people they kidnapped!

What do you say! He was brave enough to show his Doya face, but the two of them, not knowing the height of the five senses of bravery, turn their suspicious eyes to bravery.

"Grr... then let me actually show you... hmm?

He spreads his underwear and tries to bury his nose in the crochet, but he notices something and shifts his gaze away from the two of them.

"Hmm?... your lord is"

Falhat, caught and out of sight of the same person, saw a broad black hat next to him decorated with polar-colored feathers, a young man with a black cape of the same colour as his hat. In his hand, a white cloth incompatible with his figure is grasped.

Jean-Jacques Eustace.

Jean, who usually looked floating, rocked her shoulders up and down and stood with her breath disturbed.

Is something wrong? and almost at the same time Falhat wondered, two men, Yong and Jean, opened their mouths at the same time.

"Bernadette was stripped by 'Zephyr'"

"Kuon, you're out."

When we told each other, they looked like they had chewed up bitter bugs.