Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Between the sea and the sky.

I think Jean and Kuon finally didn't show up until the end as I climbed the tarrap that hung on the ship.

No, aside from the fact that Jean is quite free to say or a human being living in Nori, to be exact, I was concerned about Kuon.

Anikianiki and I admired him, but because of the time Mr. Vaudan locked Quon in when he said he would pull his hand, Quon held him in his room to avoid me after the case was settled.

In the mood of Quon, you would have liked to have persuaded Mr Vaudan there.

Did they think the evil of consorting with the wrong parent and locking themselves up...?

Speculation, of course. But I'm pretty sure they didn't want to see each other face.

"What's wrong?

Bernadette, who was climbing a talap from behind me, makes a sound that worries me.

"No, it's nothing."

"Kuon, are you talking about you and Mr. Jean?

What are you, Esper or something?

"Hehe.... because it's on my face"

Speaking well, Bernadette smiled like a flower blossomed... haven't you changed the character's direction?

You were usually like a daughter with an extra word...

"Look, I got it later."

Bernadette pushes my back, laughing, stopping at the top of the talap.

... Is that it? Was this the kid who ran into such adoration? She's kind of cute, isn't she?

... is that it?


When me and Bernadette get on the boat, Zulba, who was behind us, gets on the boat even more.

That's so grumpy.


"Stay.... you bastard, you're growing up kicking people's snakes or something."

Krukel kicked my ass when I thought I started riding in the meantime. Hey.

The ship's thorium is pulled up.

When Ikari lifted completely, the ship swayed grassy.

The floating sensations transmitted from this leg are similar to those of the airship, but there is a definite difference.

"Farewell, Be Io..."

"It was a short stay compared to when we were in Liswadia."

"Well, Lizwadia, then I was doing the teacher's imitation... hmm?

Speaking lightly as he waved to those who came to see him off on a ship that kept moving away from the harbour, he found a shadow running from behind Mr. Vaudan and others at tremendous speed.

"What? Woman? No, that... Quon!? What are you doing dressed as a woman?

"What, Mr. Quong?... dressed as a woman!? Duh, where are you!?

"He's running from behind me!

Ji, looking at him, Kuon dressed in a minisca kimono with white Niso and an object, ran past Mr. Vaudan and the others and dived straight into the sea... and Kuon jumped so big that he wanted to see the bat.

The goal is this ship!


"Yo... ooh! Success ~"

The spinning quon twirled in the air landed beautifully in front of me with the sound of the bell.

"... ku, mr. quon?

"Hey, Sister!... hey, sorry Aniki! I didn't want my father to stop me, so I came silently!

Kuon smiles bitterly as he scratches his back of his head. But my thoughts were directed elsewhere.

"... I don't care about anything else!! Hey, hey!! Hey, what the heck, to you,... boobs all over. Ahhh!!

That's right.

Its stunning double hills, bouncing so you can play the moment you land and now that you're scratching the back of your head, insist if you're under your clothes so they stick out.

The swelling that was not supposed to be in men (except in fat people) existed in Quon.

"Huh? There's one for men, isn't there? Tits."

"Bastard and girl tits are different! I'm stuck with dreams and hope!

Yes. It's packed with dreams and hopes.

Quon's chest is filled with dreams and hopes, not as good as Bernadette's.

"Huh?... what, you... were a woman!?

Yes, if I hadn't seen it wrong, Kuon looked like a girl in my eyes.

I thought it was neutral...... I didn't know it was really a girl!!

"Yeah.... I don't like the feminine crackling clothes. I didn't like it. I lived as a man."

Kuon scratching her cheeks like she was lit.... No, Kuon.

Secondly, when I turned my gaze to Mr Vaudan, who already seemed far away, I saw him crying down.

Hih, you were my only daughter... then I can snort that cutie too.

"Then why are you dressed like that..."

"Because Jean told me to be a woman if I wanted to be Aniki's apprentice"

I dare say, it's GJ!

It's a boulder, Jean! Do what we can't do!

But you don't have to dress like that...

What Quon wears is a kimono that says "minisca" to the sleeveless and no longer seems to have been made for the purpose of "saying so".

Is that good to say kimono?

I love it though.

"I hear it was my mother's work clothes, huh?

You have a good hobby, Mother.

"Well, leave the joke... apprentice, huh? You're not going back, are you?

Though it's starting to get far away, I can still swim back now.

Quon laughed invincibly when he looked at the cities of Chira and Be Io and asked.

"Which way are you going to go for the demonic act? Wouldn't it make more sense to go with Aniki in special training anyway?

I had to laugh bitterly when I put my arms around her and laughed at her.

"With the addition of new companion Kuon Hereot, the journey of the previous brave Yashiro Yu is still ongoing.... and was I just saying?

Stop the hand that was playing Lute, and Jean laughed Xuri.

Jean-Jacques Eustace laughed, hoping for the happiness of a friend on a sailboat that was no longer as far away and as small as a sesame grain.

Behind him, the signs of man approach.

"Kaka. it's going to be a very enjoyable journey, the way the company is going"

That's a small, no, demonic vibe, but it was certainly a girl you could call a toddler.

White skin by the time it is pathological to crimson eyes. The girl who tied up her long green and silver hair enough to touch the ground is Jean, but no, she also knows Yong.

Standing beside Jean, who was sitting on the roof of a tall building with a view of the sea, was Norn, a girl who was no stranger than a thousand years ago, called The Witch of Time.

"I've been waiting for you, Master 'Witch of Time'"

Norn returns with a grin to Jean, who only pointed at Chira and his gaze.

"Kakah, I also threw away the name. My concubine is just a Norn now."

Words that don't suit that young figure are her usual tone, but Jean felt uncomfortable in them. In the first place, it was the clothes wrapped around the girl standing beside her that were very unusual.

"It's just a Norn... that's quite a courtesy."

The clothing was neither an elf outfit nor a costume as a witch of time.

Lightweight in scarlet dull, glowing steel with a red-dyed muffler around his neck.

A large sword gently crossing that little body was lowered on his hips.

Lightweight clothing with noticeable scratches or dull red mufflers. But the equipment suited her better than any brilliant garment.

How prestigious is that figure of her, wrapped in that armor?

He was like a little hero who saved the world.

And the truth, the way it is, is her, the way it was.

He was the figure of the first brave man to save this world and bring peace to the world.

"Cut. It's just an old armor."

Jean laughs bitterly at Norn, who threw up laughing.

"'The First Brave', 'The Witch of Time'... abandon that name, which will always be sung in speaking of your life... What do you exchange?

Standing up, Jean. Hear what Jean couldn't help but ask, grinning bitterly at the illusion that the girl who laughs invincibly beside herself looks bigger than herself.

"... and I haven't even thanked you yet.

Let me thank you first. And thank you for coming to the call of the concubine, and let me reveal it to you alone (...) "

Everywhere looks great. And she goes on without even trying to hide without a coward the hegemony that everyone would lay flat on.

"'Association'... No, is it a church now?

You know the church is moving behind it, don't you?

"Yes, I hear the assassination of Yong is one of them."

Norn laughs with his nose at Jean's words.

"Cuckoo. It's a fat pig's eclampsia. … the problem is with the Royal Luxeria."

That was something Jean didn't even know about.

Norn laughs at Jan, surprised.

"The least visible is the Luxerian royal family right now. Even a concubine doesn't know what that girl is thinking. I don't know, but there's a lot of chest noise. To make sure of that, I ask you to go to the Royal Luxeria. If you want to sing the brave men of our time, you can dive."

Jean nodded small. I don't mind if I move. That's why I came to this land.

More than that, what Jean wants to hear is Norn's principle of conduct.

"Kakah, you like it.... but it's no big deal, right? This world has overcome the difficulty of saying Demon King and is now the world of Tahei.... the concubine will not forgive those who threaten it."

Crimson eyes looked far, far away.

"Mr. Yashiro."

"Oh, Bernadette."

There's not much I can teach Quon on the ship, and I taught him lightly how to train what I always do in my spare time, like I can in the room. No, now it was time to leave Quon sleeping like mud on my own hammock and go up to the deck of the ship. On the deck was Bernadette.

Soon the sun is setting and the sunset is turning the sea red.

And Bernadette, who was on the deck earlier, was also illuminated by the sunset again, and looked unusual.

"Where's Mr. Quong?

"Now in my dreams. Tomorrow you'll cry with muscle aches."

I laughed nigga. Bernadette laughs couscous at me.

Elbow on the railing of the deck and look out at the sea.

The gentle sea breeze makes the sound of the waves pleasant to the ears.

That's what Bernadette next door thought, too, when she slowly closed her eyes.


I thought what she did was purely beautiful.

But, rudely, I didn't see Bernadette doing it.

"?... What's going on?

Look at me solidified as I look at Bernadette, she tilts her neck.

.................. it was similar.

They were alike. There was nothing she could do, she looked alike.

"It was airborne.... Olivia also has a habit of meditating on her eyes when she feels the wind.... so I thought you'd look alike."

I could understand why Jean said they were alike.

It wasn't the outside of my chest or my body.

I'm honest with myself and I don't have a back... that kind of resembled me.

"I'm suddenly sorry. This..."

Apologizing to Bernadette for saying something, she shook her head sideways, "That's not true".

"I was hoping to hear it. Three years ago, Mr. Yashiro and the Virgin... told me about the journey Olivia had taken. Think about what you fought for. Let me know if you like."

Ji's eyes stared at me unwavering and seemed powerful.

"... maybe it won't clog you more than it did in the meantime?

"Huh. Mr. Yashiro's crying. You're welcome, right?

"Ko, you bastard...... heh! I'll tell you something sweet enough to overflow sugar from your mouth."

When I gave it back lightly to the whispering, I looked up at the sky, which began to ring in the night sky, and began to talk pompously.

"Olivia's the one who likes to eat and gobble and all the princesses. Come on."

Looking up at the red moon floating in the sky, I get my thoughts.