Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Prior brave men and big sailboats.

"Ugh, whoa!! So!!

Right now, I have a big transport ship floating and shaking in the ocean.

The ship, lined with three masts and knitted with a family crest tattoo of the Hereot family on the widened sail, was now carrying exactly the luggage to be transported.

"If you were a teacher, you could have about one ship... because are you sure?

Mr Vaudan says sorry for making his grisly face look anxious.

Thank you for solving the case and a boat! Mr Vaudan, who told me so, but I was politely turning it down.

"Hahaha......, I wish I could go to Gallarier......"

Even if I can get it, I know as much as I can't do one or two people to move the ship. If you don't move it, it's going to be a useless long one.

That's why we decided to ask Gallarier to take us on a stopover ship while we were transporting.

Three days after case resolution.... two days from the day I embarrassed myself to cry in front of Bernadette.

After a day's sleep, we interrupted Mr. Vaudan's mansion with a fully revived Bernadette, and we were greeted with a lavish welcome by the name of a small thank you.

I left Bernadette awake as a food buster for the first time in a long time, and I had Mr. Vaudan arrange a ship for me.

"Oh, apparently you made it"


Looking back to the voice I found out, a middle-aged man with a penetrating look and a woman walking next to him.

Princess Mary Phi Crestoria to Falhat Enhancement.

"Hey, Mr. Yashiro. I'm sorry, but it's been a long time since I got ready to leave."

Mary looks swollen next to Falhat with a gentle grin.

"It's only natural that it takes a while for a woman to support Lady!

Well, sure. I don't know, familiarity, etc., because girls take time.

Then you should act from an earlier time, that's not a good idea.

I made a promise to your brother.

"Oh well, are you both leaving Be Io? You got a destination or something?

"Heh heh. Yeah, it's 'Lentenago' in the South Gaelic Islands, the city of the South!

Oh, ho, ho, ho! Or something like that. Mary says in a tense that still seems to make me laugh.

"Oh ho ho ho! Me and Sir Farhat...... Cohon. So it's a vacation of love with your husband!

Oh, I really said it. If you're shy, don't say anything about my husband.

That being said, I thought you said prenup or something.... How much difference does this two year old make?

I want to scold you for blowing up Leah and these Lolicons, but I don't feel like I have that right at all, so I can go in there...!

"Yes, yes, happy -... Huh!?

Suddenly the shadow blocked the day as I was responding appropriately to the two shy Marys and Falhat.

I looked up into the sky to be bounced, and in my sight I could see a muscular giant, Urgan, falling with his arms together.

"Hmm!! Sir, we're done carrying all the loads."

Dong, and landing on the ground with a roar, Urgan bows his head gently to Mr. Vaudan with his arms together.

What's a church priest doing carrying loads and stuff? You look so good, though!

"Oh, I'm sorry, Father. Thank God."

Mr. Vaudan laughs luxuriously with Gahaha. It feels like the end of the century as soon as these two line up.

"Yu Yashiro. I came to see you off, but it seems a little too soon. [M] I was free, so I said I was loading instead of exercising."

"Thank you for explaining. You don't have to explain it all..."

"" Why did the priest build up? ♪ 'Cause it was written on my face ♪

Sylvia or someone I know often tells me, do you get that on your face?



Fu and the conversation broke off and we got stuck in each other's words.

In that next moment,


"... brilliant!

"You're the one. I'm a jerk."

An arm stretched out over my face, and my fist sticking out in front of Urgan's eyes.

I stepped one hand off that fist of Urgan into Urgan, who waved his arms.

With a moment of staggering, I was sure of each other's strength, and Urgan and I hit our fists lightly and shook hands.

"I'll see you sometime"


Without many words, Urgan reassembles his arms and leaves.

"I'm so proud of you.... Yashiro, how about a fight with me?

"Falhat, come on... Cohon. If your husband can exchange swords, I'd love to have a fight with you."

"Give me a break"

Why should we fight before we leave?

No, well, I did with Urgan, but come on.

"You're very popular, Yu Yashiro"

"Couchet! Is your body okay now?

Thanks to Bernadette.

It was the Horse Subman, the Humane Horse Clan, and the Centaur Couchet whose lower body appeared sounding the tail cuckoo.

Actually, Couchet, he was paralyzed like all the other kidnapped people, and until yesterday, he could move his head, but his body couldn't move in paralysis.

"Huh! Thanks to Mahinaor, one of the 48 essential healing moves passed down to the Church, Hichiyu Tzu!

You were talking with me until earlier, Bernadette, who was next to Couchet, brags.

"Isn't it usually better with Cure, the cure magic detoxification?

"That's too much. There are several patterns of paralysis poison, and I hear about the magic of detoxification, but it's ineffective, and the must-heal technique is difficult to acquire because it can be divided by application, but it's highly effective for that matter."

Hmm, I see.

"... Yu Yashiro, I keep the message from the chief Liesche. Will you listen to me?

At the end of Bernadette's description, Couchet fixed the queue.

Of course.

It sounds like a serious story, and I honestly nod that I'm not kidding.

"" My profound gratitude and respect to you, our 'Cairon' people. We, the people of Cairon, will draw bows upon your enemies for your sake, and horses for your sake. The greatest blessing on the path of a hero's journey "…"

Surprised. No, I don't know what, be a horse when it comes to social dictionaries... Centaur hates being treated like a 'horse' badly because of his persistence with humans for a long time.

And yet you can be a whole tribe and a horse! And here I am.

"... it is famous that three years ago you saved many Fae and our compatriot 'Ixio' people. … I am sorry that the brave man has come again, and that he has helped his compatriots again, seems to return the palm of his hand… I thank him deeply and deeply....... thanks!

Couchet sat up in front of me and bowed his head big.

Three years ago, … I mean, when I was working as a brave man, I had helped many subhumans who had been persecuted by the Church.

"Nothing good. I did what I wanted."

Looking sideways with Chira, Bernadette joins hands gently and apologizes with a trick: "I said it".

I don't mind anything, but I don't know if they're going to say much.

Let's put the nail down later.