Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

predecessor brave, reluctant

Do you know the term "different world labyrinth"?

Speaking of dungeons, you know what I mean?

Dungeons must exist in swords and magical otherworldly fantasies.

Step through a dungeon that has become a demonic nest and gain the treasure of sleeping in the dungeon.

Such a romantic labyrinth certainly exists in this otherworldly Rainburg.

An isolated island, Nordjord, has its labyrinth.

Only recently discovered, the Nordjord Labyrinth (whose name basically bears the place where the Labyrinth exists) has not yet been broken back into, and it was called the Great Labyrinth (Daimecu) (not only the Great Labyrinth dungeon, but the Daimecu) because of its vastness and difficulty.

Well, this Nordjord labyrinth, but it's now known as the hottest labyrinth among adventurers and mercenaries.

-High quality of demons.

· Demon stones can be mined.

-No one has reached the lowest level.

These three.

The quality of demons is directly linked to the rarity of items that can be recovered from demons.

You can tell if demon stones, commonly used for demon props and other engine departments, can be mined because this labyrinth used to be a demon stone mine.

Good quality demon stones are popular because they can be sold high even about the size of pinky fingers.

And if you become the first attacker of this dungeon, you will undoubtedly be celebrated with merit from the Alliance and will be widely known throughout the world.

Of course, each has its own disadvantages.

The higher the quality of the demon, the stronger the demon, the less easy it is to get a good quality demon stone.

To become a trespasser, you will push the undeveloped hierarchy without any preliminary knowledge.

But even in view of their respective disadvantages for adventurers and mercenaries, it is still a coveted labyrinth whose advantages prevail greatly.

"I'm not going. I can't believe the labyrinth."


A girl raises her dissatisfaction with the boy's unleashed words.

"I'm here at the corner Nordjord! You have no idea what you're doing here without diving into the labyrinth!

The short-haired blonde stuffed with the momentum of a fox-eared, boyish girl grasping at him, but the brunette boy refuses with an unchanged attitude.

"Diving into the labyrinth doesn't do me any good, at least. That's why I'm not going."

No earless questions to ask. In an attitude that no longer feels stubborn, the fox-eared girl leans her neck in contrast, stretching her lustrous dark hair until it reaches her waist.

"Mr. Yashiro would have preferred," Dungeon diving. Not without a man! ♪ I thought you were gonna storm with your nose ♪

"That's right, Aniki! If you were born a man, let's inscribe your name in the world!

"I didn't like it. I hid my name. I was a brave man."

The boy sighs as he carries the picking of the tavern into his mouth, a corner of the tavern overflowing with people.

If he was an adult and the liquor was on hand, the momentum was to give up.

Of course, Bernadette, the company courage of the previous brave men and proxy of the Church.

And three of my new traveling buddies, Quon Hereot.

"I'm not in trouble for the money in the first place."

Yong is still in possession of the guild card given to him by Norn.

If you have that guild card, you can pull down an amount that the average person can't spend his or her whole life on.

Therefore, one of the attractions of the dungeon, 'Money Making', does not pass bravely.


Quon beats the table and gets up.

"There's a demon we haven't seen yet that nobody's ever gotten to before!? I missed butting that in front of you, Aniki! I respect you, though."

Kuon, who wants to dive into the labyrinth and fight as much as he likes, is a little tearful and brave.

Exposed to a strong gaze, Yong leaked a great sigh and a grunt in his heart.

How did this happen......

That's going to take a little time back.

Three days to be rocked by the waves.

The Zekamasi is a transport ship that sailed sailors to the sea sailing safely to Gallarier in a poker showdown and a death fight against giant squid.

We were supposed to reach Gallarier in the next few days, but the route of the Zekamasi would deviate greatly.

"It's Storm Shike. - Whoa!!

Ten minutes after one of the sailors screamed, the 'Zekamasi' caught a big storm.

"Well, that's a big deal, but I missed my scheduled route."

Doesn't that mean significantly? And I decided to keep my mouth shut, even though I felt courageous inside.

The man, who says captain of the "Zekamasi", took out several nautical charts in front of three men: Yong, Bernadette and Quong.

"We're on this island right now, Nordjord. Mostly westbound."

The captain, pointing to the island above the nautical chart, shows no rush for the present situation.

"Well, this storm, Shike, will also stop tomorrow. Until then, you wait on this island!

The captain circles the nautical chart in a cylindrical shape.

"Quong Fong, what will you do with the ladies?

Apparently, the captain and the Hereots almost said Boy in an ancient fashion. Quon smiles bitterly at the captain.

"I have no choice but to go up to Lu" Oka ". If the inn is empty, we can't shake it. We can make the night light in bed."

If it's a flue, it's a flue! Or so toned that I want to scream. It's like that.

"Let's go too, Mr. Yashiro!

Bernadette, who understood that if boulders ate large quantities of the ship's food, it would involve the life and death of sailors, has recently been dissatisfied.

He seems to think that even fools eating in a land-based restaurant would be allowed to leave.

Who is drooling from his mouth at the evidence?

"Wipe your mouth first, foosbuster.... um, I do have limited work to do on the ship.... we'll go down once too."

Yes, and the captain left our room.

"Phew... I'm so tired"

"Because you rocked so much. I thought the ship was going down."

There was a large city in Nordjord, the island to which the "Zekamasi" reached.

Compared to Bei Io, etc., it is small on boulders, but it was quite lively for an island city, and the liquor store was overflowing with people (maybe just rain lodging)

"Aniki's on the ocean, too. Then it looks like you're still there! Sister's sister, there wouldn't have been an overthrow, but it's so close to a miracle being flushed by the waves to get to the city, huh? Thank God for what you did."

I can't really tell you how tired the sea is with me and Bernadette, who are a little tired of the big shake.

"Hey, Aniki and the others are staying at the inn right after this? If not, come on..."

And back to the beginning.