Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai

Previous brave men, getting smaller

"What are you doing?"

Oh, my God, this Lori vampire, I don't know what kind of hand he used, but he made me... he made me as young as a kid in elementary school!

"Kickin ', my secret application."

"Holy shit... how dare you make me look like this!

She didn't want to do it because she looks like a girl, but she has to set up a little moxibustion.

He kicked up the four-dimensional pouch, which was wrapped around his hips but his body had grown smaller and slipped off, with bukabuka shoes, and stuck his hand inside the pouch and took out the crystal sword.

"If you want to put it back now, I forgive you.... if not"

"Kick.... if not?

The sword was hard to pull out of the sheath, so when I took it off to drop the sheath, I pointed the tip of the sword at Pimon.

but it should be noted that Pimont doesn't change his face that he seems to be able to afford.

"Then... have one of your arms ready, wow!?

When I tried to wave the stepping sword, the sword slipped out of my hand and pierced the ceiling.

The size of the sword pattern caused it to be difficult to grasp in children's hands.

"If you want to undo your body, you can come to the source of the wrinkles.... I'm waiting for you, Witch bloodline! Kick, kick, kick!!

Leaving behind, Pimont went into the entrance to the labyrinth, becoming a myriad bats.

"... hey, what was that?"

Suddenly he shows up and suddenly leaves. Besides, I'm going to make people children.

I think it really seems like a demon race where I said this...

"But... you got another reason to dive into the labyrinth"

My hands were placed on my shoulder, pong, squirming so with a polypoly on my head.


"Also, you don't need to put it back, Mr. Yashiro!

"... Huh?

Looking back, Bernadette was there with his cheeks turned red and his nose rough.

... uh... that? Bernadette, right? I'm not mistaken or anything, am I?

"Beh, Mr. Bernadette? What the hell is wrong with you? Oh, speaking of which, I've already solved the hypnosis..."

"Ha... ha... oh, my sister... say it"

You've lost something you've been building lately.

What's wrong with you? This unusual state of Bernadette...... you can't be this body and the charm is activated or something!?

"Fiona! I'm good-looking!?

"... what? What are you talking about?

All right, from this reaction, apparently, the charm's not activated. Then it's not.

Don't look at me with cold eyes like you're looking at a pig in a pig farm like that.

"Wow, wow! Mr. Yassillo, Mr. Yassillo! It's sooo cute! I thought Mr. Yashiro was someone with cloudier eyes with a more peppery face, but you were so cute when you were little!

"You don't stop coming to decide people's hearts with a smile that's just ripe!? Get away from me! You're making characters laugh!?

"Yo, yo, yo, yo! Haha! I'm glad you had a sweet little brother!

Come on, man, treat people like toys... but it's good to be pinched by these big tits when they hug you. It's so comfortable... What the hell am I thinking?

"Come on, Quon! Help me, Conoyalo!

"Uh, and what am I supposed to do? You can't just dive like this... you can't, can you?

Shouting at Quon, who was flashing even in Bernadette's arms, he shifted his gaze from me as he scratched his pompous cheeks and spoke to Fiona. Quon.

Hey, come on, you're a master, right? I'm a master, right?

"Yeah. At least not now. It's subtle how far Yu can fight... and apparently the metamagic formation I was laying on just now stopped working... no, the magic formation just disappeared"

Come on, it looks like we're talking about something important right now, so get off me, Bernadette!

"Three idiots, give me a hand!

"Heh heh heh heh.... the black hair that got in the way of the scattered athletes turned out so cute! Precisely adored by its sisters, but good. He's a good guy!

"" That's him!

"These guys..."

Damn it, this guy always helps!

"Yong, I'll play forever and get out of here once.... Totally, only time passes because of someone else"

"I'm not playing! It's not about me, is it?

I'm going back the way I came. I'm going to Fiona. Kuon and three idiots.

Hey, Cora, do something about Bernadette!

"Zuzi, Zuzirba!


Oh! Oh, hey, for once, don't ignore me, your husband!

"Oh, yeah. I have to buy Mr. Yashiro's new clothes. I hope you have some pretty clothes."

"I'm pretty sure the clothes I've been here are no longer the right size. but! I would never wear cute clothes!?

"Ugh, Bernadette, leave it to your sister! Let's start with the dimensions…"

"Hey, hey, hey, where are you touching... aah!

Today, I'm going to experience a sense of despair like I lost something important.

The next day, we gathered again at the tavern, but one unfamiliar person was present.

"Ha wow... you're really getting smaller. Well, you certainly can't wield your sword with one hand."

She was an abnormally tall, tiny female blacksmith, Ahat.

... No, they made me look like a kid, but they're bigger than you, aren't they? Should I say it right?

"Aniki's still better off than you."

Kuon, who sat on the chair, speaks for me.

I thought I could dive into the dungeon, but I'm not in the mood to take care of it.

I'm a dwarf.

Uh, was it Dwarf after all? There are dwarves and hobbits in the species who are small and good at working in iron relations.

Both are good at fine work, but blacksmiths, starting with swords, are overwhelmingly Dwarves (some blacksmiths in Hobbit).

"So why is Mr. Ahat from Dwarf here?

There's a Bernadette voice coming from right above me. But even if I try to look at it, I don't see it. Because her busty breasts are blocking her sight.... I think one of the advantages of getting smaller is that things feel bigger physically.

Because of that advantage, Bernadette's breasts, which were bigger than they were, look even bigger.

Great power. Limited to that one word.

And it's an advantage that applies only to Bernadette, but apparently it's sweet to me that this Bernadette, Shotacon, is getting smaller.

There's something special about putting your chest over your head and getting excited by the weight that would have put a bullet in your mouth.

But Bernadette won't refuse where I did now. I'd rather be held in a comfortable body and vice versa. Even service!

... to be honest, I'm starting to think it would be nice to look like this.

"Fiona asked me to work on a weapon that someone I knew who was getting smaller might be able to use."

As Ahat turned sideways with Chira, Fiona looked up at the map of the labyrinth.

"Her arms are real. I promise."

"... Was it a mistake in Atashi's memory that Elves and Dwarves were not close?

Angelica laughs bitterly when she alternates between Fiona and Ahat.

As Angelica said, the Elves and Dwarves have long been famous for being very unfriendly.

Though it's not a war, things like skirmishes are always happening, so much so that if something just meets in the city, there will be a massive fight.

... and I was surprised by the two words because I recognized them too.

"It's country elf bullshit that doesn't come out of the back of the woods to think like that. Now that I'm a dwarf, I don't want to look down on you because you're a human being and be immersed in joy."

Ahat laughs cously at Fiona, who just said she was out of her mind.

"I don't really say that because I was raised by my grandfather, who lives in a human city." I'm always with you except for the guy who can leave the sword I struck to you! What a grandfather. "

He's another stereotype craftsman.

Should I say template?

"You missed the point.... So, are there any weapons that Bravery might be able to handle?

Fiona looks at Chira and me.

My body is now the size of an elementary school child.

As for arm strength, it seems to be weakening, but it still far outweighs the average person in this condition, and a combined weapon would be able to wield it lightly.

But it has to be a weapon that can be firmly grasped at the palm of the child's hand to be the two dances of the crystal sword.

"Yes, I've been thinking about it a lot, but I thought it might be easier around Longsword."

Saying so, I took it out as if I had scraped it out of the ice.

"The Devil's Sword made from Ice Demon Stone, its name is' Ice Sword '! Yes, go ahead!

I had an ice sword for cancer!

... It's a cheap name as you can see, but it's something inside.

When I got off Bernadette's lap, I received an ice sword.

"... that's lighter than I expected. Weight loss?

"Thank you."

When you hold the pattern with both hands, it feels like a great sword because of its physique, but contrary to its appearance, it is light and weighs to such an extent that it is not swung.

"It feels better to cleave with a cleavage specialty than slap it with weight... good sword but good because it's going to take away"

"Didn't you mind?

"Do you like it, or... Oh, yeah. Is there anything a little more sturdy? I'm so scared I'm gonna smash it."

"Then take this one... the Devil's Sword made from the tailbone of a demon dragon that will root the volcano, its name is' Voltaire '!

The next thing I was given was a single-edged sword made from dragon bones.

A weapon of bone and an insult to Him. The fillet, created by scraping bones, just gently glances at his fingers and his skin is cut off and his blood seeps through.

The theory is that dragon bones are sturdy, and this seems okay to treat them somewhat rough.

I thought...

"Whoa!?... ho, flames?

Bo! And the flames that seemed to wrap each person from the demon sword that shook just a little bit burned.

"Haha...... or I just shake it gently and the flames will come out"

That's a failure! If you're swinging around like this, you're gonna burn this one!

"So, I'd like a sword with no special abilities as much as possible..."

I'm not looking for a demon sword. If it's durable and easy to handle, that's fine.

"Then it's not like I hit..."

From a bunch of swords I had, I was given a sword that was stuck in a dirty sheath like it was used up.

"Hmm?... this sheath, it's starting to open?

"When I sit on my hips, removing the clasp causes my sword to fall (...)"

The sheath handed over has a simple fastening, and when you remove it, the sheath opens to open the attachment case and the sword shows its appearance.

The sword was shorter in width but thicker, and when I held it with both hands, I was very familiar with it.

"This guy... is a good sword"

A well polished body reflects my face and glows dull.

It's a bit of a plain decoration, but I can like the way it's made, like it saved me waste.

...... yeah. This is it. I'll take this.

So determined, I tried to get this sword back into the sheath, figuring out how much it was worth.

"... go out to Shabbah for a long time. Oh, I didn't expect such a kid to have it. Hey, shithead, I got a good sword in my hand. Bye! Be patient with other swords!

From the sword I put up, I heard a voice cursing at me.

"Yes, the intelligence sword with wisdom!?

Yes, this sword was another heterogeneous, man-made, witty, talkative sword among demonic swords.