"The Brave."

How much hope and desire on earth is put into that one word?

Demon King pairs that destroy the world. The Savior who saves this world.

... Being that 'brave man', I travel around looking at the world, ignoring the people who seek 'salvation'.

From black emotions similar to curses, embedded in the word 'brave man', to flee.

…… Mr. Yashiro!

"Hmm?... What's wrong with you?

He seemed too depressed to skip consciousness, and Bernadette spoke to me, and I remembered there that I was on the verge of getting into the labyrinth.

"What's wrong? Then it's not! I was calling you earlier!

Bernadette swells and resents his cheeks.

"Bad, bad. Why? Did you get permission?

Fiona, who reported to the guild managing the labyrinth when she dived into the labyrinth, was naturally stopped.

As per the meeting, when I show my black guild card, there's a fuss from top to bottom in the guild.

I couldn't make a decision on the scene and Fiona refused to do this when she asked me to meet the Alliance Master. I just told the Alliance Master to give me permission.

Still doesn't seem to change my dislike for the powerful.

"That's why I came here to call you, but Mr. Yashiro was so confused."

"Uh, bad, bad"

Is this a sermon? And when I stood up to escape, something black ran in the corner of my sight.

"Bats?... Why are you here?

It's a regular bat with feathers that spread many times over on the body that's going to fit in the palm of your hand.

... Yes, it was a regular bat.

"Mr. Yashiro!

"Ah, oh. I know."

Why would a regular bat be in a place like this? I think so, but convince myself I must have strayed from the labyrinth and I walk out to where Fiona and Cuon and the others wait.

From bats to that moment when you take your gaze off, remember the opposite feeling of being seen by bats.

It was a small space built of stone processed like bricks.

A pine light fire hanging on the wall illuminates the labyrinth staircase, which is dark in the back. What a creepy place.

"Come on! It's my first job at Black Rose Sky Thieves!

"" Copy that, Mr. Tsubaki!

"You stupid dick! Call me Captain or Captain!

Before the entrance to the labyrinth, Angelica wraps her arms around and calls out.

I don't even feel like poking around. I was stroking Zulva's couch with a big load on my back.

"Before entering the labyrinth, let me gently explain this' Nordjord 'labyrinth."

Fiona speaks out with glasses she took out of somewhere.

"This labyrinth is a fixed labyrinth, the type with valid maps. It's been mapped to the 31st basement."

To say, Fiona took the thick book out of her white coat.

"Elf hey, is that a map?

"It's a map, but this is all the information that was confirmed in this labyrinth."

Fiona has given the book to Quon's words. I'm sure you'll find out for yourself.

Quon opened the page and was stunned. The amount of information written on each page was tremendous, with notes and other stunning written beside the map.

"... Wow, this is awesome. It even says the demons that come out, the characteristics of each hierarchy."

So you're saying it's a strategy book? Well, the content hasn't been broken, so it's not complete. It would be like a guy for the beginning offense that comes out with me on the game's release date. It's handwritten.

"Underground 30...... Fiona, you don't even know if this is shallow or deep, do you?

"I think it feels deep enough... I still can't be sure because I don't have any certainty"

Fiona leaked a sigh and removed elongated glassware like a test tube from a holster for a dagger on her thigh.


"It's mana potion. specially made."

The green liquid in the test tube looked familiar. When I ask, Fiona corrects it.

"This dungeon is laid on the tenth floor. I laid it down."

"I see, so you're going down to the 30th floor at once, right?

Nodding at Bernadette's words, Fiona pours the drug into her mouth by turning the test tube upside down.

"Damn... I'm coming"

Fiona instantly returns her expression after messing up her face for a moment.

Is it so unsavory that the cool character collapses, its potion?

"─" gate ", start"

When Fiona starts the magic, a line of light runs beneath our feet, molding the magic formation and going.

Did you say handy, or did you say boulder elf?

"... Hey Aniki. Now, can metamagic be used by individuals?

Quon, who was watching how that magic formation was generated, whispers to me.

It would be a consideration not to sharpen the wizard's concentration.

"Depending on the object, it's possible."

Transition magic. It's called the magic of instantaneous travel.

There are several types of metastatic magic, wormhole types that connect the subject to the subject.

And it's teleported to the target location.

Lizwadia's clock tower transfer magic formation is the latter teleportation type.

What I planted in gloves and weapons was a wormhole type transfer magic formation.

For personal use, the wormhole type is the limit, and the teleport type cannot be activated without a large number of activation devices.

If you're going to say it in Lizwadia, you're going to need a magic formation to draw magic from the dragon pulse, a huge stream of magic.

"Then, in an instant, turn around behind them and say, 'Behind you!' I wonder if I can!?

Quon that makes your eyes sparkle.... I know what you're trying to say. I was there once, and I had the same thoughts.

When I had an invisible illness, which is called a secondary illness.

"Unfortunately, it's not like it can be used for combat, are you? Metastatic magic needs to know exactly the current coordinates and the coordinates with the purpose. Such concentration doesn't work that way during battle, and if you use shrinkage, you can."

Kuon nodded that too.

Metastatic magic was not possible, but it might be a good idea to teach other common magic. There's nothing wrong with remembering.

With that in mind, Bernadette followed my flank for a moment.

"Hey, silly, you're ticklish"

Turning around, Bernadette, with a serious look, looked around in a flickering manner.

"What's up?

"I feel my gaze.... other than us."

Bernadette taught me and I looked around, but some pine lights hung on stone walls, the staircase stretching underground leading to the labyrinth and the only source of light in this room.

I can't see anything strange in this room.

"I'm sorry. I can't detect anything but murder.... Hey, Quon. Quon."

When I whispered Quon, who was looking at the offensive book with the Three Idiots, he moved his ears piquely and Tai Quon looked back at me and approached me.

"What's going on? Aniki of Yashiro"

Cotten, and a cuon tilted at the neck. Damn, isn't she cute?

The more I look, the neater I get. As a girl, of course.

The breasts aren't that big, but should I say they are idle across the board and even the model body shape?

"What kind of eyes do you have on your own apprentice?"

They found out what I was thinking, and Bernadette looks at me with her jit eyes as she pulls her earlobes.

It seems like it's been a long time since I've been back to my original Bernadette and I feel kind of happy.

"Oh, sorry, Nasai.... Quon, do you feel your gaze?

Asking Quon as he pulled his earlobes, he said, "Heh?" I was surprised.

Kuon also said Jean would be good at perceiving signs. The cake is a cake shop.

"What's the gaze... Sister's sister's hot gaze on Aniki. So it wasn't?

"No, no! Sure, I've been watching it, but it's not hot! It's a crime!"

Bernadette flutters with a bright red face. It's a crime. It's a crime!

Well, as a joke to put aside, apparently Quon noticed his gaze.

"Apparently, it's a gaze from outside of us..."

"Heh... I found it"

As the quon with his fox ears peaned looked around him, he instantly pinpointed the cause of his gaze.

"... bats?

A bat I saw earlier hung upside down in a corner that was just shady on the ceiling.

"... apparently watching Aniki and the others. You found out I found out, and now you're turning your back on me."

Quon's eyes grew sharper and sharper, let alone began to lightly kill him.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa."

I laughed at Kuon and told him, but I was sure I was feeling intensely uncomfortable myself.

It's been a long time since I've had a bad feeling.

"... no, it's just a bat. Oh my!!

Jackie, and Bernadette, who pulled out the Demon Gun at a speed that even my eyes could see, fired the Magic Bullet faster than he set his aim.


Magic bullets were expected to strangle bats from the ballistics, but the predictions would fall far short.

Kick-ass... a belligerent nun for a long time. It's the blood of a boulder witch.

A heart-eroding glow echoed in my head along with the feeling of being stung in my head.

Beckin '.

"!?... the chant was scratched off... ugh!?

Fiona groans, along with the sound of breaking something by hand.

"Ahhh... ahhh...!

And when Bernadette saw the magic bullet scratched out in the air, he saw the presence that descended in front of him, shaking his body.

"What the hell!?

"Shut the fuck up, you guys!...... Huh!!


Kuon and Zulba take a stand in front of Angelica and the others who suddenly appear.

"Kiki, I didn't expect a witch to come as shown in my wake.... exactly what a survivor!

Peeping through the mouth of a nibbly grinning sole is a dog tooth sharp enough to remember the war.

The golden eyes that grow bat feathers from their hips and emit demonic light are like gems.

It was such a beautiful blood-sucking princess with blue and white skin that she lost her mind.